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Taxes, Regulations Hurt Minorities Most
Thus, the GOP push for lower taxes and fewer regulations is BETTER for minorities than it is for whites, and better for minorities than anything the Democrats have come up with.

the liberal state of Illinois has the highest black unemployment in the nation while the State of Texas has the lowest.

the root of the problem is the Land of Lincoln’s high taxation and overregulation.

The numbers are staggering. Over the last two years the black unemployment rate in Illinois has increased to a jaw-dropping 15 percent.

This contrasts with the State of Texas, where the state’s black unemployment rate has fallen over the same time period even in the face of an economic slowdown caused by the falling price of oil.

Illinois’ black unemployment rate is now more than double that of Texas.
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Leslie P

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Yes, every high school principal should indeed say this to his or her students. Imagine the rapid change in the culture!

I would love to find out if any high school actually adopts this.
John Spencer's profile photo
They should but, sadly, they won't.
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Leslie P

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The guy running it has scammed at least 20,000 people, and made a cool million dollars with this scamPAC.

He's advertising on facebook. Warn your friends.
Collecting plenty of cash for people who would like to support Donald Trump, but he has nothing to do with the campaign.
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It's very telling and instructive that this guy didn't make the same offer for a sit-down with Hillary.
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Leslie P

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I question the timing
Why this story today? What is it meant to distract us from? Oh, the stuff about Huma and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, Weiner is still sexting people, and is anyone surprised he does this while his kid is around? No. He's scum, we know this. Huma stays married to him for similar reasons to Hillary and Bill - it's about the PR.

I haven't really paid that much attention, but I'm willing to bet we get Carlos Danger stories every time there starts to be real heat looking into Huma's connections to the MoBros.

We can't really investigate Huma as a possible bad guy, we have to feel sorry for her because her husband is such a scumbag.

You're being manipulated.

Huma's connection to the MoBros matters. Her husband being a scumbag doesn't.
New images the shamed politician sent to the mystery women while his wife Huma Abdein toured the country for Hillary Clinton's campaign have been revealed.
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Huma has been putting up with this sex fiend for years but I guess hillary told her to dump him
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Leslie P

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One of the most disturbing things about Hillary’s judgement is her optimistic view of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Islamists such as Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) not only strive to take away our fundamental freedoms, but they oftentimes also lobby against our government’s ability to crackdown on Islamic terrorism.

One of those Islamists happens to be Abdurahman Alamoudi, a man sentenced to twenty-three years in prison because of “his activities in the United States and abroad with nations and organizations that have ties to terrorism[.]” Alamoudi has been involved in a number of malicious activities such as a “Libyan intelligence/al-Qaeda assassination plot to kill the Saudi crown prince” and being “an Al-Qaeda fundraiser who had operated inside the United States.” So, what’s his connection with the Clintons?

“Under the Clinton administration, Alamoudi was tasked with founding and developing the Defense Department’s first-ever Muslim chaplain program. Alamoudi himself handpicked the Pentagon’s Muslim chaplain corps.”
One of the most disturbing things about Hillary’s judgement is her optimistic view of the Muslim Brotherhood.
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She is just a puppet for these hate groups. Bought and paid for like a common goat. 
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Leslie P

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Why do you support the NFL by watching it?
Yes, when you watch or listen to their games, you are supporting them, you are telling them that their actions are fine with you. When you buy the beer that they advertise - you're supporting them.

Are you unwilling to be even slightly inconvenienced in an effort to stand for the things you claim to be your values?

Turn off the football, stop buying the beer, communicate with their advertisers, proclaim your freedom from their brainwashing via social media.
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Agree. College Football is God's Favorite Sport.

Why bother with the Retirement League? :)
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Leslie P

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Obama to sign treaty without Senate approval?
And other than a few complaints in TV interviews, Congress will do nothing about this.

But I'm supposed to believe that somehow a LESS strongly GOP Congress will rein in a MORE strongly totalitarian Hillary Clinton?


My hope for stopping any totalitarian impulses in the POTUS has to lie in a Democrat congress opposing a GOP President.

This kind of thing is exactly why Trump needs to win the White House - because the Democrats will rediscover the need for a limited Executive branch.
If it walks like a treaty and quacks like a treaty...
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Then the Treaty is null and void.
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Leslie P

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RIP Gene Wilder
This little scene, this little line is the one that stuck with me as a kid when I first saw this movie.

So much substance, so much is being said with just the slow move of his hand covering the gobstopper. I couldn't NOT be moved by it.
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Leslie P

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Little Girl Cries During Dad’s Traffic Stop Because She’s Afraid of Police — Here’s How the Officer Responded
Black man pulled over by white cop, black man's daughter has seen on the news that white cops are killing black men, so she's scared and cries.

