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Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.
Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.


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Donald Trump must save the Republicans -- and Congress -- from themselves
As leader of the Republican Party, the president has every right, even a duty, to intervene when it becomes clear his own party leadership is not only obstructing the will of the people, but is doing damage to the country.

In March, while still pathetic, they (Congress) had an 18 percent approval rating. Then their hostility to the president’s agenda became apparent when they killed the effort to ameliorate the scourge of Obamacare. Exposing themselves as frauds, Congress’ approval crashed to 10 percent. A 44 percent plunge in five months is worth noticing, and acting on.

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Should Apple and Google Ban Gab?
Gab has been banned by both Google and Apple.”

A free market in news doesn’t mean that every newspaper must cover every story. A free market in news means free entry. But free entry is exactly what is now at stake.

In a pure libertarian world, I’d be inclined to say that Google and Apple can also police whom they allow on their platforms. But we live in a world in which Google and Apple are bound up with and in some ways beholden to the government. I worry when a lot of news travels through a handful of choke points.

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ESPN Drops Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee From UVa. Game
Come on people, we can be better than this, can't we? We aren't this stupid, why is ESPN treating us as if we are this stupid?

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Brief survey for you, please take the time to answer, it's totally anonymous. She's not trying to harvest emails or anything, she just really wants your view on the relative importance of some issues. Won't take much time, please answer, and then give some thought to sharing it, so she can get more data.

Hey folks, I created a survey to test how people feel about several issues regarding the Trump administration. Please help me by answering the questions with how important each issue is to you when evaluating the record of the current administration. Feel free to share, too, because more responses means better survey results.

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Christopher Columbus statue vandalized in Houston's Bell Park
Come on, Houston, don't be like this.

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"Is this the Day the Internet Dies?
When I wrote my recent article for NRO arguing that we must regulate Internet monopolies as public utilities, I had no idea how timely it would become. I submitted it to NR on Friday afternoon (The day before Charlottesville) with the plans to run it on Monday.

the Internet’s greatest strength has always been freedom—It’s a place you can promote, great ideas, terrible ideas, silly ideas, or just display your collection of thousands of vintage beer cans to the world. But right now that freedom is under threat like never before.

Of course, I understand people get offended at the hate speech such as we heard at the Charlottesville rally: “Separation. We don’t want to integrate with these people. We’re tired of being with them. We want to be with ourselves in a land of our own under the guidance of God.”

Oh no wait, that wasn’t the Charlottesville rally, that was posted by Louis Farrakhan on his Facebook Page the day after Charlottesville. Two days later he posted a picture of himself with Carlos Santana. Should Amazon stop selling Carlos Santana’s racist music? Will Facebook not take down this Santana’s hateful pages? One laughs at the thought of it– that’s the power of liberal privilege.

the threats to free expression, particularly from the right, on the Internet have never been greater Conservatives, and more importantly, Republicans in Congress, need to speak up and put a stop to the censoring, speech-stifling madness of the Silicon Valley mafia. If we don’t stand up, even for speakers we loathe, the leftists will just increase their demands for censorship until they come to our own doorstep. If you think people who want to blow up Mount Rushmore and demolish the Jefferson Memorial are going to be happy just going after going after neo-Nazis, then I’ve got some land on the National Mall I’d love to sell you. I think there may be some prime-location building space there soon.

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It is time to discuss regulation to protect free speech
PayPal this week banned at least 34 organizations for promoting “hate, violence or racial intolerance,”

“What is needed is not regulation to restrict speech but regulation specifically to allow speech — regulation put on monopolist and market-dominant companies that have abused their positions repeatedly.”

One internet company this week abused its position but at the same time practically begged for the government to step in. Cloudflare...was able to simply shut down the Daily Stormer neo-Nazi website:

But to Prince’s credit, he continued: “No one should have that power”:

As Prince wrote in a blog post on the incident, “Without a clear framework as a guide for content regulation, a small number of companies will largely determine what can and cannot be online

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In Misguided Response to Charlottesville, Apple Donates to Liberal Group That Endangers Conservatives
Apple is donating $1 million to SPLC and ADL, and will be matching employee donations at a 2-for-1 rate.

SPLC creates handy maps of what they consider hate organizations - white supremacists, terrorists,, and those opposed to gay marriage.

They've recently made sure that news organizations all over the country publish the handy state by state maps, so that folks know exactly where these hate organizations are located.

The guy who shot up GOP leadership at the baseball field? Fan of SPLC.

The guy who shot up the FRC in 2012 - got the target from the SPLC.

That's two confirmed attacks related to the SPLC. And Apple is going to make sure they have plenty of money to continue their work.

Happy about your iphone now? Wanna buy some more songs on iTunes?

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Tucker comments on the Bill Kristol tweets
Well worth a watch, not for what he says about Kristol, but for what he's saying to all of us. It's making me think, a lot.
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