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Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a 27 year old, whom is a self-taught artist from Paris, which love’s to focus primarily on human emotions.
Despite never attending art school, Cyril’s work shines through as creative and surreal. His inspiration comes from his experiences as a psychologist, and from Time Burton and Hayao Miyazaki.

Artst Statement
“I think humans are proud, mistrustful and self-centered (and I am human). I want to hand over to the animals, to critic or play human roles. They don’t carry hidden symbols, this is just a return to innocence, a naive vision of the world. This is a return to childhood, where animals can speak, dreams become reality and imagination rules the world.”

Hopefully we will see his artowrks here, at Google+ +cyril rolando soon :)

Official Site:
DeviantArt Gallery:
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sometimes not going to "learn" art is a good thing :)
James Gurney never went to school either. You totally don't need to. You just need a good work ethic to learn the classic principles. It's all out there to learn already, for free.
I love the color in each of these. Wonderful palette.
His work is AMAZING! Such vivid us of coloring where the emotions pour through the images. I can't believe I didn't have him circled already.
Excellent, magic reality or true fantasy. Very very artistic.
Certainly that is the natural man. 
How do I purchase some of his work
Bueatiful picture but those candle wings got to go!
It speaks and that is what it is all about. Why do people think training makes you a betters artist. I find training takes away the true depth. I see people in this area that do not & cannot read a note of music, it just seems to flow from their souls, unedited.
yep, going out it works !
Training also switches your technique to the technique of the teacher. He-she diverts your art, etc. Some things can be taught like music but the true artist goes above the training to a level above and beyond.
Training has got its own importance but genius are always their.
great lines from artist.....truly wonderful ,fantastic,.....!!
Wonderful collection!! Thanks for sharing with us! :)
Wow, Cyril! These are simply gorgeous! You have an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing.
LOVE THE PHOTOS THATK YOU FOR THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
ovo je najlepsa slika na svetu
fantastic very nice pictures like it
I wish I could create artwork like you do. WOW!
this is a beautiful collection, absolutely amazing Cyril is an amazing artist
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I used to follow your art on is awesome!so glad to find you here. ^_^
That looks dangerous. Naked flames next to her hair.
More artistic busy home-work student leisurely relax
Amazing artwork keep em coming!
its wonderful,,keep it coming
oh no its really sucks
i wanna be like this....pls anyone lead me..
Wat up this a dude from a small town of McOMB, MS name Vern but people call me Verno Baby. Im a artist and I like this picture alot and I wanted to know if their was anyway I can get a piture done for my mixtape
Amazing world it is ... Unique and very very especial
Wow!!! That is some amazing work!! Thanks for posting!!!
Awesome and beautifull set of pics!! All of them are amazing!
How is paris like and wonderful picture
Very cool, relaxing and inspiring just looking through them.
humans have fallen so far from the tree
So imaginative.. wow another great artist
That's some beautiful art. It is greatly detailed. I hope I can learn to draw like that.
hey i think i know you you look fumiyer
very good, very nice, god is gift your hand art galery, god + u friend.......
nice.AND cuestions,cuestions?Is asus slate good for paintings with larger formats(prints 60x70cm)???
I painting and drawing and want to start it digitaly and just find that asus slate should be fine for that.
So beautiful and nice. Make better forever. :)
Sobrang ganda ...ang galing naman. It looks so real:-)
Que buen trabajo, felicidades por lo que haces.
who drew these? they're so beautiful :)
Wow, I can see some Tim burton in there. They look so beautiful!
I can imagine this posters or paints on my wall in leaving room. Apologise my English. Living room
Wish this was wallpaper cause I sure would use it
yet they become weak when its about emotions
Zinni R
WOW!! blows my mind! O.O
These are great? Where can your work be seen. 
I realy like it n i wil going to downlode right now he he!!
Even if we handed over to animals ,they would evolve self awarnes to our level and ultimatly face the same spiritual and physical tests we and all living thing do .
Unbefuckingliveble! Colors, ideas, technic is just AMAZING! Love it!
Some great pictures here, thanks.
Good best art promotions,,,I'll hope your world-wide profesional fantasy...
Thank you very impressions,,,
I love this work. The expressions are amazing and the detail is awe inspiring. The candle works with it, as if a form of illuminating the emotion the woman (or girl) feels at the moment that was captivated and etch for eternity.
Thank you All, for the wonderful comments, I'm glad you like his artworks! :)
awsmmmmmmmmm.................i lyk it.
Beautiful body of work. Thanks for sharing.
i love the ..............................................?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>...........................
nice work, but man's a sick disease and comes in many beautiful colours
I love your art.  What a beautiful eye and mind you have been blessed with. 
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