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Let's Ride - Connect. Commute. Change.
Let's Ride - Connect. Commute. Change.

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What's a simple way for people to find ridesharers outside airport taxi ?

If you have already landed at your destination or you don't want to plan ahead,
you can usually find a ridesharing partner through the below methods:

1. Ask people on your flight before/during boarding and while in the air.
2. Stand at the taxi stand and ask others there if they're going to the same destination as you.

Conversely, if you plan ahead before your flight, you may be able to find someone to share the ride with through ridesharing online community. Listing your ride on will increase your chances of finding a ridesharing partner before you take off and perhaps days before you travel.

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Our moto is to reduce the Traffic and so make every Singal to 10-15 secs.

Come, Join and Register at

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Don’t be a Poker face,but be a Joker face!!

Driving down alone,on the long trafficated roads to your workplace,with all possible happy, negative thoughts,worries,tensions,anguish,bla bla…That gushes through your head and almost sometimes wants to explode.

Why go through all this when probably a new face on the ride may help you escape all those winding thoughts..

Come share a ride..& be the Joker Face..
Happie Sharing!! Happie Riding!!
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We are advocating the 3 C's of ride sharing or carpooling initiative: Connect. Commute. Change.

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