The hidden #FalconPro login trick. Thanks to +Fernando González for finding it!

If you already have a token, you do not need to do this

1. Go to the login screen.
2. Press the Falcon logo, press all corners until all 4 squares are on and then turn off the orange one.
3. Shake your phone!
4. On the Custom login screen, press HELP and follow ALL instructions. If you don't follow all instructions on the HELP screen don't come complaining.
5. ????
6. Tweets!

Edit: I suggest you clear the app data before doing this so you don't get any errors while login in or after login in (like blank profile and/or Mentions & DMs not loading)
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with z xD hehehe :P thank's it's better organized in that way :)
+Nikhil CricCrazyNIKS Follow the instructions carefully. You have to give a URL at two places and enable read/write/DM permissions as well. 
Thanks! I was about to throw my phone out the window just to see if something happened...
Try clicking the button that says create access tokens. 
See the original announcement thread.  All these errors are discussed there.
Create a token for yourself and remember to set the app to Read + Write access, like the HELP pages say.
+Martin Reinders I deleted the one I was trying and made a new one following step-by-step the tutorial on the Help Page inside Falcon :D
I feel like a moron because I keep pressing the logo and don't even get the color corner squares :/ NEVERMIND got the boxes now. Thank for this!
Thank you! I had the corners but didn't know where to go from there!
I've been shaking my phone forever (did everything else perfectly) and nothing's happening. Droid Razr Maxx.
what about the date/time issue? Anyone have a direct answer for me <--kinda noob!
+Mark Carter Are you coping & pasting the keys or writing them down and then inputting? I was writing them down and getting that error but once I just C&P the keys it worked just fine.
yeah. +Dominic Pace  I copied and pasted.  Worked fine from my tablet but not my phone (which is rooted runing CM 10.1.2
+Leon Taveras  Thanks.  +Dominic Pace  Tried it one more time and it worked.  Thanks.  Was a Tweetcaster user before but I really like the layout of FalconPro.  
What am I doing wrong? I can't get orange color corner! Please help 
Thanks, the steps's a bit of work but it was fun doing this workaround
You have to shake the phone? I'm on a cutom ROM for Android so I guess have to figure it out somehow, cause shaking doesn't work for me :P

I bought Falcon Pro a long time ago and for some stupid reason deleted the token with a bunch of other apps I no longer use. This app is actually the only one I really liked of all I tested. I'll get it to work one way or the other.

Solved :)
 I managed to get the accelerator to work and then ran into the time date problem mentioned in other posts. I discovered that I had pasted  in my Access token instead of Consumer key . Time/date problem was then solved   *blush*

Awesome Falcon client is back on my phone!
This fancy login idea is by far one of the greatest workarounds in recent history. I applaud your efforts +Leon Taveras you are a genius. Shame on Play for treating you so horribly.
awesome.. works as described 
+Leon Taveras I done it all on the PC, then passed the 2 codes to the phone and still, date/hour error, what do I need to do?? 
This app is amazing! Thanks to Leon, Fernando, and Hassan.  Everytime I figure out a workaround for something a software update ruins, I'm more convinced that if you put in the effort, the rewards are staggering. I came later to technology, but I spend an inordinate amount of time in tech forums = letting my geek flag fly! Not all older people are idiots. ;-) Age is a state of mind, not a destination.
+Leon Taveras iam stuck on the URL section it says enter a valid url form i tried a number of different ones but no results pls help me out pls
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