Here's a random thing from another post that's confused me for years: Why are mice so popular? That is, versus a trackball? Seriously, when I see a mouse, I just think you've got your trackball flipped upside-down.

I've been told "mice are great for gaming", but I've never experienced that. In fact, I originally got into a Kensington Expert Mouse (ie. the big arcade-sized monster) for gaming back in the Quake 2 days, and I've never used a mouse on purpose since.

A mouse is this relatively big hunk of plastic you have drag around on a dedicated cleared surface. When you get to the edge, you have to pick it up and haul it back over to the other side. You have to use a weird combination of fine and gross motor control (ie. fingers, wrist, and elbow) to do what you want. None of that sounds good to me for gaming.

On the other hand, a trackball stays put, it needs less space. You only need to twitch your fingers (ie. fine motor control), and there is no edge. Want to spin around in an FPS? Just snap a finger from side to side. Also, a good trackball has built-in physical acceleration and momentum: When you spin it, it keeps going for awhile, until your finger or bearing friction stops it. That's intuitive as all get-out.

The only other thing I can figure is that gaming mice are festooned with buttons and little twitchy controls. But, there's no reason why a trackball can't have the same - and a few do.

I just can't get past how silly the underlying pointing interface seems to me on a mouse.
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