So, I thought I'd start a discussion on luggage -
This is me in Thailand in 2006 with my (then 3.5 year old daughter), replete with all our worldly possessions including camping gear. My backpack weighed about 20kg (44lb), and yes, that's a doll strapped to the top - bedrolls, tent, sleeping bags, mosquito net, cooking pot, the most important machete, clothes for myself and the kidlet (not that we wore that much while we were living on this beach - we camped on the beach just over the headland here for 12 weeks).

What you can't see is my day-bag, which I have strapped in front - containing my laptop. 

Once a week, I'd hike out to the nearest "civilisation" (30 minutes walk), and sit in a restaurant writing articles, and then connect my computer to mobile internet via my cell phone on a GPRS network. Very slow internet, but it was cheap, and worked enough to email my articles off to my editor and do a little research for citations as needed.

So what kind of luggage do regular nomads have, and what are the essentials in your kit?

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