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Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a 27 year old, whom is a self-taught artist from Paris, which love’s to focus primarily on human emotions.
Despite never attending art school, Cyril’s work shines through as creative and surreal. His inspiration comes from his experiences as a psychologist, and from Time Burton and Hayao Miyazaki.

Artst Statement
“I think humans are proud, mistrustful and self-centered (and I am human). I want to hand over to the animals, to critic or play human roles. They don’t carry hidden symbols, this is just a return to innocence, a naive vision of the world. This is a return to childhood, where animals can speak, dreams become reality and imagination rules the world.”

Hopefully we will see his artowrks here, at Google+ +cyril rolando soon :)

Official Site: http://six.inside.free.fr
DeviantArt Gallery: http://aquasixio.deviantart.com
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