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Baby born twice at Texas Children's Hospital
Amazing, beautiful, joyful. Click over and watch the video - you'll realize halfway through that you're smiling.

Boemer was pregnant with twins, but lost one. Then at 16 weeks, she found out from a routine ultrasound there was a large tumor on her daughter's tailbone. It was so big she might not survive.

Faced with an unimaginable decision, the Boemer family allowed doctors at Texas Children's Hospital to remove the baby from the womb for a rare surgery.
A baby was born not once but twice at Texas Children's Hospital. In a rare procedure, doctors removed the baby from the womb to take out a tumor.
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“We conducted a thorough and independent investigation included [sic] collecting tens of thousands of documents through subpoenas, search warrants and document requests, and interviewing scores of current and former government employees. The evidence showed that General Cartwright disclosed classified information without authorization to two reporters and lied to federal investigators. As a result, he stands convicted of a federal felony offense and faces a potential prison sentence.”

This is comical coming from the same folks who gave away immunity deals like candy in their probe of Mrs. Clinton. Gen. Cartwright wasn’t even the original source of the Iran leaks. The general says he confirmed details the reporters already had in an effort to prevent them from publishing information that could harm America’s national security.

Though Mrs. Clinton didn’t leak to reporters, her personal server exposed national secrets to potential hackers, and she gave a number of people (including some of her attorneys) without proper clearances access to that information. When Gen. Cartwright became the subject of an investigation, he was stripped of his security clearance—which never happened to Mrs. Clinton.
New evidence of a conflict of interest and a double standard at the FBI, the Wall Street Journal says in an editorial.
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Leslie P

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There is no question that the ACA is a failure. A market-based replacement would jumpstart the nascent health-care fixes already taking place in the incredibly resilient American economy, provide more efficient and less expensive quality health care and remove the ACA’s daunting obstacles to economic growth. Perhaps most importantly, a market-based, patient-centered approach could actually work. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan have outlined proposals that indicate a willingness to adopt such a plan. For the sake of all Americans, let’s hope they will have the opportunity.
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Leslie P

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13 Times Hillary Clinton Was A Truly ‘Nasty Woman’
Trump was correct, if impolitic.
1. That Time She And Her Husband Funneled Haitian Relief Funds To Clinton Foundation Donors
2. When She Threatened A Woman Who Accused Her Husband of Rape
3. When She Laughed About Getting a Rapist Off
4. Leaving Four Americans to Die in Libya
5. All The Times She Lied About the Attack on Benghazi
6. When She Called The Mom of a Benghazi Victim a Liar
7. When Her People Said Nasty Things About Catholics
8. When She Stole State Department Furniture
9. When She Put Human Lives at Risk for Her Own Convenience Again
10. Whenever She Was Annoying AF to Her Staff
11. Prioritizing the Interests of Those Who Could Write Her Fat Checks above Those of Taxpayers
12. That Time She Let An Innocent Man Be Executed
13. All The Times She Acts Like She’s Above The Law
Donald Trump is right; Hillary Clinton really is a nasty woman who does nasty things all the time. Here's 13 times she behaved nastily.
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We have to separate a person with a very unpleasant disposition from a felonious litigant. Run this again on those terms.
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Leslie P

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The Failure Of American Institutions, Not Of Conservatism, Made Donald Trump Possible
Ben Domenech responds to Matthew Continetti's thesis that populism has displaced conservatism in the Republican party. Ben's position is that this isn't exactly right, and isn't exactly a useful framing for really understanding where we are.

Many Americans today are very angry about 1) lost jobs, lost wars, lost money, broken families, broken neighborhoods, broken government, thought and speech policing, and 2) what they view as an aristocratic class who rigs the system and doesn’t care about any of these issues, and thinks people who do care are dumb. Trump won because he pretended to respect the people who care about 1), and framed those who opposed him as being part of 2). His aggressive tone made up for years of supporting all sorts of policies the old fusionist frame never would have allowed. And he’s still doing that even now.

All this is happening because American society is in collapse, and no one trusts institutions or one another. It is due to the failure of government institutions, largely stood up by the progressive left, to live up to their promises of offering real economic security and education and the promise of a better life. It is due to the failure of corporate institutions, who have warped America’s capitalist system to benefit themselves at the expense of others. It is due to the failure of cultural institutions, like the church and community organizations, to help the people make sense of an anxious age.

The point is that while conservative intellectuals have their problems, this is much bigger than anything having to do with conservative intellectuals. The aims of conservatives, whether they are the “populist” or “intellectual” sort (an unsatisfying frame, given that Reagan was both), depends on a certain level of societal flourishing.

Trumpism is not the same as populism or the New Right, and it speaks to something much worse than an intellectual crisis. It is what happens when no one trusts anyone any more.
Trumpism is not the same as populism or the New Right. . .It is what happens when no one trusts anyone any more.
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Leslie P

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Abortion Laws in secular lefty utopia Europe
They may surprise you.
TheBlaze TV’s Stu Burguiere examined the differences between abortion restrictions in the United States and European nations and concluded that many countries in Europe actually restrict abortion more than some U.S. states. On a recent episode of his program “The Wonderful World of Stu,” Burguiere noted that...
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Leslie P

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Manufacturers need to band together FAST and prevent government intrusion
Whenever there's a problem, there's some politician who sees an opportunity for himself to gain notoriety, power, and wealth - all in the guise of helping and protecting and doing the people's work.

Senator Mark Warner (D) called the proliferation of insecure IoT devices a threat to resiliency of the Internet.

“Manufacturers today are flooding the market with cheap, insecure devices, with few market incentives to design the products with security in mind, or to provide ongoing support,” Warner wrote to the agencies. “And buyers seem unable to make informed decisions between products based on their competing security features, in part because there are no clear metrics.”

