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Suzumejima Sunset

A beautiful sunset on the coast of Tokyo Bay in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video here:

#japan #travel #landscapephotography #seascape #nikon

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Tokyo Motherboard || 東京マザーボード

Took this a couple of weeks ago from the Sunshine 60 tower in Ikebukuro. It really does look like a motherboard from up there.



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Mt Fuji Reflected In Rice Paddies

Earlier this month I took a trip to the Mt Fuji area, and before I left was able to meet up with +Yuga Kurita, who introduced me to this beautiful spot. With the rice just beginning to sprout from the water and a lightly snow-capped Fuji in the distance, to me it was quintessential Japan!

I also edited this photo only with Lightroom, and you can see the before and after comparison at my blog here:

#mountainmonday #japan #travel #landscapephotography  

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Rice Field Sunrise || 田んぼの日の出

Last week I went camping in southern Chiba Prefecture for photography. One of the main places I wanted to go was the Oyama Senmaida rice fields for a sunrise. Thankfully the weather worked out and I was able to catch a very beautiful one! This place is a little out of the way, but well worth the trip!


More at my blog:

#japan #landscapephotography #travel #nikon

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Bamboo Dreams || 竹の夢

The Arashiyama bamboo forest is the most famous bamboo grove in Japan, possibly in the world, but this one which is also in Kyoto is beautiful as well. Plus it comes without the crazy crowds, which is especially nice! That is, if you can find it. :)


More here:

#japan #travel #nikon

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Falls at the Basin Cascades || ベイシンカスケードの滝

One of the man falls along the Basin Cascades Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.


#landscapephotography #waterfall #nikon #nature


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Just The Two Of Us || 二人ばかり

A couple rows through the waters of the palace moat at Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo. For photos like this, the name of the game is patience.

千鳥が淵、東京。 このような写真を撮るために、我慢がぜったい必要です。

More 2016 cherry blossom photos here:

#japan #cherryblossoms #nikon #travel #tokyo

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Gongendo Sakura Panorama || 権現堂の桜のパノラマ

Cherry Blossom season is winding to its end in the Kanto Region of Japan, and with the end comes a sea of images for me to edit! Here is one from Gongendo Park, in the lovely town of Satte in Saitama Prefecture.


#japan #landscapephotography #nikon #travel


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Some very exciting news to share today! The picture below is going to be published in the April/May issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine! They are doing an article on Ueno Park and wanted to include this photo from the night time hanami that takes places there. Actually, these evening parties will be happening again in just a couple of weeks as the sakura start to bloom around Tokyo. Anyway, I'm pretty excited about it and wanted to share - make sure you pick up your copy next month to see the photo in print!

#travel #japan #cherryblossoms #nikon

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