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Hi Friends :) here, I'm with my Artist selection Circle
Feel free to explore and share!

Dear Artists, I know many of you, but I don't know All of you.
Please, if your not in this circle.. Introduce your self here!
Thank you :)
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Great work +Leodor Selenier - do you include artists of three dimensional art (sculptors for example) in this? If so, perhaps +Steven Kennard with his turned art and sculpture should be in there?
Hi, you can take a shot to my profile and decide yourself.
How do you define Product Design +Leodor Selenier? His pieces are one off, turned and hand sculpted and textured, most of them. Not sure that they would qualify as product unless you are including sculpture in that?
+Ellie Kennard I got information from his profile, that he is also: custom furniture maker, that is related to product design as well :) but I'll add him to my artistic circle too, because of his wood sculptures.
Great, thanks +Leodor Selenier - and I just realised that you are also featuring photographers in here, which we both are. Much appreciated. (He is really known much more for his sculptural boxes and photography than for his furniture making and design).
I have had you circled for some time under SapioSexual (remember that?) so am glad to meet you as an artist. +Leodor Selenier
What a great idea to help others by promoting your circles. I saw some amazing profile pics that make me curious about the art and photography within the pages. Look forward to exploring later. I am Shell Vera, a writer who is working on my first book to be published, a facilitator of dreams and achieving them, and a volunteer who helps others pursue being their best. I write short stories, poetry, "thought pieces" for lack of a better term. Also, I dabble in photography...meaning, I thought I was pretty good until I came to G+!
I'm so happy to meet you +Shell Vera and I'm wishing you the best of Luck with your new book publication :)
Gracias por compartir tus círculos, llevo poco tiempo en G + y sigo de cerca todo lo que compartes, me apasiona el arte y la fotografía y me gusta ver lo que hacen los demás.
Thank you, Leodor! I am is a project too many years in the making. I am happy to have "met" so many people online who encouraged me to live my dreams. It is a pleasure to "meet" you as well.
I've just noticed that you are, Leodor, in quite a few circles. I have, possibly, a medium-sized night club, whereas you have a fair-sized country!
That is the way +Shell Vera, we should follow our dreams and make the best that they can become reality. Sometimes it may take years for realizing one project, but most of the time this is the best part of the creation process. People who believe in us since the beginning and support us no matter of what, are the best gift we can receive through all this time.
You may want to send me notice about your project when is done. :)
+Johnny Bull I will tell you this what I tell to all my other friends, who are sort of new to G+ or wondering how the things work around here. Since is possible for all of us to circle people with out asking for their permission is more easy following their streams or even writing on their profiles with out special invitations. So, get more active!
Start meeting people, not only about your occupation as a graphic designer and illustrator, I'm pretty sure you have many more interests than that.
Write on their pages .. always use tag as +name, so they can "hear" you and not for the last: post interesting articles.
That articles may be related to your profession or something you found interesting around the web.
As I can see you have many artists in your circles as well, why don’t you make one collaborative project .. check out photographers and how supportive they are with each other. :)
I notice that my biggest circle by far is the 'interesting' one, which you belong to as well as my new 'very cool names' one! Thanks again!
Introducing myself: I paint!
Joy S
Thanks a lot!
Joy S
I would love to be added in your circle! I am a illustrator/designer.
+Leodor Selenier -- oh, I am sorry; I've sorted it by "relevance" to look, stupidly assuming that G+ will guess that I am the most relevant person to myself. Obviously, it has better ideas....
:)) It's ok +Lena Levin, I know you from quite a long time in here .. and we all can get lost by sorting people from huge circles like this one for example :) ..and I hope in the future G+ will make or update its sorting methods to make it more customizable for the user.
Hi! Thanks for adding me to this circle +Leodor Selenier And thanks everyone for adding me too :)
I don't know what kinda artist I'd call myself, but I like making all kinds. I'm mostly doing 2D (some 3D) game art and sewing little toys lately. 
Hello,Ms.Leodor! How are you? Is a nice circle!
Hi, +Leodor Selenier I have pleasure to read your entries about artist, and that is really gr8 job - enjoin them a lot :) thank you for shearing ur circle.
Hello, we ( +Janosch Gößling and +Florian Meise ) are founders and designers of +manugoo. We would like to invite you to our concept and develop future products in cooperation with you through #crowdsourcing and bring them to life. 
Create your own dream product and get payed when it comes to market.

We would love to be included to your circle :)
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