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Gorgeous Green Goddess. Cult Mistress.
Gorgeous Green Goddess. Cult Mistress.

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I'm grateful for finally getting some rain.
The most incredible mushrooms have popped up all over field. These ones are the size of dinner plates, they're incredible.

I'm grateful for the new causeway. We're still flooded in, but not nearly as badly as we would have been.

I'm grateful for new windscreen wipers on my car. It's one of those niggly little things I wouldn't get around to fixing, but my housemate borrowed my car and replaced the wipers. So I'm really grateful.

Just the little things, but they make a big difference.

#dailygratitude #mycology

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I didn't do this for a while. So I'm grateful for allowing myself to not keep up with commitments I've made, even just ones to myself.

We finally got some rain, so the garden is blooming with an abundance of crazy plants that clearly escaped from some vintage sci fi and are probably trying to kill me. I'm grateful for the beauty in the rainforest.

I'm grateful for my guardian angel. No one can fix my but myself, but it's nice that there's people coming by with rope and glue and nails.


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Hainanese Chicken Rice - divine, healing, tasty goodness
#recipes #TraditionalFood #foodporn
A couple of weeks ago I made Hainanese chicken rice for Teenlet because she got sick with a sore throat. Of course the next day I came down with it too, but thankfully we still had leftover chicken rice and broth, and we were both better within a day.

So here's how to make it. Because it's so freakin awesome you'll wish your mouth was bigger.

Start with a whole chicken and a bunch of spring onion and a big piece of ginger. You'll also need a handful of coarse salt and a lot of chili, garlic and a lime.

The chicken
First things first, rinse the chicken well, inside and out, then give the skin a thorough scrub with the coarse salt. Really rub the salt in, like you're giving that chicken the skin treatment of a lifetime. The idea being to clean the skin, get all the gunk out of the pores. Then rinse it all clean and pat dry. Gorgeous!

Now slice up a large piece of ginger root - maybe 10cm worth into 5mm slices, and chop a couple of stems of spring onion into short pieces and stuff it all into the chicken with more salt, as much as will fit. Pop the seasoned chicken into a large pot and cover it with water (yep, you need a stock pot big enough for a whole chicken to poach). Don't worry if some of the ginger and spring onion come out into the water.

Bring the water to a boil and then let simmer till the chicken is cooked - about half an hour, 40 minutes. Use a meat thermometer if you're unsure. Check the broth regularly for foam forming on the top and skim it off.

Meanwhile prepare the chili sauce! This is the best part.
If you're really fancy you can take all the ingredients and whizz them up in a blender, but I'm old fashioned and I use a mortar and pestle.
Start by grating with a fine cheese grater a chunk of ginger, maybe about 3cm. Finely chop half a dozen cloves of garlic and a lot of fresh chili (how much chili depends on how hot your chillis are and how spicy you want the sauce to me. Always err on the side of too much in my opinion). You can use a chili sauce like sriracha if you have some rather than fresh chillis, or even both.

Put the ginger, garlic, chilli, and a teaspoon of brown sugar in the mortar with the juice of a lime and pound it into paste. It's okay if it's a little chunky, but grind all the spices into a paste to get all the flavour out. At the end add in a splash of the broth from the chicken, which should be about cooked by now.

Now that the chicken is cooked, carefully lift it out of the pot - use a large metal sieve or slotted spoons to pick it up carefully. Be careful not to tear the chicken skin or break off the legs. I put the whole chicken into a metal colander over a bowl to catch any of the precious broth that drips out. Rub a little sesame oil into the chicken skin, like moisturising after the salt scrub.

Now we make the rice!
Start by rinsing 2 cups of rice and drain it in a sieve. Pop a pot on the stove with a big splash of cooking oil, and throw in 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic and a similar amount of finely grated fresh ginger (yes, again with the ginger). You don't want it too hot or the spices will burn.

Gently cook the spices till everyone in the house is drawn to the fragrance of divinity in the kitchen, then to tip the rice into the pot and give it a quick stir around with the seasoning. Just for a minute or two then ladle in two cups of the chicken broth and a pinch of salt. Give it a quick stir and put a lid on it. Turn the heat low and let the rice steam till all the liquid is absorbed. (About 15 minutes, but don't die like stir it at all and resist the urge to lift the lid till it's done)

No need to call the family to come for dinner, by now your kitchen smells like heaven and everyone is already hanging around impatiently, salivating with crazed looks of hunger on their faces.

The dish is traditionally served with everyone getting a hotel of broth and a plate of rice and thin slices of chicken - try to carve the chicken so everyone gets some of the tasty skin. Top with fresh coriander leaves (cilantro) and some slices of tomato and cucumber on the side, and of course dipping bowls of the heavenly chilli sauce.

