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:: The Tutu Project | Breast Cancer Awareness
Bob Carey

In 2003, Bob Carey decided to throw on a pink Tutu and travel to various beautiful places in the world and take self-portraits on these landscapes, ranging from the American national parks like the Grand Canyon, cities, the open fields on the country side and deserts.

During his tutu journey, Carey received devastating news that his wife is once again diagnosed with breast cancer, resurfacing for the second time. Through their experiences dealing with cancer it strengthened their relationship despite the many difficult challenges they faced along the way. Carey is seeking to raise $75,000 through this Tutu project for the purpose of breast cancer research. By donating $500 to the cause, you will receive a 20′x24′ signed print photo of your choice, along with a first edition of the book, Ballerina
This brave man inspires us to step outside of our comfort zone and put our “tutus” on, after all, we have one life to live so make the most of it.

Official Site:
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Now I know, where is the proper place to wear tutu.....LOL
they can wear it on a catwalk someday,but the real feel still on the native harts only....
nope. I call it pure exhibitionism. Nothing to do with BCA (except with the NYC pic)
I'm getting ready to leave and saw this. +Leodor Selenier I lost two of my closest friends to breast cancer. One I took care of until she died. She was a very special person. I think about about her every day. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. I myself had a scare, and had to have a biopsy a few months ago. I donate what I can every year, every little bit helps. I'm glad I saw this. Have a nice day. :) PS. My computer's acting up a little bit. I think I got caught up in the middle of alot of comments coming in.
very inspiring, also (excuse my language) fuck cancer!
Great set of images, it affects every one everywhere
I love the whole idea. So nice and it's kinda touching...
keep up, man :)
Genie N
I do hope he raises awareness, what a brave guy!
It's an genuine effort !!! Excellent portraits...
bravo! It does take a lot of courage...
wow a pink tutu CAN take you everywhere! :{)
oh yea one life indeed.My poor mum has the kidney one now i find this monster not a surprise but i trust God to make a change in her for money seems not to bring life back.But just keep more of it in research one day the cure will be found.
I dont know your porpuse from these pics?!!:(
A copen could be an exact place to complete this pose..... Joke3x
Fantastic idea. great job
is tht a girl or a boy whateva she or he is........... is crazy
hooooo!i gada split with the local srever cuz she not right but she thought............
He is getting attention for Breast Cancer Awareness. If it works, It works. More power to you dude.
hell i knw it works but only it. when u belive
l will bet nothing has done to this man
So evocative. Thank you so much for showing this. Every picture tells a story. WTG Bob Carey.
really great for spreading awareness and contributing to cancer research!
These are just brilliant, what a brave soul.
Extraordinary courage for others to follow..when their affected by such a devastating disease.
An Ke
I think that is the sweetest thing to do. If I had cancer I would hope people would care this much about me. Thank you for opening our eyes to what is happening in the world.
ang galing! (this is so cool)
i'd like and love to try something like this. :)
Attention grabbing & inspiring.
''we have one life to live so make the most of it.'' truth :)

unconventional, little strange but also funny and interesting project. :)
I'm a cancer survivor and am man enough to wear a Tutu, but ........ I'm afraid it would hurt the cause. Not a pretty picture, no film at 11
thats so sweet ...he really did that?
I can't realy send 500$ to you at this point of my life, but I do love your work, and I whish you and your wife the best luck. Never give up.
This is a good effort to fight the murders canger.keep it going by sharing
Someone should do a blue banana hammock for testicular cancer....
+Lucky Thacker Someone help his wife.. she's the one with cancer. He's doing this to show her love and support.. it's beautiful!
tutoo pointless (give to a charity, do something useful with your life) sorry to hear health news , happens to us all
i wish everyone knew about that project&help raise ur fund
The best thing to do to your patterner is care espencially during life threatening sickness like cancer & others but the tutu project may not all that be important not every body in that situation may afford it,just keep by her side & loving until the Almighty deciedes otherwise. Good husband!
hful. Let's be courages and not doubt. God is on it :) "The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good rewarded for theirs." (Proverbs 1
The best thing to do to your patterner is care espencially during life threatening sickness like cancer & others but the tutu project may not all that be important not every body in that situation may afford it,just keep by her side & loving until the Almighty deciedes otherwise. Good husband!
OMG that's so funny and great at the same tume
Matt V
Enough with the awareness. Who in the world is not aware of breast cancer? We are all very, very aware. Now let's cure it. 
hi am vegetation i gve oxygen u bring carbn it is good 2 share.i luv u guys
I'm confusingly aroused now
Interesting concept! Thanks for sharing! :)
Brilliant!! Every pic brings back some old feelings as a kid (to me)..This is so kinda pious and musical. :))))
These pictures are beautiful and his story is inspiring. But.... shouldn't he be, you know, at home, with his sick wife???
who would take a picture of a person laying in the street
This was not meant to be a comedy. It was a project to bring awareness to breast cancer. I am amazed at this man as most men would not do something like this! Great job, Sir!
Am not quite sure this is the right way to go about it.
Well.. thats sure is one way to promote breast cancer.
Best album I have seen this year. Great stuff . :)
Earthquake just happen I. The state of Georgia
That is uncomun, but people need to do that because life is short so we have to live it doing weird things
why is he wearing a PINK SKIRT ?! hes going to get ran over and it looks like no one even cares :( poor weird guy
What is the point of planking? A waste of time if you ask me.
if you check out the album you will see it is not about planking :)just saying
BEAUTIFUL photos...but the man in the skirt spoils everything
Hello! Leodor. His wife is okay? Pink tutu and uncle! It is a courageous photo.
Get is shared!
eh dear +Donna St. Pierre I'm sorry for your loss, I have the same sad experience as well.. I know how desperate one person can be... trying to help to another. It's like running through the 9 circles of hell... this is why I understand him and the way he expresses his self. It's not easy to live and watch yourself, and the most closest family members or friends .. suffering from disease like that. I think, that the only people who were in touch with drama like that can understand how serious are some of the problem's around.
Thank you All, for the support and encouragement you give to him .. I'm sending the screen shots so he can read it as well.
Im sorry to hear anyone of us had to suffer. But its thanks to angles like this around us that make life alittle more bearable. I'll remember to put my tutu on.
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