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Leonardo Wood
#SaffronWalden iMarketing Trainer. Member of Cornerstone #BNI.
#SaffronWalden iMarketing Trainer. Member of Cornerstone #BNI.

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Hi +Friends+Me, I created my account in the early days when your service was free... am I right in thinking that if I want to repost from Google+ to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin it is now going to cost $3.60 per platform?

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Taking some of our SEO Trainees through some basic SEO Training in Takeley, Essex this week... helping them get started with #KeywordResearch and #On-Page #SEO.

Using a few tools like +Moz Explorer, which came along at just the right time, making everyone's life easier... and of course the +Yoast SEO Plugin from +Joost de Valk... helping complete beginners get those Green Dots.

As part of our iMarketing Training Course, we've set up a Test Website so our Trainees can get to grips with SEO and get some results on our website first, before we let them loose on their own sites: [not a lot to see, as it's just for the benefit of our trainees]

SEO is generating over £509,000 per year for one of our Essex 'offline' Construction/Installer clients and is part of an overall iMarketing Strategy responsible for increasing enquiries, sales, repeat business, word-of-mouth recommendations and most importantly, profits...

It's dangerous to base your business success on SEO (or any 1 thing for that matter) but if you're gonna have a website online, you may as well update it regularly, so it becomes a great Sales Tool and 'SEO' it... so you gain as much juice (enquiries and sales) from it as possible.

How's your SEO?
SEO Training Classes in Takeley, Essex:

We're now half way through an iMarketing Training Course which is being held at the Weston Homes Plc Business Centre in Takeley. More info at:

As part of the training course we're teaching people how to optimise their websites using SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a process you follow to get your website higher up on Page 1 of Google (in the FREE Listings) when people search for Keywords related to your business, at the exact moment they are most likely to get in touch with you.

SEO generates over £500,000 per year for one of our Essex clients and we're teaching half a dozen other business people in Essex the same SEO strategies.

We're not letting people loose on their own websites just yet, we're taking them step-by-step on our TEST WEBSITE FIRST... and this week we've been working with DSI Kitchens & Bathrooms Ltd

If you're interested in finding out more, check it out at this link:

If you know anyone who might benefit from receiving more business via the FREE listings on Google, using SEO...

...please +1 THIS, SHARE, COMMENT or TAG them below.

Thank you :-)

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Such a brilliant book for small business owners who are stuck!
Reading this again. Chapter 3 is Excellent! #Systems @TheOrgBusiness

If you haven't got a copy of this book and if your business is not where you want it to be... meaning you don't have enough customers, don't make enough profit or you can't take enough time out of your business to enjoy your success... find out more at:

#nq  #business   #growth   #book   #success  

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Anyone else used Square Space website builder?

Started doing a bit of optimisation work for an Electrician in Haverhill, CB Electrical, there website has been built with Square Space: #nq  

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Actionable SEO Guide for Essex Businesses...

Just replace 'Northamptonshire' with 'Essex' and you are good to go: ;-)

Then check out this Free SEO Training for Essex Businesses, (which also works if you're in Northamptonshire) and feel free to leave your questions there:

Have a great day!
I provide some actionable tips for Northamptonshire businesses to incorporate into their site today, or perhaps your developer, if you don’t feel comfortable updating your site.

#seo   #localseo   #northamptonshire  

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Please share our FREE #SEO Training Page - written with Essex Small Business Owners in mind... but relevant for small businesses in any location... in the UK and beyond.

We're optimising our own page at the same time and documenting the results.

Get your SEO right, as part of your marketing mix, and it could send you a steady stream of potential customers... for life.

Nothing technical... no jargon... just common sense advice that any small business owner or staff member can implement... that's the aim.

#SEO Training #Essex [CASE STUDY] listed on Page 1 & 2 of #Google in a few days: 

We're continuing to update our FREE SEO Training Page to give Essex Business Owners Tips on how to generate more Leads via Google, using SEO - simply follow the steps... and SHARE if you know anyone with a business (works for ANY location) great for local businesses. #nq

SEO Steps shared so far:

1) Labelling Content and Pages
2) Getting mentions and links
3) Keywords in your URL's

All basic stuff... but if you're NOT doing this, it could be costing you thousands in lost opportunities.

If you run a small local business and if you have any specific SEO questions or challenges, let us know... happy to advise :-)

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Soooo many distractions these days... #focus 
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