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Leonid Mamchenkov
PHP web developer, Linux sysadmin, Open Source advocate, blogger, father, and more. Or less.
PHP web developer, Linux sysadmin, Open Source advocate, blogger, father, and more. Or less.

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Boostnote - Open Source note-taking app for programmers #notes #apps

Boostnote is yet another alternative for taking notes.   This one is an Open Source and is built for developers.  Some of the features – Markdown support, search, cross-platform, works offline. There is also Boostnote Team edition for, you know, teams.

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BitBucket Pipelines improved support for Docker #BitBucket #testing #Docker #containers #QA #virtualization

Here are some exciting news from the BitBucket Pipelines blog: Bitbucket Pipelines now supports building Docker images, and service containers for database testing. We developed Pipelines to enable teams to test and deploy software faster, using Docker…

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Writing systemd Units #Linux #SysAdmin #systemd #CLI

Vidar Hokstad explains what systemd units are and how to write them.  Very useful for that day when I will stop hating systemd and will try to embrace it. Systemd has become the defacto new standard init for Linux-based systems. While not everyone has…

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Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements #Linux #SysAdmin #networking #CLI

Doug Vitale Tech Blog runs a post with a collection of the deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements. Pretty handy if you want update some of your old bash scripts. Deprecated command Replacement command(s) arp ip n (ip neighbor)…

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History of Icons #history #tech #desktop #UI #design #icons

History of Icons looks at the evolution of icons used for desktop, mobile, and web.  There are plenty of nostalgia triggering screenshots from a variety of systems.  Given that nobody could ever afford having all of those systems, I’m sure you’ll find…

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Validating CSV schema #CSV #standards

CSV, or comma-separated values, is a very common format for managing all kinds of configurations, as well data manipulation.  As the linked Wikipedia page mentions, there are a few RFCs that try to standardize the format.  However, I thought, there is…

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Docker Image Vulnerability Research #security #Linux #Docker #containers #research

Federacy has an interesting research in Docker image vulnerabilities.  The bottom line is: 24% of latest Docker images have significant vulnerabilities This can and should be improved, especially given the whole hierarchical structure of Docker images.…

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Why Configuration Management and Provisioning are Different #SysAdmin #cloud #AWS #hosting

In “Why Configuration Management and Provisioning are Different” Carlos Nuñez advocates for the use of specialized infrastructure provisioning tools, like Terraform, Heat, and CloudFormation, instead of relying on the configuration management tools, like…

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36 Hours in Cyprus #Cyprus #tourism #beer #Limassol

Lunch A post shared by Leonid Mamchenkov (@mamchenkov) on Jun 23, 2014 at 3:27am PDT The New York Times runs “36 Hours in Cyprus” article, which introduces the rest of the world into the good side of Cyprus.  Particularly cool of them to mention “To…

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Living Without Atomic Clocks #databases #time #GPS #CockroachDB

“Living Without Atomic Clocks” is an interesting article that covers some design bits of distributed systems and CockroachDB (what a name!), especially those related to time precision.  This part in particular is the one I’m sure I’ll came back to at some…
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