+Walmart  and Coke, Pepsi, and Nestle have all cooperated to provide safe drinking water to the kids in Flint Michigan. My buddy +Pradheep Shanker shared that story in his post

+Joe Hansen said:
Walmart does a LOT of good for communities all across America.

I had to reply, going even further about the GREAT THINGS that Walmart does. This was my reply:

Yes they do - both as charitable work, as as a free market employer of a LOT of people and a provider of goods and services in a clean, safe, convenient environment.

A family of modest means can make ONE trip, at whatever time of day works for them, and get pretty much everything they need at a good price.

Thanks to Wal Mart, the poor and middle class all over the WORLD have access to things that they could only ever have dreamed of before.

I'm a HUGE fan of Walmart and the positive change that they have brought. 
Thank you Walmart
I'm happy to "go public" with my appreciation for you!
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