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Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.
Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.


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The Charges Against Judge Kavanaugh Should Be Ignored
Prager, as usual, gets to the heart of the matter.

It is almost impossible to overstate the damage done to America’s moral compass by taking the charges leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh seriously.

It undermines foundational moral principles of any decent society.

Those who claim the charges against Judge Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford are important and worth investigating, and that they ultimately, if believed, invalidate his candidacy for the U.S. Supreme Court are stating that:

What a middle-aged adult did in high school is all we need to need to know to evaluate an individual’s character -- even when his entire adult life has been impeccable. No matter how good and moral a life one has led for 10, 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years, it is nullified by a sin committed as a teenager.

No decent -- or rational -- society has ever believed such nihilistic nonsense.

This is another example of the moral chaos sown by secularism and the left. In any society rooted in Judeo-Christian values, it is understood that people should be morally assessed based on how they behave over the course of their lifetime -- early behavior being the least important period in making such an assessment.

This is what I have thought, and not been brave enough to say.

I don't CARE about this woman's assertion, other than that if it still traumatizes HER, I hope she gets help.

So, why is this charge taken seriously?

One reason is, as I recently wrote, the greatest fear in America is fear of the left -- the fear of what the left will do to you if you cross it. Not fear of God. Not fear of doing wrong. Fear of the left. Offend the left and you will lose your reputation and, quite often, your job or your business.

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Ford’s College Best Friend: She Never Mentioned An Assault Until This Summer
The text message from Christine Blasey Ford this summer worried her college best friend, Catherine Piwowarski.

Over their years of friendship — as roommates, bridesmaids and parents on opposite coasts — Dr. Blasey wanted to know, had she ever confided that she had been sexually assaulted in high school?

We all can see what this is, right? It was THIS SUMMER.

Blasey was trying to find corroboration for her story, preparing to send the letter to Eshoo and Feinstein.

She didn't find that corroboration.
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Nearly half in top 5 U.S. cities don’t speak English at home, record 67 million
“In America's five largest cities, 48 percent of residents now speak a language other than English at home. In New York City and Houston it is 49 percent; in Los Angeles it is 59 percent; in Chicago it is 36 percent; and in Phoenix it is 38 percent.”

“As a share of the population, 21.8 percent of U.S. residents speak a foreign language at home — roughly double the 11 percent in 1980.”

This is a MASSIVE change, and has happened VERY fast.

Of those who speak a foreign language at home, 25.9 million (39 percent) told the Census Bureau that they speak English less than very well. This figure is entirely based on the opinion of the respondent; the Census Bureau does not measure language skills.
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The BEST notes app keeps getting better
Standard Notes - encrypted, synced, multiplatform, private, extensible.

Now allows you to encrypt files on your cloud storage platform of choice. It's wizardry.

Try it for free, but the good stuff you have to pay for - because Mo doesn't sell your information, it's pretty straightforward, like the old days. If you want a good product, you pay for the product. Simple, safe, done.

Today we are happy to announce the release of a new platform that brings the same total privacy you’ve come to expect from Standard Notes for your notes, but to an ever greater aspect of our lives: our personal files. Millions, if not billions, of users today depend on plaintext cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive to store their most important files—files so important, that users place them in the cloud so that they are not lost if something were to happen to their physical device. These plaintext clouds, however, suffer from one main issue: Dropbox, Google, and similar organizations are free to do as they please with this data, because it is not encrypted. Therefore, ownership ultimately lies with these private corporations, and not by you, even if their ever-changing privacy policy seems reassuring.

FileSafe is a new platform by Standard Notes that integrates directly with your day-to-day usage of Standard Notes, and serves as an encryption intermediary between you and your favorite cloud provider.

Trust my recommendation. I'm a cheapskate and don't pay for stuff unless I believe it is REALLY worth it.

Standard Notes is worth it.
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Post has attachment Leaks 14M+ Records
a company used by thousands of U.S. state and local governments to accept online payments for everything from traffic citations and licensing fees to bail payments and court-ordered fines — has leaked more than 14 million customer records dating back at least six years, including names, addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of the payer’s credit card.

citizens use it to settle state and local government fees and fines

In January 2018, GovPayNet was acquired by Securus Technologies, a Carrollton, Texas- based company that provides telecommunications services to prisons and helps law enforcement personnel keep tabs on mobile devices used by former inmates.

hackers had broken into Securus’ systems and stolen the online credentials for multiple law enforcement officials who used the company’s systems to track the location of suspects via their mobile phone number.

Wow. Just, wow.
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Eliminating 'most problematic' federal regulations saves taxpayers $1.3 billion this year
The Trump administration ripped up federal regulations at a record pace this year and saved taxpayers $1.3 billion, double the goal set by the president, according to an American Action Forum analysis.

There are things that a President can do without relying on Congress. Count me among those pretty pleased that this guy is using that power to my benefit.

One of his first moves as president issuing Executive Order 13771 that directed agencies to repeal two regulations for every rule enacted. The new mindset resulted in a larger rollback. By the end of calendar year 2017, agencies nixed 22 regulations for every new rule, according to the White House.

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UPDATE: After Protests, City Won't Be Banning Nike Anymore
The lesson? Leftists are in charge. They can do whatever they want.

One mayor of one suburb decides that his city won't buy a particular company's products.

Leftists protest.

Mayor backs down.
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The threats to your kids are closer than you think.
You need to watch this 9 minute video, Glenn is sharing a personal story, you'll benefit from the knowledge gained here.

If you have kids, or grandkids, or friends with kids, learn from this. Don't be complacent.

No child "knows better". None.

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Solid, Actionable Advice for Conservatives:
Additional comments from +Chris Harpner
This is indicative of an imaging problem. The things they say they want are found on OUR side, yet they have been mass brainwashed to believe that the side that provides everything they want (liberty and a free place for immigrants to escape to) is the enemy.

Our side is far far far far too complacent with not fighting against these ridiculous and insane stereotypes they've created of our side. You can't just argue your points on social media and face to face. You DO NEED to continue doing that, but when you're out in the community volunteering, you need to publicly display your support for our side. Wear your MAGA hats, your Tea Party T-Shirts when you're out helping people. If you're in a Tea Party organization, do more than just strategizing for the next election, engage in outreach programs with minorities and immigrants. Start free English classes for immigrants. Start business startups in poor communities. Make it KNOWN who you are and how you're helping them.

And get in front of cameras when you're out there helping. If there aren't any cameras there, invite the local news media. If they don't show up, make your OWN videos and share the crap out of them. Promote your volunteer events.

Get out there and make your good deeds SEEN to the point they cannot be ignore
This is extremely disturbing. From now on, the word "Google" should be prefixed with "left wing".
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The Dalai Lama's 'MEGA' Message: Europe Is For Europeans; Refugees Should Rebuild Homeland
Make Europe Great Again

What he says is rational, logical, sensible, loving, and compassionate.

The left will hate it.

Speaking at a conference in Sweden this past Wednesday, the Dalai Lama said that refugees from the Middle-East need to work on rebuilding their homeland because "Europe belongs to the Europeans."

While the former Nobel Peace Prize Winner sympathized with the plight of refugees and even said that Europe is "morally responsible" for helping those who are facing "danger against their life," he stressed that the end-game should be the rehabilitation of their homeland, not migration to Europe.

"Receive them, help them, educate them... but ultimately they should develop their own country,"
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