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Leo Somera
Change is a grand adventure!
Change is a grand adventure!

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Sharing to connect.

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Awesome Smahsome!

Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 87270

I'm still looking for a viable way to encrypt my entire SD Card in my Chromebook. Android has a feature to encrypt the phone and SD card. It's even fancy enough to exclude media files if you wanted to. Why can't a more robust Chromebook do this? Can we provide this feedback to Google somehow?

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Hurrevac Operations. Neat!

The Drive: Raptor Nest: Dozens Of F-22s Migrate West From Langley AFB To Escape Hurricane Matthew.

Has anyone tried sealing the SD card slot, with an SD card in it, to provide for secure expanded memory?

Also, can anyone recommend an encryption app/ extension for the SD card inserted into a Chromebook?


Just got my Acer R11 last week, and liking it so far. Is there a way to pin entire folders as "offline" so all the folder contents are synced -- like you can do with individual files? I have an academic folder that I'd like synced which will be dynamically used (adding files mostly, and deleting some). It would be a hassle to remember to click offline for each file. Thanks!

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MONKII BARS 2 — A Gym You Can Take Anywhere, via @Kickstarter

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Our computer program, called Alpha Go, beat the European Go champion, Fan Hui, five games to zero. And this March it will take on one of the world’s best players, Lee Sedol, in a tournament in Seoul.

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