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Hong Kong 2014 12 30 11 57 37

Currencies made surprising moves this month. I don't think governments take their currencies as seriously as they should.

One of the first steps to solve big things is to assemble a team that is highly motivated to achieve a goal. But, before that, you need a clear goal and plan of execution. To attract quality professional team members and service providers, it's helpful to have a track record of performance.

I'd like to meet more quality, innovative people in 2015. I want more friends in more countries.

Happy 2015 in 7.5 hrs in Asia...

The following are some of my interests in 2015:
- Help promising entrepreneurs succeed
- Start a radically healthier diet, which is fully managed so I can save time on planning
- Start/manage/advise/support a biotechnology lab aimed at tackling health issues
- Help my parents
- Work on an artificial intelligence venture

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Make sacrifices to achieve your goals. Don't believe the fairy tale of balance. I may not know the secret of success but the secret of failure is trying to please everyone. I found my diploma and reminded me how I skipped graduation because I was running a business that required my focus. Without the business I would have had over $30,000 in debt. Instead within 30 days of graduating business school I was debt free with over $100,000 in the bank.

I wonder if there's a good alternative to soylent yet. I think the future of food will definitely be a scientific solution that reduces preparation time and is safer/more nutritious than "natural" food.

Start your 2015 new year's resolution early!
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