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:: Jay Chou Coffee Stain Portrait
Inspired by the opening and closing lines of Jay Chou’s song “Secret” as well as the complementing movie, the painter wanted to create this sepia-toned old photograph of Jay Chou that represents the essence of the storyline of the movie.
The portrait is formed by thousands of coffee stain rings, many of them broken and imperfect like fallen autumn leaves. 12 extremely challenging hours later the painting is completed and it tells the story of a lost romance with a girl from 1979 who time-traveled forward 20 years and met Jay in 1999, and they fell in love.
She then went back to 1979 and sketched a portrait of him.
The delicate nature and meaning behind each stain is absolutely inspiring and beautiful.

Check out her work in progress: Red - Jay Chou Portrait with Coffee Cup Stains 用咖啡漬畫周傑倫

Official Site:
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Wow! That had to take a lot of patience and vision! I'm surprised it only took 12 hours!
오우 멋진 작품입니다.!!
original and very cool, good work :-)
Interesting! Thanks for sharing! :)
That's amazing. Very creative too
My coffee stains never look this cool. Really impressive!
Chou jay, Jay Chou; nice art work i am sure Jay Chou will be proud of u
Really cool coffee art...looks delish too, makes me wanna go get coffee now :)
wow that's with coffee stanes just wow
hello im new here! im so excited :D
That is just pure talent. It's amazing :)
coffee getout from tension & if a beautiful lady serve it, it provide calm & peace
wow! this is AMAZING! Such a beautiful rendition of a cool artist. I don't know much of Jay Chou- like many Americans I was introduced to him in "The Green Hornet." I've grown to really like his work. Hats-off to Hong Yi- another truly amazing artist with a great eye!
wow! art! i like it!
its an awesum art which is quite interesting
wow i really like that you see what everyone needs to in life
Wow, beautiful work. Love the craft and dedication behind this!
Kia V
thats awesome
Wow, this is a great work of art and astonding display of using unsual media. The artist is very easy on the eyes too ;)
How high on caffeine would an artist have to be to come up with this idea? ; )
If this is what coffee does to canvas, what does it do to one's teeth?
cool creative coffee composition :-)
Hey! Finally a great use for that bag of Starbucks coffee!
wow Amazing....... really nice work
This is true testament to the imagination of the human mind.
Ajay _
Wow.. that's awesome!
Incredible Amazing Artwork !!!!!!!!
The coffee stains I have left on my table over the years also look like an abstract art. I am not sure if it is finished yet though.
Very creative...I like it. I own a T-shirt company and manufacture T-shirts and this is creative. You should think of putting some of your designs on clothing...shirts and selling them online.
Did you get the " Starbucks" world tour yet? Maxwell House said they
would throw $ t'll the last drop-Folgers said-in a instant! Coffee shops in the U.S.A. want to join on the band wagon.
That sounds so cool and creative
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Thank you All, for the wonderful comments and for the +1 support, I'm very glad you like her artworks :)
hi look cook hey a jb just you
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