Black man also has a gun!

The story has a lovely happy ending - because the two adults behaved like adults and put the needs of the child first and foremost.

BOTH men are shining example of maturity and responsiblity, and worthy of respect.
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+Amy Larsen I have been in combat, if soldiers were to react as police does, there would be thosands more people killed. Police employees lack education and maturity and a whole lot of humbleness. They should had gotten another job.. oh, but again, they lack education, they cant get another job. 
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Leslie P

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The Iran Deal is Obama's PROUDEST Achievement
He started working on it on his first day, nearly everything he did was in service of the deal. It was far more important to him (and Valerie) than Obamacare, obvious by the way he farmed out Obamacare to Harry and Nancy, while keeping the Iran deal stuff very close to the vest.

And this is the result.
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Leslie P

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You need to know about Huma and the Islamist Journal
She is Hillary's closest advisor, she's important.
At the heart of the matter is Abedin’s involvement with an organization founded by a man named Abdullah Omar Naseef, a Saudi official who spent decades involved with organizations which would go on to be designated for engaging in terror finance.

1. Huma Abedin and terror-funder Abdullah Omar Naseef are directly connected.
2. The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs was the Abedin family business.
3. The Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs promotes views on Sharia, Islam and a Muslim’s role in the West popularized by the Muslim Brotherhood.
4. The Journal’s benefactor, Abdullah Omar Naseef, served as Secretary General of the World Muslim League.
5. The Muslim World League was specifically mentioned as a funding source by Osama Bin Laden.
6. Abdullah Omar Naseef created another organization, the Rabita Trust, which was also shut down for terrorism.
7. In addition to Al Qaeda finance connections, Naseef also worked for a group of Hamas financiers. So did Huma’s mom.
8. Huma’s mom ran a women’s organization dedicated to supporting Sharia law in place of women’s rights.
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Obama himself is giving Iran money in droves, and I wonder how much in kickbacks he will receive from that government after leaving office?

After all, we now know why Eric Holder didn't prosecute a single Wall Street case -- he was given an honorary "chair" and millions per year after leaving office.

Who's to say Obama won't receive kickbacks from Iran, given the total track record? No one would ever be the wiser, unless wikileaks received the information...

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Leslie P

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+Regan G. Yup - the now available personal portable flamethrower!
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Just used the new grocery pickup service for the first time. REALLY excellent - courteous service, great people. Truly all the people working at this Walmart are nice and helpful, I've never had anything to complain about.
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Love these guys! The got the rats out of my attic, KEPT them out of my attic, and now I have them on a regular schedule to keep the roaches and other creepy crawlies the heck away from me. Efficient, nice, friendly, cost-effective, couldn't ask for more.
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My neighborhood store for more than 10 years. It's the closest store to me, so my loyalty is really just convenience, but we've "grown together" so I use the stuff they stock, they stock the stuff I use. The people are really nice. UPDATE: They've remodeled, and stepped up their game. I've now been to this one and the two "signature" stores nearby. I'm sticking with this one. Better personnel management leads to friendly and helpful staff, always have a cart or basket available, don't mess up my order making me go to customer service counter before I leave. It's just a more pleasant experience than the other Krogers nearby. Happy to be a regular! Old review: I have noticed a fall-off in cleanliness over the last year or so, it's beginning to look dirty and a bit downscale, which is really I think a result of some slacking off on the cleanliness and upkeep. The Kroger Signature stores don't have the same problem, but just because this is a smaller store is no excuse for it to seem...junky.
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Pushiest sales person I've ever seen. Clearly just got out of a sales class. VERY obvious sales technique. The assumed close "I'll just wrap that up for you". Ask questions of the customer that force her to keep saying yes - "That's delicious, right?". Make the customer involved - "pick the one you like and set it over there, pick that one and put it there" - rather than the salesperson doing something while I watch. Lots of taste samples, but it was all about the fruit or herb flavoring, NEVER about the actual tea. Several times I baited her, asking about oolong or white, she just ignored that and talked about the health benefits of the particular fruit or herb. HORRIBLE experience.
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Fast service, quality work, good prices, courteous staff - what more could a girl want? You can trust these guys to take care of your car - whatever it needs.
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The owner was very helpful, made sure that I understood what he was saying (obviously he knows he has a very thick accent), gave me good advice, took care of my boots, did a great job, on time as promised. Not a single thing to complain about, and will recommend this place to my family.
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