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Encryption to public cloud allows for safe off site backup. 

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Huge fan of Synology and have really enjoyed my DS412+. The quad core proc would be a decent upgrade. 
Upgrade Your Storage- Win a DS415+!

Simply share the image below and enter to win. Winner will be randomly chosen from those who share, good luck!

-Open worldwide
-Contest ends 10/6/14

Learn more about the DS415+:

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Looking forward to seeing all that +Motorola Mobility has in store. Keep up the great work.

+Punit Soni +Mark Rose
The wait is almost over.

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This is a great tool to understand the benefits of Synology's Hybrid RAID using mixed volume sizes.  Glad to see it updated so quickly to support the recently released 6TB drives.
Our RAID calculator has been updated to allow for 6TB drives- Calculate your storage needs here:

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Love my DS412+, one of the best tech purchases I've made. This could be a decent upgrade.
It has arrived- announcing the most requested Synology NAS ever, the DS415play (and you can win one)!

Experience a better cloud - Built for Media
Enjoy full HD streaming quality with this true DLNA Certified media server. Store up to 24 TB of data, available for viewing anytime, anywhere, on this personal cloud device.

Learn more:

Share this image to ENTER TO WIN ONE! Contest ends 7/20 (this Sunday) so enter soon! Open worldwide

+Comcastcares The iOS and Android apps for your services keep getting better and better. Suggestion, would love to see single sign-on across the applications.

+Drew DeNardo

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A couple weeks ago as I was trying to remember where I parked my car on the streets of Philadelphia as I left for work.  That prompted me to think that Parking Location would be a great feature in Motorola Assist on my Moto X.

I did some basic testing to see how quickly Assist exited Driving mode assuming that trigger could be used to store my vehicle location.  I could then use Touchless Control to find my car on mornings where I might need a location reminder.

"OK Google Now, where did I park?"

My situation is a bit unique in that my car is parked on-street and is never in the same location from day to day and the location can vary by a few blocks in any direction from my house.  This feature would be great in urban, venue, shopping locations.

While this will be very helpful to me (and many others), kinda wish +Punit Soni would have beaten Google to the punch.  ;)

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Amazed at the speed of positive change at the new Motorola. Great job guys!
Recently we asked for feedback from the Developer community about how to make things better for them. Today, we are announcing two key changes that should help things.
More will come in the future. Thank  you for your support guys.

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Such amazing effort for the Moto X across all carriers and Dev devices in an amazing timeline. 

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Amazing timeline for release of the Moto X across all major US carriers plus the Dev editions. 
What a week. But then that's every week these days. Just heading off from work.

Answers to questions folks have been asking:

- VZW Dev version sold out because we have never seen demand like this! Its crazy. Team working hard to bring up more stock.
- GSM Dev devices are available online now
- Getting great feedback from field. Those who have the phone, love it
- And yeah... Team working hard on more SW fixes and updates for you all.

Have a good weekend. Time to focus on life beyond mobile ;)
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