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Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.
Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.


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U.S. Government Hiding Report on Number of Palestinian Refugees
Wow. This is a whole new scandal I had not even thought about.

UNRWA claims there are 5.2 million Palestinian refugees.

Those familiar with the report say the U.S. quietly determined under the Obama administration that the actual number of Palestinian refugees is far smaller, closer to around 30,000.

the State Department is intentionally trying to keep the document secret, not for national security reasons, but because of the political implications of its release.

Political and Financial implications.

We need the truth.
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Darkness Visible In Alder Hey
the Evans case differs from the similar Charlie Gard case that infamously preceded it

In a situation that was no doubt distressing to those who hoped he would die, Alfie’s continuing to breathe has clarified the true object of the act of removing his ventilator.

It's about their assumptions of value of life given what they believe about the human brain.

Alfie’s disability is likely to be profound, and thus, according to the judge, it is in Alfie’s best interests to die.

Given all that we still have to learn about the brain and its relationship to the functioning of a person, the judge may simply be wrong.

But even if we suppose the judge is correct, he and others are making the case that certain profoundly disabled children are unworthy of life.

Evans case is part of a clear and ominous trend in Europe towards forcibly euthanizing the disabled based on someone else’s decision that the disabled to not possess life worth living.

This has to be terrifying to British parents. What if the state decides that your child’s life is not worth living? You will have no choice but to allow the state to kill him. There will be no escape.
Darkness Visible In Alder Hey
Darkness Visible In Alder Hey
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“Come here and see how my son is the hostage of this hospital. What we are enduring is not right.”

Hyperbole? Yes, but understandable from a grief-stricken father trapped in a system that pays little heed to parental wishes

It's only hyperbole because if it were a REAL hostage situation, the father could do something or pay something to free his child. The child is actually a PRISONER, not a hostage.
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British Doctor: Alfie Evans Must Die Because His Parents Have A Bad Attitude
A report from The Telegraph indicates the hospital staff is not interested in what’s best for Alfie, so much as proving a point to the parents, who have an “attitude” they don’t like.

In sum: The doctors have determined Alfie must die, and he must die in the hospital, unless the parents change their attitude.

The hospital and the courts (both part of the UK government, paid by tax dollars) will not allow the parents to "WIN" as that could cause other subjects to rebel against the state and believe that they as individuals had some choice or control.

That is what this is about.

If a child has to die of dehydration to accomplish the goal of keeping British subjects subservient to the state, that's a cost the state is willing to pay.

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Kanye West’s MAGA Tweets Champion Free Thought In An Age Of Conformity
Kanye West is currently the best representative of the principles that have led to America’s prosperity. The foundation of these principles is the Western ideal of privileging the individual over the group. This is the well from which upward mobility springs, and the axiom that best captures this ideal is the freedom of expression.

In this week’s multi-day string of tweets after his return to Twitter, Kanye accurately stated “We have free speech but we don’t have free thought.” This is the result of the far left’s stranglehold over the places serious ideas are supposed to be generated.

The value in West’s opinion is due to what scholar Nassim Nicholas Taleb refers to as “Skin in the Game.” Taleb says there is no value in an opinion without risk. So by expressing his support of both the president and free thought, Kanye risks alienating not only his fellow celebrities but much of his fan base. This risk is what makes West’s tweets supporting Adams and black conservative Candace Owens such seismic acts.
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Congress Is Aiming Toward Another Omnibus Spending Disaster. Here’s How To Prevent That
“I will never sign another bill like this again,” President Trump said after signing last month’s 2,232-page, $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill. President Trump is right. The omnibus bill Congress passed this March betrayed everything for which conservatives stand.

Unfortunately, Congress currently is on a path to repeat this disbursement debacle.

Republicans still control both chambers of Congress and the White House. The House could begin passing the 12 appropriations bills necessary to fund the government under the ordinary budget process. The Senate could then move to debate. Yes, at that point Democrats may try to block debate on appropriations bills. But let’s make them actually block debate!

Consider how this would work in practice. We could call up the Department of Defense appropriations bill and show the American public whether Democrats support paying the troops. If Democrats refused to begin debate on the appropriations bill, they then would have to explain why they were obstructing funding for our nation’s men and women in uniform.

We never even tried that last year. Instead we waited until we were already more than four months into the fiscal year before we held one vote to begin debate on the defense appropriations bill in February 2018. But as soon as that vote was held, we immediately tucked tail and moved on to other things. We didn’t fight, and the American people lost as a result.

None of this is going to be easy, because governing is hard. There is no magic wand that President Trump can wave to produce a spending bill he would be proud to sign. But with some hard work and lots of tough votes, Congress can make sure that what happened last month never happens again.
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Conservatives Don’t Have Dragon Energy
On my own Facebook account, I read someone bemoaning the fact that conservatives have gone from reading Jaffa, Kirk, and Buckley to praising Kanye.

These reactions are precisely why conservatives have been losing for decades. Just because Trump supporters praise Kanye’s actions doesn’t in any way mean we’ve put him in the hall of the great intellects of our generation

We’re simply noting that we agree with Kanye’s opinion and appreciate the courage for someone of his popularity, race, and position to have made such a public declaration. When did the anti-Trump mind become so rigid that any praise of a person means accepting every single thing he’s ever done in his life?
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Judge: Bars are allowed to throw out Trump supporters
Waiting for the story of a bar throwing out Obama or Hillary supporters - and getting full support from the media because principles and consistency matter.
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In what way is Trump so "outside the norm" of American Presidents?

I hear over and over that Trump is a uniquely horrific POTUS, completely abnormal, no POTUS has ever been like this, etc.

I'm pretty sure the primary, perhaps ONLY key difference is that we the public know about his thoughts and the things he says. And we know about the thoughts and words of his staff, his supporters, and his haters.

Every prior President has kept this stuff private, for whatever reason, and the supporters, enemies, and press have gone along with it.

With Trump, it's just all out in the open.

It only SEEMS unusual, because we're not used to Presidents being so "yeah, I've got a huge ego, so what?"

Next time you're about to be outraged or excited about something you just learned about Trump, stop and think - is this the kind of thing they ALL previously thought or said or did, but you just didn't hear about it?

99% of the time, it will be.
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Alfie Evans Must Die So the Nanny State May Live
If you make the State your Nanny, you're admitting that you're still a child. And children don't make life or death decisions. We leave those to the adults.

This is a point of principle. The doctors and the judges who back them in the war against Alfie Evans are fighting to set a precedent. To establish a point of law. And that is this: Parents don't matter. Even a fit mother and father with a child's best interests at heart don't get to make these decisions. The State does.

Thus every baby born in Britain and countries like it is really the child of the government. While it might see fit to entrust most such kids to their biological parents, they're really on loan. Just as citizens can't really defend their homes against invasion by burglars in Britain, nor can they make crucial decisions for their children. Not if their choices flout the utilitarianism of a secular theocracy.

_Human life is not sacred. Suffering has no meaning. Citizens belong to the state. Dissidents will be silenced.
So you can see why the medical and legal authorities are fighting so doggedly. His parents may be fighting for Alfie, but the establishment's fighting for Nanny. And Nanny must always win._
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