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NSA Program did change today
A little. The USA Freedom Act went into effect, with the intent of pulling back a bit from the warrantless bulk data collection that the NSA was doing on all civilians.

No one is really happy about it. Many believe that there is still enough vagueness in the law that the NSA will violate our privacy at will. Some are concerned that it's a limitation on vital national defense. 

All of that magical data is still being collected of course. It's just being stored at the carriers rather than with the government. Government gives the carrier a warrant, and they get all they need.

So the science is far from settled that NSA spying has actually kept the U.S. safe. The intelligence agencies get enough money and should really learn to work together to fight terrorist plots. It’s understandable why people are afraid about terrorism and the threat to America. But, at the same time, there’s a very delicate balance between freedom and security. What people like Richard Burr, Marco Rubio, and Tom Cotton are pushing isn’t freedom, and may not even be actual security. It needs to be resisted at all costs.
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Encrypt everything.
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The New G+ - are they trying to kill Communities?
I know, the marketing literature claims that collections and communites are the new focus. But the changes they have made to +Google+  seem to run counter to that claim, especially as regards communities.

Post Visibility In the old G+, I see all posts made to the community I moderate, even if the poster has blocked me. I can't comment,  but I can read the post and delete if necessary. In the new G+, I don't see posts made by someone who has blocked me. And if another member shares a post from that person, I don't see it either. This has to be fixed. I have reported it, assume it is an error. But it's a serious one.

Moderator List in the old G+ members could at least see who the moderators are, if they could figure out what the little star meant overlaid on the avatars of the members. That's gone now. The "clean" redesign sacrifices information that would be helpful to members.

Flag the Moderators still not possible. I've been asking for years for our members to have the ability to flag a post or comment for moderator review - so that they could flag it and all moderators are notified to have a look - and the members don't have to stop, navigate elsewhere, create a new post, tag one or more of the moderators that they remember, and make their comment. All in the hopes that the moderators have their notifications set to receive notifications from everyone so that they will GET the message.

Categories now hidden under a dropdown, so the casual community viewer doesn't see them or know they exist

Home Stream the category of the post is no longer shown. So are categories effectively deprecated?

Community Search gone.

With the lost of the ability to search the community, and the hidden nature of categories on the community page, and the fact that the category is no longer shown when viewing community posts via the home stream, I can only conclude one thing...

Communities are just for "view and move on" purposes rather than any kind of reference to past conversations or topics. Anything other than "happening right now" is so de-emphasized as to be rather irrelvant.

This is disappointing.

I take my understanding of what kind of behavior is encouraged not by what the marketing literature says, but by what the interface actually allows, prevents, makes easy, or makes difficult.

It seems as if communities aren't really emphasized here. There never have been adequate tools provided to encourage the creation and sustenance of really good active communities. Hard to believe it could have gotten worse, but it did. It got much worse.

Have I misunderstood?
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Same here +Richard Arnold I switched back to the old one, that's still not as good as the old old one, and we'll see. 
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UGH! I Now Get Email Spam thanks to PINTEREST
Just so that I could see a comment sent to me from my sister, I had to change the email address on my (unused) pinterest account. I changed it from my (mostly junk) gmail account to my work email address, which I never use to sign up for stuff.

My work email did not get spam.
Now it does.

The ONLY change was making it the email address on my Pinterest account.

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Pinterest developers are scumbags. You are nearly forced to install their app to view a simple web page. The site is a cesspool that charges you to stand around and take a whiff. 
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We should definitely challenge Ted Cruz’s citizenship if he is elected president
I agree. Actually, let's challenge his citizenship if he becomes the nominee. Or maybe even support Grayson in filing the suit now.

This stuff needs to get resolved, answered, settled, defined, done.
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Why he is more American than Obama. Obama spent millions to keep his record secret
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Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Prepared
One couple skipped the first two, but at least had the last one right. They went to buy a car that had been advertised on Craigslists. Once they got to the meeting place, the "sellers" pulled guns and demanded money. The female buyer was forced to use her own gun and kill one of the would-be thieves. The other got away.

As the Sheriff says in the video on this post - do your Craigslist transactions in a VERY public space, with a crowd. Use a sheriff's department parking lot.

