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Open Launcher for Google TV
The ultimate Google TV launcher. The free Open Launcher app is an alternative to the default home launcher app provided by +Google TV.

The user interface consists of rows of your favorite apps which you can customize. It also includes a special row at the bottom for the most recent apps launched.

- More room for organizing your favorite apps
- Support for grouping of apps, web apps, channels and web sites
- Quick access to recent apps
- Supports fast D-pad navigation
- Overlay design that displays more of live TV
- Direct access to browser bookmarks
- Direct access to Spotlight web apps
- Displays current weather
- Various customizable settings

- To add an app: Use the D-pad arrow keys to select any row other than the "Recent Apps" row. Press Menu and select "Add App". You can select the current row or enter the name for a new row. Then select the app you want to add.
- To add a Spotlight web app: Select any row other than the "Recent Apps" row. Press Menu and select "Add Spotlight Web App". You can select the current row or enter the name for a new row. Then select the web app you want to add.
- To add a TV channel as a favorite: Go to live TV, press Menu, select Save and then "Add channel to home screen". Type in the channel number or name. Select the channel from the list and press OK.
- To add a web site as a favorite: Load the site in the Chrome browser. Press Menu, select Save and then "Add to home screen". Confirm the web site details and select the OK button.
- To add a web site to bookmarks: Add bookmark in Chrome and then use Bookmarks app.
- To uninstall an app: Select All Apps, the long click on the app you want to uninstall.

- Wallpapers are not supported.
- Widgets are not supported.
- The icons provided by Google TV for bookmarks and for TV channel icons are low-res. In some cases, TV channels have generic icons.

The code for this app is open sourced at:

#googletv   #googletvdev  
The ultimate Google TV launcher. The Open Launcher app is an alternative to...
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I cannot wait to check this out! 
Nice, but how do you access System settings?
Go to All Apps then select the Settings app. Or you can use the Menu to add the Settings app to your favorite apps row. 
Ok I installed it and like what I saw, but for I had to uninstall it and then reinstall it (user problem).  I then reinstalled it, but now I can't find or access it.   Help.  Sorry I am on a Vizio Co-star
+Kim Landwehr Just press the Home button, that should give you the choice to use it as the main launcher app. You won't see it in the list of all apps since it is a special kind of app.
+Leon Nicholls Thanks. However, I'd prefer it to be accessible from the menu, sort of out of the way since it is rarely used. 
Doesn't seem to be compatible with the Revue.
Erik, I got it working on my Revue. It was showing compatible a while ago now it's not. I'm using it and am enjoying it so far.
+Leon Nicholls I tried installing int remotely thought the play store website and it gave me the "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
+Mike Lewis That could be; I've seen some weird things happen in the Store in the past. I just checked and it is showing compatible with my Revue's at the moment.
FYI. I've found a small navigation bug. The fix will be available in the Play Store in a few hours.
+Leon Nicholls doesn't appear to be working.  When I push the Home button, all that shows up is the default launcher.  I know Open Launcher is installed because when I go to settings-applications it is in there
+Kim Landwehr That is very weird. Maybe your system is in a bad state. Try to restart the device. You might also have to uninstall/reinstall the Open Launcher.
This is excellent!  Just what I've been looking for.  I've just done an initial setup of three rows and will quickly add many more.  

Previously, I have tried Launcher Pro and FREEdi Tuner and have currently been using Widgetsoid to add apps and bookmarks in widgets to the default home page.  This is far better.  

Open Launcher allows for a nice organization.  I can quickly find the app to do what I want to do.  The look is elegant and is not dependent on how many items you add.  The flexibility to add apps, spotlight apps and bookmarks is just right.

The only thing I can think of that would be useful is the ability to reorganize the order of the items in a row and to reorganize the order of the rows themselves.

Great job!  Thanks.
Finally got it to work,  Although still having trouble adding TV channels as favorites, but I can deal with that later
I'll try out this on my Revue later. Are you planning on adding widgets to the app at some point?
+Nick Felker I'm keeping a list of user requests. If there is enough interest then that could be added in the future.
Add me to the 'widget support' ticker. Not sure what I would use because I don't use them now, but I'd like the access if it's possible.
Interesting, I like my widgets so I will pass on this, but I like seeing alternative launching approaches as apps.
This makes using the remote much easier. Wallpaper and widgets would be great.
I love it. So much better than the stock launcher on the Logitech Revue.
Just installed and am loving the additional customization that it offers and the web apps section makes for easy access.

My user added rows don't seem to stay in the original order that they are created in but great alternative launcher so far :)

Edit: Scratch that comment above, I see now that new rows just get added to the top of the last created row so i just had to redo everything in reverse.
Thank you for this...  I just finished setting up the launcher, you really did a great job with this.  I to would love to see widgets and wallpaper.  Is there a donation for this?
Everything is OK, but where is the "Quick access to recent apps"?

I have one row where there is notifications, All apps, browser favs and Spotlight web apps, where I add 3 icons youtube, Plex and Chrome, this row is OK, but I don't have the row where I can access recent apps!

Another question, Can i have only recent broser favs instead of all my browser favs in alphabetical order?


+Alain Bellemare The recent apps are the bottom-most row; go downwards. I'll add the recent browser sites to the feature request list.
Maybe I'm missing something, but how do I rearrange the icons I add to the list of favorites? thank you.
+Jason Brian Chapa Currently, you can add icons at the current position in the row or delete the current item. Changing the order of items is in the feature request list.
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