so what are you cooking this weekend? Share please!
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Hi Letizia! I didn't do a lot of cooking over the weekend, but I did turn some leftover roast chicken into a delicious chicken salad. I got to use some amazing dill pickles I picked up at a Ukrainian store here in Rome. 
buon giorno +Elizabeth Minchilli I just can't believe I had forgotten to ask my guest f there was smething they could not eat. SO I ended up freezing the porcini and pepper sauce and I made a puttanesca sauce instead. We had a broccoli meatloaf and some lovely crostatine and a lot of fun. Today gardening!
PS. by the way the world is very small, today I met Pierluigi who happens to be the guy who installed our agriturismo kitchen and - I understand - some equipment in Domenico's fantastic renovation projects.
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