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Yep, that about sums it up.
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This is exactly my method, only I have two areas (plastic bags).
I'm planning on donating my "Misc" to the local charity shop.
We have one of these very near by, already gave stuff that anyone might even remotely want. Mine are more papers that, as soon as you throw them out, you realize you needed.
scan and store on a hard drive. then use the documents to start the fire.
No scanner! It would be incredibly laborious to do this with a camera. At any rate, the laziness is in just looking in the bag! :-)
IME, it's quicker and easier to just take photos of everything than scan them
It is, but documents require a lot of messing around, I have big notebooks. No way to do it, except maybe Amazon Mechanical Turk.
Looks more like modem and wireless router
I do think it's a router and server plugged in (what more do you need?)
But I'd also have a waffle iron.
I have waffles, and home-made raw ice cream and maple syrup and bacon...
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