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Let them be small
Parenting and life with two small children
Parenting and life with two small children


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Follow my new blog on bloglovin'
As I have moved to a self hosted solution I have had to set up a new bloglovin' address. To follow the new blog then please take a second or two to follow my new bloglovin too!

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We have moved!
I wrote earlier in the week about thinking of taking the leap into the world of a self hosted blog... well, we have moved to Come over and say hello!

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Review : The Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories
I was thrilled to be one of ten bloggers chosen by Mumsnet to review their new book, the Mumsnet Book of Animal Stories. The book is a collection of ten animal stories written my users of Mumsnet and gransnet. The result is a simply beautiful book. I wasn't...

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Keeping warm for winter
With the colder weather approaching, I couldn't resist these two hats when I popped into Morrisons over the weekend. I love the Nutmeg stuff - its is brilliantly hard wearing and bright and colourful. Daniel and Emma have lots of their clothes from there. T...

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Mummy, Emma's thrown her crumpet on the floor
Emma is in the midst of the wonderful
weaning stage now, and has, this past week learnt about gravity; that
wonderful mystical thing that means when she leans over her high
chair and releases the food in her hand it magically drops to the
floor and makes mu...

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Where next?
I've been blogging for just under three years now under various guises and I feel like I'm at a bit of a crossroads. There have been some great opportunities that I have had due to blogging and I enjoy linking with other bloggers and reading about the thing...

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Teething = a dribbly mess!
Teething....  one of those things that seems to last forever and to generate even more clothes in the washing pile! I think I have written before about just how dribbly Emma is - at one point I was going through around 15 bibs a day - yet there was no sign ...

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The Sticker Club & A Travelling Notebook
I have written before about how I really love stickers and think they are great to use with Daniel to aid his fine motor skills and as he really loves them to use in an educational way to teach him colours, shape and numbers. When I spotted a new sticker cl...

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Making the Most of Cheshire - Gruffalo Walk
One of the many benefits of where we live is that we have the city on our doorstep but we are also on the doorstep of beautiful countryside. We border Manchester and Cheshire so are really fortunate. A week or so ago the four of us, and my parents, headed t...

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Baby Led Weaning & Eating Out
This evening we decided we would head out for a bite to eat to a local restaurant. It's always a funny time of day, tea time. Both Daniel and Emma are getting tired - Daniel rarely naps in the day now, and it can be quite hard to keep them both engaged at t...
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