#ingress   is getting Dangerous in #southafrica  
As per my Comment on the original post:

+Justin Botha hope everything is okay there.
We have also warned some players in the COMMS of the ingress app that some of the areas where the portals are located are not save at night or even during the day for that matter. The Woodstock station here in Cape Town for instance is not the kind of place you want to be hanging around after dark or alone. (I drove through there one night and felt pretty unsafe.) Some of our players here in Cape Town also almost got mugged in the City Center at the Company Gardens.

Maybe it is time that we start informing +Ingress and +Niantic Project or even +Brandon Badger about the unsafe places where these portals are located.
Maybe if there were incentives for groups of people to play together, like shared AP or times during the day that you get more AP, it might encourage people to visit portals when it is safer. 

Like +Deon Kruger said, this is a game and people are starting to risk their lives here in #southafrica  
Hey all South African Ingress players

There was an incident yesterday eve at around 20:00 where some Resistance players were mugged at the Botanical Gardens in Joburg. Please, when running around at night make sure you are safe and if you feel uncomfortable, leave as quickly as you can. Travel in groups if you have to. If you are mugged or held up, just give them your phone and hopefully still walk out of there with your life. And and usual make sure you have a backup of everything that's important.

This via +Deon Kruger 
"Hey Leaky

So three of our guys playing ingress were mugged at Botanical portal today. Two well dressed gentlemen approached them and held them up at gunpoint. One of our team ran, the muggers took the others' phones and then gave chase. I'm sending you this so you can warn the other guys in the Enlightened about the danger there. Sometimes the comms doesn't propagate messages too well. This is just a game after all and isn't worth risking anyone's life over.

Best Regards
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