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Leonardo Andrés Jofré Flor
¿Hasta dónde debemos practicar las verdades? -Silvio Rodriguez
¿Hasta dónde debemos practicar las verdades? -Silvio Rodriguez

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Conda Now Supports R and Python!
Easy Package Management for Statistics & Data Science

Enjoy the power of both ecosystems with one unified tool that allows you to:
Build reproducible environments with well-defined versions of specific packages or the R interpreter itself
Build sandboxes to test out new libraries
Switch out versions of libraries for easy testing and debugging
Create your own packages and share them on, instead of submitting to CRAN
Coordinate library versioning between multiple collaborators with Anaconda Server
Manage R on Hadoop & Spark using Anaconda Cluster
Two easy steps:
Download conda
At the command prompt or terminal, run:
conda install -c asmeurer r

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