And always be prepared.
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Yeah, I make exchanges in places with good, working cameras and very pubic, and large exchanges at police/substations. It's just a bad idea not to.
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►►Campaign 2016◄◄  - 
Why Should We Not Trust Politicians?
This article explains. It also explains why we shouldn't get all wound up in the specifics of policy proposals.

The very best we can do, and what we, as informed voters,  must do, is try to discern a politician's motivations, how he reacts under influence, his general relationship with honesty, the amount of respect he has for the little people, and what is the underpinning of his "instintive reaction' on political questions.

Will the candidate do what you want him or her to do, for the most part? Sure, you'll disagree sometimes, but overall, will this person be persuaded to work on your behalf?

That's what to ask.
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My point was that IMO neither Cruz nor Rubio were being dishonest, although my snarkiness clouded that. The situation changed between what they said the first time and the second so their policy positions almost had to change. 
It was the predominant conservative position before Oberfill to say 'Leave it up to the states'. Even my favorite governor, Rick Perry, took that position. That was almost the entire argument. In fact, DOMA is based on just that premise. It was the standard until Overfill. Oberfill overturned that portion of DOMA and every state law concerning marriage, creating a new federal 'right to marriage to the one we love', whoever that might be. 
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Inoreader: RSS reader and info management tool
This is my first Christmas gift to myself this year - a Plus subscription to this tool I've been using since Google dumped reader.

WHY: I want to choose what I read, not let my social media network algorithm determine what mood they want to put me in. Yeah, I'm a control freak like that.

Inoreader has so many advanced features that push it beyond just an RSS reader, I'm continually impressed.

Recently, a site I would like to read, redesigned and abandoned RSS feeds, so I'm unable to read their content. Sure, they will send you the articles via email, but UGH. I want email in my email, and news in my feed reader.

Inreader solves that - create a tag, that tag has a unique email address. Give that address to the website and BOOM, the articles will go there.

Inreader has integrations with twitter, FB, G+, others - so you can subscribe to a social media feed and get the content in your reader. 

You can save web pages, add a bookmarklet to your browser and "click" to send that page to inreader for reading later.

Share anything you're reading in inoreader out to Pocket or Instapaper or FB or twitter. Save an article to dropbox.

And tons of help, view configuration options, rules and filters, integration with IFTTT, it just goes on.

Seriously. Seriously awesome stuff. For $30/year.
Using tags is a powerful way to organize your content and one of our most used features. You can use tags in Inoreader manually or automatically with Rules, and with the introduction of Saved web pages you can also add any ar...
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FYI, if you're more interested in the truth than the narrative. You might be interested to know that the ACTUAL motive of yesterday's Colorado Springs killer is as yet not publicly known. There's speculation based on the business that was in the building, but not much more than that.
Springs Police
Unofficial motive/details on #CentennialBlshooting may impact investigation/prosecution @CSPDPIO @EPCSheriff ONLY official info source.
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+Marla Hughes Never let a crisis go to waste. PP was fundraising off of it before the perp was captured, when they still had employees hiding.

Soulless vampires are soulless.
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Colorado FOP Releases Scathing Statement Slamming ‘Race Baiting Morons’ Who Question Why Planned Parenthood Suspect Was Captured Alive
The suspect is alive because he surrendered and followed the commands of law enforcement. 

“What the race baiting morons who believe that he was spared because he was white fail to acknowledge is that just this year alone there have been numerous shootings of police officers where the suspects were taken into custody. Many of those suspects were persons of color. They were not executed. They were taken into custody,” the Colorado FOP said. “The delusional fools that would have the world believe otherwise promote their hatefilled agenda on the foundation of a national lie rooted in the Michael Brown incident. ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ is their mantra and a false narrative surrounding the events in Ferguson.”
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He probably wouldn't have been taken alive in Dallas, regardless of color. That's just how we seem to roll here.
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USA Freedom Act goes into effect Sunday
The U.S. National Security Agency will end its daily vacuuming of millions of Americans' phone records by Sunday and replace the practice with more tightly targeted surveillance methods, the Obama administration said on Friday.

This is a bit of good news. I firmly believe that targeted data collection is a valuable tool for our security services to have. I believe that it is BETTER to make them focus their efforts. 

