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NASA has just successfully completed the first test of an electromagnetic propulsion drive in vacuum. If the science behind this is right, this is one of the greatest conceptual leaps in human civilization; such a leap that we don't yet know exactly why it works.

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I think of Dyson spheres as the gated communities of the intergalactic neighbourhood. Makes perfect sense that they'd be hard to find.

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I think this could be one of Randall's best yet. #xkcd

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Feast your eyes on these new pics of Methuselah, the oldest known star in our galaxy, a measly 190.1 light years away and a sprightly 14.5 billion years young. (Which is... quite a feat, considering the age of the universe is currently estimated at 13.772 billion years. Plus or minus 59000000 years or so.)

Hugo Chavez, like José Martí, Túpac Amaru, Pablo Neruda, Che Guevara, like Fidel Castro and Gabriel García Márquez, the last remaining voices of their generation, and like his hero Simón Bolívar, will enter into the mythology of Latin American folklore. This was the opinion of Colombian writer William Ospina in a column he wrote for El Espectador in January, and it is an opinion I share. In that column he described Chavez as a great man who has loved his people and tried to open the way to a little justice in a scandalously unjust continent. That is an opinion I also share.

Despite his reputation as a “dictator” in the United States (a four-time democratically elected dictator overwhelmingly supported by his own people no less), for the working poor in the rest of America (not just the United part of it) Chavez is regarded as a saviour. His use of oil revenue to invest in social programmes for the poor in his own country, low-interest loans for developing countries in the region, and even heating oil for low-income families in Europe and the US, has done infinitely more good than concentrating the wealth in the hands of a few individuals. Venezuela’s poverty rate has plummeted from 55.44% to 27.8% during his tenure while income inequality has increased in the rest of the world. As austerity threatens to sink Greece and Spain in the First World, Petrocaribe is one of the only lifelines keeping some emerging economies in the Caribbean afloat, including my own.

Does Venezuela have issues with press freedom and civil liberties? Of course. Does the United States? Yes, as I’m sure Bradley Manning will attest. Will Venezuela’s wealthy mourn Chavez’s passing? I’m sure they won’t. But, as Ospina put it once again, Venezuela is the only country in Latin America where the poor are happy and the rich are angry. That must mean something.

In Jamaica, there are statues of Simon Bolivar and high schools named after José Martí. I am certain that one day the name of Hugo Chavez will share that honour.

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Some early proto-SF ideation from Anders Celsius (yes, Dr. °C himself) laying out his pitch for a space opera novel involving intergalactic war, planetary federations, life extension, transparent people and deep space dogfights. Way back in 1735.

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Charlie Brooker, my favourite techno-paranoiac, explains why micro-drones will murder you, your loved ones and the family dog sometime in the next two decades.

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The Merged Super Mega SciFi Circle - Weekend Special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the new circle which merges the SciFi Main circle as well as Scifi new circle (Circle 2)

If you got dropped, please ask for an inclusion again!

Some wonderful people here who have supported the SF community which has got pretty large, I just merged the circles since the support and reshares have dropped dramatically.

Our communities are located here -  

Science on G+ -

SciFi -

Doctor Who -

Mighty Shiny Browncoats -

Ultimate Star Trek -

Ultimate Star Wars -

AI/ Coding / Robotics -


Please ✭✭✭*Reshare* ✭✭✭ to share the love and to support Science and SF!!!!!! 
Big thanks to all who participated in keeping this circle alive!!! Thank you again for your support!

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3D-printed lunar bases, courtesy of the ESA
Multi-dome lunar base being constructed, based on the 3D printing concept. Once assembled, the inflated domes are covered with a layer of 3D-printed lunar regolith by robots to help protect the occupants against space radiation and micrometeoroids

Read more about building a lunar base with #3Dprinting :

More images in this gallery:

Credit: Foster + Partners
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