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Leora Jackson
Author, Poet, Editor, Entrepreneur, Single Mother, Hard of Hearing
Author, Poet, Editor, Entrepreneur, Single Mother, Hard of Hearing

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Having fun watching my sons video. Check it out. He is a little mess. Lol!

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My son expressing his intense passion for soccer and if anyone else doesn't like soccer, they are FIIRRED!!

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2017 Umoja Soul Kids Showcase Sponsors Wanted
Umoja Soul Kids Showcase Sponsors Wanter The 2017 BHM Showcase is right around the corner on February 25, 2017 and the Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club Kids Showcase is coming up on March 11 and the Fort Smith Boys and Girls Kids Showcase will be Saturday A...

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June is PRIDE Month. Come and celebrate PJOM 9 with Lady Jazmynne at Club Lush at 9:30 PM on Friday June 24.

Dance will follow. $5 to join and have fun with us.

See Ya at PJOM 9!

Speak Justice Speak!

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Come out TONIGHT and get some Poetry in your Life!
Tuesday May 31, 2016 at 7 pm at Nightbird Books

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Super Stardom at Jeffreys
It was HOLLYWOOD at Jeffreys  To say who was the first Super Star to arrive Saturday is certainty to cause a debate and end up on the next issue of US Today. Rather, lets just say that when the limo arrived, so did our Super Stars. Rosa Parks definitely did...

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Super Star Sponsors in Fort Smith
 FORT SMITH SPONSORS ARE SUPER STARS  for our KIDS! KUDOS GRACIAS THANK YOU SIGN LANGUAGE AND MORE! We just want to say THANK YOU TO OUR SUPER STAR Cultural Showcase Sponsors! You are the STAR for making our kids a STAR! Thanks to these Sponsors for going a...

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Wear Red for Razorbacks Train Ride
YDAT 5th Annual Train Ride Let's get ready to Rumble and Wear Red on the 5th Annual YDAT Train Ride. On Saturday April 16, YDAT will ride the long train to Van Buren and visit the shops and have lunch in the beautiful city! This ride leaves at 8 am and retu...

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BHM Showcase Success
The BHM Showcase was a phenomenal success! Fayetteville, AR-A crowd of over 100 people gathered at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Saturday February 20 to participate in the returning of a classic of Black History and to watch Celebrity Super Stars partake...

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2nd Annual Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club Cultural Showcase
Mega Star Take Over!   by Leora Jackson Photos and Graphic Design by Danette Simmons NWA was in for a surprise when these Celebrity Super Stars came to town: Beyonce came to town and stood in formation at downtown Dickson St. Taylor Swift had time to "Shake...
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