Myself I like to put the rice, chicken and broth all into a big bowl with a lot of chili sauce. But however it's served, be prepared for the most incredible meal that's more of an awe-inspiring​experience than dinner.

Forget dessert because you will want third servings of the chicken rice!
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Australia - where just touching the plants is agony... And this is a source of edible fruit if you're tough enough to get to it
#Australia #straya #EverythingIsTryingToKillYou
Ernie Rider, who was slapped in the face and torso with the foliage in 1963, said "For two or three days the pain was almost unbearable; I couldn’t work or sleep, then it was pretty bad pain for another fortnight or so. The stinging persisted for two years and recurred every time I had a cold shower. ... There's nothing to rival it; it's ten times worse than anything else."

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Knitting for a good cause.
#LGBTQ #humanrights #Australia #auspol
Send a pride Willie warmer to the conservative homophobic minister who told a gay CEO to "stick to knitting". The smaller the better!

Peter Dutton insulted the gay CEO of Qantas by telling him to stay out of politics and "Stick to your knitting", after Alan Joyce - and many other corporate leaders - wrote to a Malcolm Turnbull to urge him to grant a free vote on marriage equality.

If you knit - or you know someone who does - here's a simple gift you can make for Minister Dutton. It needn't be a very large one.

Send it to:

Peter Dutton, Electorate Office – Federal Member for Dickson, 3/199 Gympie Road, (PO Box 2012) Strathpine QLD 4500


Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Suite MG-46 , Ministerial Wing, Ground Floor, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600

Via Doug Pollard (not sure if he is on Google+)

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This is why I love spiders - they eat all the bugs!
#spider #science for #SpiderSunday
So next time you think about squishing a friendly spiderbro, consider that the little fella will probably eat it's own body weight in mosquitos and other pests in about a week.
Via +Inanna Orbatos​

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Pubs around Australia boycotting Cooper's beer after an ad campaign supporting religious right wing opposition to a sex marriage
#LGBTQ #Australia #MarriageEquality #humanrights #beer

While it's a sad day for Aussies because Cooper's beer is one of the nicer brews, a backlash to a recent ad campaign promoting a special edition commemorative beer to honour The Bible Society - who openly oppose same sex marriage - has swept the country. Many large pubs and clubs have refused to serve Cooper's beer, with many even taking to social media to express their dismay at the Cooper's company's obvious bias and lack of support for marriage equality.

Obviously everyone is allowed their opinion and it's great that drinking beer helps conservative politicians who oppose same sex marriage to have a "civil debate" on the topic.
But meanwhile pub owners and consumers are voting with their wallets and sending a clear message to Cooper's that without showing clear support for marriage equality, they won't be getting any business.

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This year to honour #InternationalWomensDay the Google+ create team asked us to post about a woman who inspires us. Sure. I can think of many.
Historical pioneers, activists, women who blazed pathways so that I might have the rights and freedoms I enjoy and even take for granted today.

But when I really think about it and try to narrow it down to one woman - the one person I'm most inspired by... It's Teenlet.

I know there's no way to say that without sounding corny. But she really is the most astounding human being I know. I often can't understand how this incredible person is my daughter.

Being a young woman today, she is deeply passionate about human rights issues, gets involved in political activism, is a talented artist, is committed to her sport, is obsessively fascinated with science and never seems to slake her thirst for learning.
She's remarkably eloquent and emotionally balanced for a teenager. She communicates with such an astounding level of maturity, emotional intelligence and self awareness. She cares about other people.

When I think about all the brave women of the past who broke down barriers and built up the ground we stand on today, I realise it wasn't for me - it was for her. And likewise; Teenlet will continue to blaze trails and create a better world for our granddaughters who will follow us.

I am truly grateful to have her in my life and she inspires me every single day.

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Australia - where even the deadliest of snakes can get eaten by a common green frog
Because #Australia #EverythingIsTryingToKillYou
#straya #Wildlife #snake #frog
Just another day in an Aussie backyard. A woman went to take her dog outside onto to find the green frog who's been living on her back patio for several years eating a highly venomous red bellied black snake.
It's not clear how the frog managed to subdue the snake, as the snakes are deadly and often eat frogs. But this is Australia, where even the most innocuous things are trying to kill you.

Via +Amber Peall​

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Greetings from my friendly roommate
#Spider #SpiderSunday
My bedroom garden orb weaver is still in residence, building is web around my bed every night.
It's nice to not sleep alone :)
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