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ChromeCast Banner Ads
While looking at the source HTML for the home screen on the ChromeCast device, I uncovered JavaScript logic to load banner ads.

The ads are currently hardcoded to url's for images that don't load. The banner ads are displayed at the bottom of the screen as in my mockup. Each banner is displayed for 60 seconds and there is support for showing a sequence of ads at a time.

The banner ad logic doesn't work on the actual device, but it is interesting that Google is considering using ads to monetizing the ChromeCast device.

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Interesting. I wonder how receptive the crowd will be if and when this happens?
Recently ads were added to Google Maps, and I haven't seen much pushback. The 'ready to cast' screen doesn't come up that often, so I don't think there will be much pushback here either. 
Looks just like the banner ads at the bottom of my Xfinity DVR. I have to assume they'll be clickable. Also, it presents a great opportunity to inject ads of your own via Squid.
I am totally tired of advertising. I buy apps where possible and avoid ones where there are other options. Ads on a Roku home screen wouldn't work for me at all. It would be out the door. If someone stuck their face in front of you as often as some of the insurance ads do, you would have a restraing order in a heartbeat. 
The Roku home screen has ads on just the home screen and I didn't know that before.  Kindles have that too (but you can remove with a one-time fee).  
It's certainly not surprising to find embedded support for ads in any Google software directed at end users, especially consumers.
My OG Roku had banner "ads" that really were just new channels or content for the Roku itself. Chromecast could do a similar thing I imagine; Internet-style banner ads (for anything and everything) would be completely awful and useless on a device that has no UI (how would you "click" or learn more?). Overall, I'm pretty much with +Zarthan South when it comes to ads though. I pay for stuff for a reason.
+Bob Bolin the CC device was developed to sell more Netflix subscriptions, Google Play movies, music etc. People are more than willing to pay for stuff like HBO, Showtime and Stars, and Amazon Prime, all to avoid the ads. It is immaterial how much the CC device costs. I don't want the ads. It saddens me to see a developer jumping on building ads into this device.
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