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Les Orchard
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Les Orchard

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Les Orchard

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our now trashed Lady Gaggia spewed water instead of steam from the wand...  the damn thing lasted less that a year.  We're now using a Breville and fear that these things are to be considered disposable.
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Les Orchard

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How we party at my house on a Sunday night
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Catting around, hmm?
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Les Orchard

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Yes, Google, I know it's snowing. Way to rub that in. Jerk. #snow   #polarvortex   #moresnow  
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Fake flurries, jerk.
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Les Orchard

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Oh god and now 30 people have all asked me what's up in individual chat windows. If I'm not responding, it's because I just got buried
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Les Orchard

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Les Orchard

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I always forget to look into that conference. I want to get out there sometime.
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Les Orchard

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Micro USB port got torqued right off the board of my Logitech H800 wireless headset while charging by a panicking cat tangled in the cord.

Considering a DIY repair. But, pins 1, 2, & 4 tore the pads right off the board. #4 seems to be unconnected, while 1 & 2 seem to have a bit of the copper trace left behind.

I wonder if I managed to unsolder / clean up what's left of the old port, if I could do something with conductive glue & Gorilla glue to jury-rig a new port into place? #diy   #logitech   #repair  
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Hmm, I have the helping hand & magnifying glass station, just not the needle iron. Adding that to my wishlist...
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Les Orchard

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Huh, this motion gif of Cheddars and Catsby turned out pretty well.
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Les Orchard

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So, now I know what that button does. Sorry, folks!
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Wow. This place sure has gotten a string of bad reviews here. We've been going to The Oakland a few times a month for the past couple of years, and I can't remember any time we had a rude server. Wait time can be a little long when they're busy, but that's only in comparison to the almost immediate attention we get most other times. Everyone usually seems friendly and we've never gotten an attitude. Relaxing place, servers ready to nerd out on booze and cocktails
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