Just as we argue that we'd have better airline security if TSA agents used behavioral targeting, selecting people for closer scrutiny based on other than random factors, we will have better data collection security by focusing on the data that they can get warrants for./
The U.S. National Security Agency will end its daily vacuuming of millions of Americans' phone records by Sunday and replace the practice with more tightly targeted surveillance methods, the Obama administration said on Friday.
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Yeah +Rogi Ocnorb more than likely, they have something to replace it, it would seem to me. 
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BLM Protesters blocking the Salvation Army bell ringer
Really people? Is this necessary? How does this win people over to your cause?
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Why aren't they protesting in Chicago where black kids are being slaughtered by black gangs? These people are anti-white, anti-Hispanic and anti-Asian. Nobody else's life matters!
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►Core Principles  - 
Give Thanks
Ben Domenech of the Federalist says it all better than I ever could.

It is difficult to give thanks in a time that seems so dark.
Yet we Americans should be thankful, very thankful, for our place within the world. Thanksgiving serves as a reminder that for us today, compared to the history of our country and the planet, all the problems of modern America are rich people problems. A lot of our problems are problems of choice. We have human and social capital and natural resources in great abundance that we simply choose not to use.
Yes, the status quo is broken. Yes, we are ruled by idiots. Yes, there is corruption and mismanagement and very real despair. But anyone wondering what to be thankful for just ought to look around
Our current leadership may not grasp the indispensability of America to the world — but Americans do. We did not seek the charge to stand against the foes of civilization and freedom. We never do. But we will do the job when the job comes to us.

So let us be thankful for this: that we are incredibly fortunate to be Americans. We have good fortune to live in these times, dumb as they are. We have the luck to be born at a time in history when anyone can prosper and thrive. We have the blessing and the privilege, whether born to deep roots or newly arrived from strange lands, of being the greatest people in the history of the man.

The world is dark. But there is a light in the darkness, and it is us.

(BTW - if you aren't reading The Federalist and listening to their podcast, you're missing out on fun and educational stuff. Also, Domenech WILL remind you of a Quiet Storm DJ)
Thanksgiving in a time of darkness is still an opportunity to recognize how much we have.
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Oorah, Ben.
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Love these guys! The got the rats out of my attic, KEPT them out of my attic, and now I have them on a regular schedule to keep the roaches and other creepy crawlies the heck away from me. Efficient, nice, friendly, cost-effective, couldn't ask for more.
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Fast service, quality work, good prices, courteous staff - what more could a girl want? You can trust these guys to take care of your car - whatever it needs.
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The owner was very helpful, made sure that I understood what he was saying (obviously he knows he has a very thick accent), gave me good advice, took care of my boots, did a great job, on time as promised. Not a single thing to complain about, and will recommend this place to my family.
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My neighborhood store for more than 10 years. It's the closest store to me, so my loyalty is really just convenience, but we've "grown together" so I use the stuff they stock, they stock the stuff I use. The people are really nice. UPDATE: They've remodeled, and stepped up their game. I've now been to this one and the two "signature" stores nearby. I'm sticking with this one. Better personnel management leads to friendly and helpful staff, always have a cart or basket available, don't mess up my order making me go to customer service counter before I leave. It's just a more pleasant experience than the other Krogers nearby. Happy to be a regular! Old review: I have noticed a fall-off in cleanliness over the last year or so, it's beginning to look dirty and a bit downscale, which is really I think a result of some slacking off on the cleanliness and upkeep. The Kroger Signature stores don't have the same problem, but just because this is a smaller store is no excuse for it to seem...junky.
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Pushiest sales person I've ever seen. Clearly just got out of a sales class. VERY obvious sales technique. The assumed close "I'll just wrap that up for you". Ask questions of the customer that force her to keep saying yes - "That's delicious, right?". Make the customer involved - "pick the one you like and set it over there, pick that one and put it there" - rather than the salesperson doing something while I watch. Lots of taste samples, but it was all about the fruit or herb flavoring, NEVER about the actual tea. Several times I baited her, asking about oolong or white, she just ignored that and talked about the health benefits of the particular fruit or herb. HORRIBLE experience.
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