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We have setup a squarespace site for +Entrepreneurs of Knoxville member, Ron Carlson, and want help from the community to get it rolling. Please take a few minutes to login, do a little editing, and help us get Ron rolling.

user: roncarlson
pass: roncarlson

theme: you need a may need to hire one

ron brings experience, professionalism, some grey hair to the team

he mentioned images: a rocketpowered skateboard; empty stage; eclectic crowd of people (suits, flip-flops, nerds, jocks, khakis, etc)
Welcome to your new site. We've set up a few things to get you started, so have a look around. As you navigate the site you'll see examples of the many things Squarespace can do. To get going ...
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Since this is shared "public", you may get some unexpected results on that web page. Just sayin'
agreed...I'm reviewing before showing results
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