Hi and thank you for accepting me in the community. I live in Umbria, Italy and I am busy with food the whole time. Here is what I am making today, I have just received a whole crate of organic fresh oranges all the way from Sicily.  It's going to be orange festival in this house this week. If you have suggestions for any interesting and novel way to preserve orange please post it!
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welcome to foodies+ +Letizia Mattiacci 
we love your orange peel recipe but the post does not conform to our rules so it has been removed
before re-posting it, please familiarize yourself with our categories (on the left) & rules (here: http://goo.gl/lX7tK)
looking forward to reading your posts!
Hi Dimitri, I am sorry, I am new to Gogle+. I have however been active on FB and all sort of travel and food  forums for years. I did read the rules and I thought I had introduced myself correctly. Only now I realized I should have  explained the recipe beyond the link to the blog. I will do so the next time!
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