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Les Lariz
Just a guy who loves his family.
Just a guy who loves his family.

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I'm using a custom theme in Gmail on the Web and I think you'll like it too!

Check it out on your desktop or laptop. #gmailthemes

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Shocking and sad.

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Cool fun stuff

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Sounds about right.

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Great music

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This is cool if you're a geek.

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How to make a snow angel

How to make a Snow angel:
1. Do a fail back-flip on the snow.
2. Start making your snow angel.

This clearly hurts... tsk tsk tsk..

#gif   #snow  
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Daily Tech Circle
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Nokia begins work on graphene, world's strongest material
The mobile-phone maker receives a $1.35 billion grant to work on development of the 2D wonder-material that is stronger, lighter, and thinner than anything else on Earth.

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Asus Transformer Products to get Jellybean Update
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