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Augh. So, my Apple Magic Trackpad pairs and generally works under Ubuntu. But, there are just so many little paper cuts in daily use. Lots of misclicks and sensitivities that just didn't happen under OS X. Makes me think that the Apple drivers must have a pile of special cases to accommodate general human sloppiness in touch. (ie. the giant clubs I apparently have for hands)

I've got half a mind to jump down the rabbit hole to figure out how to hack on the driver, but I am so not clueful in how one goes about doing that.
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+Les Orchard I've found my love affair with Apple hardware to not be reciprocated when I was on Ubuntu. The swapped alt / option keys that weren't 100% consistent was what drove me to pick up a Logitech keyboard.

Also, touchpads suck. ;)
Yeah, so far my Ubuntu switch-over trial has been based on no new hardware. Given all my random gear, it's been going wonderfully. Only really a pile of little annoyances, and a funky USB monitor that I doubt will ever work right. Thinking I might go for a new ThinkPad W530 when I'm due for new hardware from Mozilla, and dual boot Ubuntu (work) and Windows (games).

I love this lil touchpad though. Only thing I love more is a trackball
Had the Alps pad and some no-name trackball at one point. There's a reason I still use a mouse. ;)
Augh, I can't stand mice. Haven't used one by choice in probably 10 years
A few things: first, every little papercut is a bug that needs fixing, so if you file them, that'd be very useful... although I'm aware that it's really time-consuming, filing bugs :) Second, the Hundred Papercuts project is a big community thing exactly to try and get all the little papercuts fixed, if you wanted to spend some of your spare time fixing, which you may well not! They'd be interested in hearing about your list of papercuts, definitely. Thirdly, if you really want to jump down the rabbit hole of playing with the touch drivers, I can put you in touch with the right people :)
Hmm, yeah, I should at least go see if there've been bugs filed for my papercuts. That's always a good intro to projects in general, whether or not I manage to get any filed myself. I'd also love not to have to fix the bugs myself - since although I'm sure I could work it out given enough time and head-desking, I'm really better equipped to work on things other than a trackpad driver :)
Believe me, pal, I agree; filing bugs, or saying "affects me" on an existing bug, is a better use of my time than me spending a hundred years learning how to ineptly bugger about with trackpad input ;)
I've moved my mac mini to a dedicated photo room for graphics work only and installed ubuntu 12.10 on an old Dell we had... gotta say, not impressed. I crash once daily (at least) on window resizes.
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