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Ordered mine today. Looking forward to see how the smaller form factor fits into my usage.
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I'm curious on how it stacks up against the iPad...  I played with a Samsung Galaxy S7 a while back, and it was pretty cool.
Jelly Bean is fantastic and makes for a great experience on the Xoom.  The Nexus 7 will of course be smaller than the iPad but I will compare usage against the iPad 2 I have at the house.
I've been leaving the iPad 3 resting at home since I got mine. I love the size and Jelly Bean.
The ONLY thing I miss from my iPad is the ability to take handwritten notes easily. There's simply not any Android apps that compare with Paper or Penultimate.
I have the Note II and almost never seek the pen. There are apps like the moleskin notebook and the Samsung apps that directly support its use. 
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