Pokemon go. Pikachu. Thank you +Rai-Jane B. , your request has made my children happy! ..with notifications appear thunders.
Stars light effect by +Nicola Patruno 

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My friend really this is a excellent work 👏👏👏👏👏👏
could consider add a global to change the Pokemon with those who have already been done friend
+Gilbert Guzman thank's my friend!😀 I have two other characters to do .. and I enjoy doing these things .. but of pokemon I am a little bit tired😥
Lo, just thought in put the pokemones and facts and only a global list could choose which you want to see, I agree that you will work best, you are of the few that really use funds animated not focused to ui
Is it just me getting his right ear (his right, our left XD) floating off his head? :o
Like, by a fair half a centimetre or so, imma gonna have to roll back off the beta XD damn, I hope this little placement issues won't roll across to the next stable version too :/
Any road, epic work dude :3
I keep thinking, I'm sure I could tweak a Pokémon into these XD do like a Breloom or something, pfft, I'd get lost and never return XD
Crazy awesome
+Alex Brand I have a 5-inch phone .. if you have a more larger screen, some forms change position .. and you have to manually adjust ..
+Leonardo Turotti Hmmm, really :/ mines 5.2", granted, I've only downloaded like 3 presets XD 2 of them being your epic Pokémon ones :3
But I'm 99% sure I go back to the stable version it'll be fine, had an issue with one of my own setups, had like 2 shapes, and one progress bar outa joint a little :/ beta tho, it'll get ironed out most likely
Rai B
thank verry much bro! Your Awesome👍👏👏👏
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