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Transparent House

The Crescent Moon Tower is the architectural design project submitted to the 11th ThyssenKrup Elevator Architecture Award by the California-based firm Transparent House.

In response to the challenge to design a tall emblem structure for Za’abeel Park, one that should signify the modern face of Dubai, Transparent House chose a larger than life crescent shape that has a two-fold statement.
First it boldly identifies Dubai as part of the Islamic world, and second, because of the technical difficulty of building such a structure, it proclaims Dubai’s advanced level of technical and economic development.

The Crescent Moon Tower is designed to accommodate a children’s library, a conference facility, a restaurant, multiple cafes, and an open-air observation platform.

Official Site:
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wowowooooo,,,so cool。。。
wowwww ......................
What a great building! Looks really awesome! Especially at night :)
wow that is just marvello0us in dubai the best thing if ever expericened in real life
no doubt oil prices are shooting up ... somebody ends up papying for this extravaganza.
Incredible, putting it on my bucket list!listing 
Do live creature live here ? Or just it is a monument of surprise only.
very beautiful......
hello too......hahahaaa
v....nice....So cool....
beautiful but at what a staggering price
Very nice, Dubai has a lot of nice building too see.
It is great,coooooooool,wonderful.It is awesome
I wish my moon was as colorful as it. LMFAO XD
Spectacular design, incredible thought
Dubai is ruling in case of architecture, ...
Brilliant like the architecture.,
a miracle tower...i haven't see dis tower before dis..........the architec should be genius.........
fantastic architechture..... awesome
Blue moon. La la la la la la. XD lol
Can't believe this hasn't already been mentioned, but when I first saw this in my stream, I thought "That's no moon....."
Very cool
The modern architectural renaissance is happening in UAE. It's amazing. 
Dubai pushes the envelope with architecture ay?
simply awesome we can map with digital 3d projectors.....
Everyone... this is CONCEPTUAL... it means it's not an actual structure, yet! It's not even under construction! It's called the wonder of computer design and engineering.
Aligned according to the moon or sun during certain times of year will be even more spectacular. GREAT work!!!!
Very nice design and awesome eye candy but how about a small version to fit the "house" connotation...
It is def a cool building but what it stands for not so much
Amazing design! It will be interesting to see what type of structural design this will use, considering it's unusual shape ;) 
cool.....I can't believe.I live in Bulgaria and i never see something like this....WOW !!!!!
Great imagination.....great prowess......Good Job. Keep it up
Sunny K
ru tehre gopika garu
Dinosaurs eventually became extinct
That's really cool. I think I will order one.
ugh - typical Dubai "nouveau riche"- no taste whatsoever
Next is a 40 story giant turban with luxury bathroom fittings
with money.every thing its possible.its whoaaa
it looks like a huge moon & ho ya i forgot to say its beautiful
I love these architectural structure, how do these people get such remarkable ideas
Tbh, when I think about it, all these counties have these amazing buildings... But them here in Sydney u find nothing, a bridge, a crapy theme park that's not worth going to, then the opera house, Idk why they can't put something like that here that makes going out side worth while :(.... Lol, I actually put my honest truth into this, but it's sad cause I know no one cares :'(
add me userss !! :) :) lemme knw abt u all :)
Joe Lee
Very beautiful, is it work?
Marvelous.... Super structure... Dubai proved it once again
What an amazing piece of architecture. The sheer number of mathematical calculations to allow for a place of such magnitude is a testament to the wonders of technology and the human mind.
wow ive never seen anything like it!
wow ,If the tower is build , it will be one of great tower on planet , I really like the design
K Eng
whoa thats cool
I wonder if i can be the first to land on it
what a great place....... dream to visit this place......
Probably hard to relax in...people always taking pictures. Just saying must be hard to live in a tourist attraction.
Wonderful building. The architecture in Dubai never ceases to delight or amaze
It's a cute building…. But how people go to relax in…?
False. Dubai only wishes it had grass.
That's just incredible. How...
This is computer imagery you idiots. It has not been built yet!
this is really unique and genius architecture ..:O
How can a bankrupt country afford to build fancy buildings?
whats with people making wacky buildings isnt a regular building good enough but then again its art its cool and creepy
Nick Y
Is that a crescent moon? Cool!
oh my goodness that looks cool
oh my god..........this is so amazing........i car'nt even stop looking at it ..........i think im ging to faint..........yep...i was right .....ive fainted!!!
Wow just wow that's amazing!!!
sumpah keren banget.
dinegara manatuh?
wow! Isnt it amazing how complex the mind is?
I agree.....this is a projection of the fears of Hitler's architect...Albert Spear....
or we could just keep our money here to help OUR own hungry children and homeless people!
during the nights it should be toured during the day also maybe a hotel some day
Its a great reminder that Islam requires the enslavement and or death of all none Muslims
same does capitalism, Jim.. oh sorry, actually capitalism requires the enslavement of its own proselites...
Thats what happens when you watch too many Tim Burton movies.
Nice but is it any useful? Given that Dubai is a very awfully planned city
Magnificent tower
Even though it is nice, it is not comparable to the moon up in the sky.
Phenomenal work of Architecture ....
Jeh M
Tell me about the window cleaning system here, and lift?
reminds me of something i would make in minecraft
This is what I was hoping the Architectural design would start looking hear in the states. This is a beautiful design.
Concept architectural structure for Za'abeel park as part of a design challenge.

Love the concept!
That is one ludicrous building project.
hatoff for the creativity ....awsome
beautiful concept,,,
excellent job Transparent House
ফাটাফাটি জিনিস একখান.....
Awesome concept..Lots of wonder materials, solar panelling or reflection?!
Doc Jay
Another great wonder for dubai👍🌙
Thank you All, for the wonderful Comments! I'm very glad you like their project in the same way I do :)
very nice friend....
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