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Google TV - Latest release #googletv #googletvdev
Now on Sony

Important Features
• Honeycomb 3.2 (API Level 13)
• Chrome works faster
• Support for 3D content
• HLS works better
• Extensions to the Channel Listing Content Provdier
• Hardware Acceleration is turned on

Channel Listing Content Provider
- new column to ChannelListingContract, "DATA_SOURCE" example "TMS"
- new contract for exposing lineups for each device, MediaDeviceContract

Formal documentation should be up in a few days.

Hardware Acceleration
<application android:hardwareAccelerated="true" ...>
and all it’s kin now works.

For more information see

This platform change has caused a few apps to misbehave. Please re-test your apps on this release. (We’ve also updated the M4’s aka if you have one of those).

How do I have two apk’s?
(One that runs on hardware that hasn’t yet updated, and one that runs on the new hardware - if needed)

The new APK should have:
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="13" android:targetSdkVersion="13" />

Market will be able to accept multiple apk’s, and deliver the right one to your tv.
See for more information.
API Level: 13. Welcome to Android 3.2! Android 3.2 is an incremental platform release that adds new capabilities for users and developers. The sections below provide an overview of the new features an...
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Will this update be released to the Logitech Revue or is that up to Logitech (doubtful then)
got this update on my Sony today. thanks,
+Justin Cohen +Brad Gogats Update deliveries are almost always OEM-dependent. You gotta complain to Logitech!

Maybe we can all start complaining to Google directly once they drop the Nexus GTV ;)
Is there any other google TV device out there besides the revue? Not looking for a TV
I have the Sony Blu ray. It says 3.2 is the system version but I never got a system update notice. Does this happen entirely in the background?
Les, I recently added you to my circles - thanks for the interesting feed!

I noticed that Google TV has 3D support now - cool! (One of my hobbies is stereoscopic scenic photography).

Which brings me to the purpose of this posting:

Speaking of 3D TVs, I thought I'd mention some IP I placed in the public domain back in 2010. In a nutshell, with minor changes, 3D TVs could be modified to allow two people to watch two different TV shows (or game persona views) at the same time. (Flip between TV shows instead of stereoscopic left eye/right eye images.)

Perhaps someday Google can find a way to work with HW vendors and bring this potentially differentiating feature to market. Just think, one person could be watching an HGTV show while the other is watching a Bruce Lee movie! Here's the blog URL where I fielded the idea:
What about the Input lag with game systems (ps3 and xbox), or does that remain with LED 60 mhrz
I'd really like to see chat support added for google talk. It would be pretty nice if I could chat while watching netflix without having to stop the movie. Also, get some weather widgets in the market!
Love the update to my Sony Blu-ray, I hope one of you google tv guys can comment on if the x86 optimization pushed by Intel for ICS will benefit the atom processors on our first generation google tv boxes ;)
+Richard Creamer LG already provide this on some of their TVs. Have tried it for 2-player gaming, each person sees a different view of the game on a single screen. They're using the polarised glasses, with specs that each have two lefts or two right lenses.
+Clayton Gehbauer I guess it does. Mine updated silently as well.

+Gabriel Vincelette I knew something was going on! There was no way my #guitarhero skills dropped so drastically.

+Sharjeel Khan Hulu will work through +Plex . Watching as we speak. Unfortunately, they are still blocking the specific Flash player in Chrome built for Google TV. C'mon Hulu, get with the times.
EJ Blom
Who should we mail @ Logitech to let them know we really want this on the revue?
I have a Sony Google TV and would like to install my Microsoft web cam
I'm pretty sure we got the update but we keep getting a window popping up saying system updates are available. When I check it says it is up to date. (sony Google tv)
why have us Revue owners been ignored so badly. What have we done to deserve such treatment. I deserve better. Give me my honey comb 3.2 or give me death.
Will there be an update posted that show info about for example MediaDeviceContract and ChannelListingContract ? Can an app developer add any channel data that would extend the ability to support channel switching beyond what Google provide from their database ? I am not sure about the basics of how the channel switching occur technically. Is it supposed to be a signal sent out by the operator that instruct the STB to change channel or does it translate into an infrared command that switch channel on the box same way as the STB remote would ?
A real niche use case can be to hook up a german Dream Multimedia "Dreambox" STB to Google TV. I am an avid user of these since way back. These STBs have Ethernet connectivity and a HTTP command repertoire that allows connecting to them over the Internet to switch channels and more. That way an Android app can be made that run remote commands towards that STB over the network.
These are good StackOverflow Q's
Why are Revue owners being ignored? So unfair. I wanted to give GoogleTv a chance but find myself considering a campaign against it simply because we Revue owners are being ignored just to satisfy Sony's ego.
Revue owners aren't being ignored by us.
+Les Vogel I appreciate the response, but can you at least say something that will make me feel like we are not? More than just "Revue owners aren't being ignored by us"? At least tell us there will be an update sometime within the next 9 months or so. I can at least have hopes that I did not get another $150 dust collector sitting under my 47in HDTV.
The wait will soon be over. Beyond that I can't say anything.
Another calendar month rolls by without the revue 3.2 update
I noticed odd things happeniing to the Logitech conference camera app a while ago. It seemed to lose contact with a Logitech server and I never regained functionality. I haven´t investigated further if there was a solution or if Logitech tossed in the towel for good.
You might wish to ask Logitech.
We apologise that live chat for logitech Revue is no longer available..closed down @Les
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