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2CELLOS - Thunderstruck
What a Performance!

#Music #Classic #Rock #ACDC #2CELLOS #Thunderstruck

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David Guetta ft Justin Bieber - 2U
Love this song.. and I can't stop listening
Perfect start of the day :)

#Music #DavidGuetta #JustinBieber #2U

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Dear my +Google Friends.

I'm writing to warn you, that +YouTube is taking the craziest steps to hide their lack of professional developers working for it.
They are willing to block your account, just because their #developers couldn't hide content, that is currently not allowed for your country and is freely floating in the net.
So your account, that have nothing related to anything commercial and all your collections, collected for several years can be gone, as of their own mistakes!!!
On the top of that, you can't do nothing about it, as they will simply send you to "Google Terms of Service", where you won't find the reason of your block.
No explanation, just blocking and deleting all you have collected for Years.
I haven't seen treatment like this, never in my life.
Who is the Manager of YouTube - Stalin?
I'm more than offended and super disappointed of your weak "management".

+YouTube Developers, In the end, I can only say this: If you are working on a project, that requires high skills to hide content, you better invest and learn your profession clear. Because if I'm finding things, without even looking for them, imagine what would happen if I start to dig!

Leodor Selenier


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The Psychology of Colour | Infographic
by Carey Jolliffe

As any designer will know, colour can have a huge effect on whatever you're creating - whether it be an app or a poster.
With "flat design" trends right now, colours are bolder than ever.
Colours are also being limited to a specific palette to give a sense of minimalism and neatness.

#GraphicDesign #Infographic #CareyJolliffe

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❤ Summer Mix for 2017

#Music #SummerMix #2017

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Lovely Illustration: Sea Turtle and Jellyfish by David Wentworth

David Wentworth is an artist from New England with a passion for animals and science fiction.

Check up his portfolio at:

#Art #DigitalArt #DavidWentworth

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An Elephant Underwater by Willyam Bradberry

#Photography #WildLifePhotography

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Gorgeous Dolphins by Vitaliy Sokol

Check up more of his photography at:

#Photography #WilLifePhotography

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Princess by Toraji
Fantastic illustration by the 2D/3D Artist, Generalist: Toraji from Tokyo

Check up more of his illustrations at:

#Art #DigitalArt #Toraji

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THAT Voice!!!
Absolutely great performance by Christian Guardino at
America's Got Talent! ❤
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