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Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.
Redheaded, lefthanded, native Texan.


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Atom, World`s Smallest 4G Rugged Smartphone
What a terrific little device - perfect phone for camping, backpacking, hunting, search and rescue type efforts.

Small, light weight, resistant to water and mud and the like.

ALSO - has a push-to-talk button to use with Zello, the encrypted walkie-talkie app that works via internet connections.

This seems like a really excellent device for part-time volunteer first responder folks. The full time pros will have their own stuff, and this allows the volunteers to have tougher devices, without risking their main/fancy phone.

VERY cool.
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I'm opposed to government interfering in business and stepping in between employers and employees, so the minimum wage is bad, any efforts by governments to end the tipping regime is also bad.

I'm opposed to the tipping regime. No other industry forces the customer, at the point of service, to determine the pay for the employees, and to pay it. I will avoid tipping establishment when at all possible, I resent the business owners for putting the burden on me.

Tipped employees do not pay their legal share of income taxes (that's part of the draw). They don't have their full income reported which impacts their ability to qualify for loans. They don't have their full income reported which impacts the amount of child support that they are charged. Their income is not via check from the employer, so garnishment of wages to pay child support doesn't work. It's an "above board" job that allows the employees to skirt a lot of the laws that the rest of us must adhere to.

It's not a conflict for me to say that I don't want the government involved, and I also don't like it, at all.
"It's really frustrating for an industry to have outside people determining how we are going to make our money—it's insane. There's no other industry where that happens."
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Forget the diversity stuff, I'd love to see some investigation about the Asian numbers.

In 2017, Asians made up 47% of Google’s tech hires, which is slightly above white hires at 42 percent.
Asians also had the lowest attrition rate of any race.

Is that native born only, or does that, as I suspect, also include visa holders? If it is as I suspect, these Visa holders are essentially captive laborers. They can't quit if they want to stay in the country, and they don't have much negotiation leverage for salary and benefits - they're cheap labor.
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The Migrant Crisis Is About More Than Just Kids
The Mexican cartels had to find a new funding source with the legalization of marijuana in the United States. The market for their poor quality pot dried up, and so they turned to human trafficking as an alternative source of funding.

The cartels use these migrants to flood the zone and clog up Border Patrol resources, functioning as human pawns to distract from their efforts to smuggle opioids and other drugs across.

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There’s A Reason Liberals Are Always So Angry
Have you ever wondered why rage seems to be “all the rage” with liberals these days? Every time you turn around there’s another march for this or protest against that; recycled chants about how something “has got to go,” and a fawning media all too happy to report it as if it were news

There is an entire infrastructure in place to spread and perpetuate lies and exaggerations to keep people angry and afraid, to prevent them from thinking logically, to advance the liberal agenda. From Los Angeles to the New York, this outrage machine used science, journalism, and Hollywood (and pretty much everything else) to manipulate the American people into acting how they want you to act.

Read the post, and/or the author's book to learn more, however, the main thing really what do we do about it?

Two choices:
1. Fight back against it. This makes sense for non-left media people, pundits, professional opinion people. Most of us are not that, so the time we spend fighting back is really just a waste of OUR time and effort.
2. Opt out. Sidestep it. Walk on by.

Anger sells, media is having a great time - better numbers, higher stock prices, more income. People are miserable and divided because we're paying attention to all of this.

Refuse to participate. Help others opt out as well.
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The Truth about Separating Kids
Read. Learn.
Then have whatever feelings you have.

Really, don't share your feelings, you are the only one who cares about your feelings.

The latest furor over Trump immigration policy involves the separation of children from parents at the border.

As usual, the outrage obscures more than it illuminates, so it’s worth walking through what’s happening here.

For the longest time, illegal immigration was driven by single males from Mexico. Over the last decade, the flow has shifted to women, children, and family units from Central America. This poses challenges we haven’t confronted before and has made what once were relatively minor wrinkles in the law loom very large.

Congress can change the rules so the Flores consent decree will no longer apply, and it can appropriate more money for family shelters at the border. This is an obvious thing to do that would eliminate the tension between enforcing our laws and keeping family units together. The Trump administration is throwing as many resources as it can at the border to expedite the process, and it desperately wants the Flores consent decree reversed. Despite some mixed messages, if the administration had its druthers, family units would be kept together and their cases settled quickly.

The missing piece here is Congress, but little outrage will be directed at it, and probably nothing will be done. And so our perverse system will remain in place and the crisis at the border will rumble on.
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All politicians have good moments and bad moments. Lindsay Graham just had a STELLAR moment, you must see it.

I wish all of us could be this straightforward - what matters is making the world a better place. What doesn't matter is the individual with whom one works to accomplish that goal, and the opinion of those in the media.

Click the link to see the brilliant clip.

(As moderator, I am able to violate the rule against profanity. The rule has not changed, you are not allowed to post things like this)

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More good news on the enforcement front.
The federal agency that processes applications for naturalization is forming a special group to track down those who lied or committed fraud to obtain U.S. citizenship.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to hire several dozen lawyers and immigration specialists to review cases of illegal aliens who were ordered deported but used fake identities to get green cards and ultimately become American citizens, the Associated Press reported Monday.

“We finally have a process in place to get to the bottom of all these bad cases and start denaturalizing people who should not have been naturalized in the first place,” USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna told the AP in an interview. “What we’re looking at, when you boil it all down, is potentially a few thousand cases.”
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Here's a fun game called "Can you spot the racists?"
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Backdoor to illegal immigration closing: U.S. clears more asylum cases than it receives in May
Consistent enforcement works.
The government is making headway on the asylum backlog for the first time in years, clearing more cases in May than it received, as officials finally think they have hit on ways to tamp down on people abusing the system as a backdoor method of illegal immigration.

The success came on both sides of the ledger. New cases have been cut nearly in half when compared to the peak years during the Obama administration, while the number of cases closed more than doubled compared to the Obama years.

“Asylum and ‘credible fear’ claims have skyrocketed across the board in recent years largely because individuals know they can exploit a broken system to enter the U.S., avoid removal, and remain in the country,” said Michael Bars, a spokesman for the agency.

In January the agency reversed an Obama-era policy that focused on the oldest cases, and instead went to a last-in-first-out, or LIFO, approach that makes quick decisions on people showing up at the borders or lodging claims in the interior right now. LIFO helped cut a backlog in the 1990s, and it’s already making a dent now, officials said, by changing the incentives.

The agency has also more than doubled its team of asylum officers over the last five years, to nearly 700, and has borrowed another 100 people from the refugee caseload — similar work — to help on the asylum backlog.

This dual approach serves to help remove invalid claimants quickly, and deter new ones. It's a very smart approach

Enforcement works.

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