This is actually true. The solution, however, is for those capitalist device and software manufacturers to educate their customers, and convince them to prefer secure products to insecure ones.

They should get together and form a sort of UL for IoT, but they can VERY QUICKLY modify their ad campaigns to sell their (more expensive?) secure products as the superior choice to the hackable cheap ones.

They WANT people to buy smart light bulbs and thermostats and stuff. Educate the customer, teach us of the risks, and help us buy your better bulb.

Government is NOT the answer.

I have been asked by several reporters over the past few days whether I think government has a role to play in fixing the IoT mess. Personally, I do not believe there has ever been a technology challenge that was best served by additional government regulation.

However, I do believe that the credible threat of government regulation is very often what’s needed to spur the hi-tech industry into meaningful action and self-regulation. And that process usually starts with inquiries like these. So, here’s hoping more lawmakers in Congress can get up to speed quickly on this vitally important issue.
The co-founder of the newly launched Senate Cybersecurity Caucus is pushing federal agencies for possible solutions and responses to the security threat from insecure “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices, such as the network of hacked security cameras and digital video recorders that were ...
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I hope someone figures out how to make Black ICE soon. I think we're going to need it before too long.
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So, basically, liberals blame:

1. That they didn't raise the penalty (read: TAXES) on the poor and middle class enough to force them into purchasing plans they would not otherwise buy;

2. Now blaming REPUBLICANS for being unreasonable, when Obama and Democrats knew all too well what the cost was in 2010, but chose not to be truthful; instead, they saved their own hides, kept the penalty low, but somehow is the GOP's fault?

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Obama openly stated to McCain and Ryan during round table debate on Obamacare : " I won ". 
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Leslie P

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Obama has always been part of the email problem
Protecting the current and future President has always been the issue with this email thing. Not the security of our nation. Not getting to the truth. It's all been a huge conspiracy to protect Barack and Hillary.

We're so far reversed from the Watergate days it's just so very sad.
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+Matthew Locaciato Or their contracts for G+ posting expired and they all went over to twitter and FB.
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What happens when no rational person can any longer have faith in the largest civil institutions? We're finding out.

This wasn’t a CNN analyst and DNC official being a biased cheerleader. This was the media conspiring with a party official to rig the game in Hillary Clinton’s favor. We all know that Democrats and Republicans will be cheering for members of their own party, but Brazile has helped to further undermine the credibility of the media in the minds of the voters, showing that the Fourth Estate’s role in the game is indeed rigged and at least some of the journalists covering the contest are complicit in the effort.

The DNC essentially has zero credibility as long as this known fraud is at the helm. The fact that they won’t cut her loose and that she’s still allowed to show up on cable news to offer commentary tells you all you need to know.
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Leslie P

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In 2016, 17% of self-identified conservatives plan to vote for Hillary.

In 2012, 17% of self-identified conservatives voted for Obama.

The GOP has done such a lousy job of defining conservatism and selling it as a positive system of social structure that really, folks don't so much know what it is.

When I was a kid, conservatism was perfectly acceptable. It was safe to be a conservative. It no longer is. A conservative can't talk about politics at work, he can't donate to political causes he supports without fear of losing his job.

The GOP may have done a good job of getting their guys elected, but they have done a TERRIBLE job of keeping "life as a conservative" a safe thing.

Conservatives would be better off without them.
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Yeah I could see rinos in NY & CA voting for her - rinos are worthless.
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Just used the new grocery pickup service for the first time. REALLY excellent - courteous service, great people. Truly all the people working at this Walmart are nice and helpful, I've never had anything to complain about.
Public - 4 months ago
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Love these guys! The got the rats out of my attic, KEPT them out of my attic, and now I have them on a regular schedule to keep the roaches and other creepy crawlies the heck away from me. Efficient, nice, friendly, cost-effective, couldn't ask for more.
Public - a year ago
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My neighborhood store for more than 10 years. It's the closest store to me, so my loyalty is really just convenience, but we've "grown together" so I use the stuff they stock, they stock the stuff I use. The people are really nice. UPDATE: They've remodeled, and stepped up their game. I've now been to this one and the two "signature" stores nearby. I'm sticking with this one. Better personnel management leads to friendly and helpful staff, always have a cart or basket available, don't mess up my order making me go to customer service counter before I leave. It's just a more pleasant experience than the other Krogers nearby. Happy to be a regular! Old review: I have noticed a fall-off in cleanliness over the last year or so, it's beginning to look dirty and a bit downscale, which is really I think a result of some slacking off on the cleanliness and upkeep. The Kroger Signature stores don't have the same problem, but just because this is a smaller store is no excuse for it to seem...junky.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
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Pushiest sales person I've ever seen. Clearly just got out of a sales class. VERY obvious sales technique. The assumed close "I'll just wrap that up for you". Ask questions of the customer that force her to keep saying yes - "That's delicious, right?". Make the customer involved - "pick the one you like and set it over there, pick that one and put it there" - rather than the salesperson doing something while I watch. Lots of taste samples, but it was all about the fruit or herb flavoring, NEVER about the actual tea. Several times I baited her, asking about oolong or white, she just ignored that and talked about the health benefits of the particular fruit or herb. HORRIBLE experience.
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Quality: Poor - FairAppeal: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
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6 reviews
Fast service, quality work, good prices, courteous staff - what more could a girl want? You can trust these guys to take care of your car - whatever it needs.
Public - 2 years ago
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The owner was very helpful, made sure that I understood what he was saying (obviously he knows he has a very thick accent), gave me good advice, took care of my boots, did a great job, on time as promised. Not a single thing to complain about, and will recommend this place to my family.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago