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United Nations is the biggest piece of shit organization in the entire fucking world. Worthless fucks.

Oh and good morning. 
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They go in to Syria, they see people strewn about, women, children, etc... you know what they do? They CONDEMN! They WARN, and they condemn and warn some more. That's all Annan -- that attention seeking whore of a man did. That other guy in charge? He wasn't even around. 

Know what they did today? They ran out of Syria with their tails behind their sackless legs. They bring their "dignitaries" to NYC, they drive here in caravans that cut off entire streets so they can pass, they have NYPD escort, all kind of perks, paid shit load of money, have a huge skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan -- the prime of prime real estate -- and they can't do SHIT when it comes to humanitarian missions. 

Oh but hey, they can buy mosquito nets in Africa, I guess that's something right? Right?

And hey, Obama is a piece of shit in Foreign Affairs as well. He comes like a happy puppy when the master calls him when French oil is in trouble in Libya but hey, no oil here and oooooh he doesn't need the diversion because elections are around the corner. Let's bomb a few more Pakistani villages with drones no one has heard about and call the dead "militants"... Hey, the press won't vet anything out, he is in charge and the press has been sucking his dick since that DNC speech. So what he worry?

Sorry for the rant, but this bloated piece of crap organization should be shipped off to the West Bank. Thousands have died, thousand more will die and we sit here all peachy cooly because... 

P.S. I don't have an answer but if someone gave me a budget a fraction of theirs, I am sure I will come up with something. 

P.P.S meanwhile Russia has ships and soldiers there now "protecting their assets". 
Well, I've been saying for a long time that we'd be in the Congo in a second, if SUVs ran on raped women, instead of oil...
LOL! First time I hear that. I like it. (the saying, not the raping or oil. :))
I stole it, but I can't remember from whom, so I'm claiming it.
As a kid I always wanted to work for the United Nations ... Thought that by working for an organization like that that real change could happen. But in reality nothing is really done there. Just a bunch of talkers gathering in a room with no real balls to pull the trigger on something worth a damn. Very disappointing.

Did they give a reason for leaving Syria?
 _“intensification of armed violence” in the last 10 days had put its observers in danger and impeded the group’s ability to carry out its mandate._

Here's the thing, when they were there, they had certain places they could go. There was one place, Houla,  that was bombed the crap out of by tanks, women, children, I have one reporter from ties there posting pics and video... (one statement from a kid:

You think UN was around? Nope, they were too busy sleeping. Then when questioned, they said they were not allowed to go there. Then they were! All of a sudden! 

And look, I realize there ARE some beneficial missions by UN (UNICEF for one) but when it comes to this? Worthless, arrogant, fucks. 
That video is very sad and upsetting. !@#$ the UN.