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Movie NOT to see over Independence Day Weekend
WOW. Just wow. Go see Monsters University and Despicable 2 instead. 
When the film first brings together the man who will be the Lone Ranger, the horse who will be called Silver and the Indian called Tonto, there’s a sequence with Tonto leading Silver and the unconscious Ranger unceremoniously dragging behind. Then the horse stops to pass excrement — before dragging the Ranger’s head right through the pile of poop.

There, in a nutshell, is the movie’s attitude toward its source material.

One of the most head-scratching things about this movie is that Disney had the gall to debut such explicitly anti-American fare over the Fourth of July holiday. Consider a set piece with the band playing “The Star-Spangled Banner” under a banner reading “A Nation United” at a railroad ceremony as Tonto commandeers one of the trains, in the process tearing the bandstand to pieces and ripping down the “Nation United” banner. The heroes almost literally pull apart the united nation in order to stop the bad guys.

I haven't seen the movie, nor am I planning on seeing it.  However, I wanted to pass along the review in case you moms and dads were considering taking the kiddos.  After all, you don't want to waste your day off from work on something that might work against the values you're trying to instill in the kids this Independence Day weekend.
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At one point in the film, one of the main villains played by William Fichtner cuts a man’s heart out of his chest and, in front of the immobilized Lone Ranger, eats it.

I repeat. He cuts the man’s heart out. And then he eats it.

And this is a big summer Disney movie? Really?
1. I love the Frenches! (The bloggers)

2. Haven't been to a movie theatre for 2 years, can't even remember. But no regrets. Do this! Just stop.

3. Sobering: "the values you're trying to instill in the kids this independence day weekend".

As a dad, I only have ..... more of these holidays with my girls left. What exactly am I planning to teach them this weekend?
Johnny depp has been my shit list for years anyhow. Wouldn't add one single penny to anything he profits from.
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