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What have been your experiences with online evaluation?
An experiment in online course evaluation. December 5, 2011 By Leslie MB Leave a Comment. Back when I was in the cube farm of academic technology, we tried an experiment within our then-new course man...
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About that. I did end up having to bribe mine with extra credit; a decent percentage had to be met, according to the powers that be.
Our powers that be are assuring us that (amid a proposed switch) online course evals will raise the % of folks responding. From my own limited experiments, that doesn't seem necc. to be the case...
In-class paper evals: everyone there fills one out.
Online evals: only the disgruntled or the really enthusiastic fill them out. Not useful.
For face-to-face courses I prefer in-person paper evals (though with computers and mobile devices you could have students log in during the final class session). Point is, I appreciate the input from students who actually attend rather than from everyone on the roster including the "disappeared," which is how it works now with online evals on my campus.
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