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JEB! 2016 - Just Elect Bernie!
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Jeb, you're on #BernNotice  
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Leo McDevitt

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Pro-Clinton Super PAC refuses to apologize for ad-hominem attack on Bernie Sanders

Despite receiving sharp, and entirely justified criticism for their fallacious attack on Sen. Sanders, the pro-Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record.

In fact, David Brock, who is responsible for the attack, says these negative attacks are going to continue

Clinton has yet to address this attack She said we'd have a positive debate. It's time for her to put her money where her mouth is, and denounce this attack

#sanders2016   #feelthebern  
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Leo McDevitt

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Epic Clinton Fail
So, i click on an article about Clinton's PAC attacking Bernie. What do I find? An ad for Clinton!
If I were her, I'd fire however did this right away.
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#Hillary2016 and Beyond🇺🇸
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Leo McDevitt

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A real Clinton scandal - Where are the Republicans?

Clinton has made back-room deals with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to siphon money off contributions to the DNC to her campaign. Why isn't kind of collusion this illegal? 

Republicans aren't serious about Clinton scandals or they'd be all over this. 

Do NOT donate to the DNC or your state democratic committee 
DO NOT GIVE MONEY to the DNC or your state Democratic Committee until Bernie is nominated. The Clinton campaign has made deals with several State Democratic Committees* to collect donations, mainly from Big Money interests. Clinton takes half & gives half to the State Democratic Committees, thus putting those Committees into her back pocket. Do not become a party to this corruption! But share this information. Democrats need to know this.

*Thus far, the State Democratic Committees of New Hampshire, Virginia, Wisconsin and Mississippi. More to come no doubt.

Please share!
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Leo McDevitt

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Stop the big telecoms from controlling YOUR wireless network

This rule would make it illegal for you to change the firmware in your wireless router.

Think  that's not a big deal? What they're trying to stop is MESH networking. MESH will allow communities to work together to create low cost wireless community networking.- cutting out the big telecoms.

Fight back if you want to stop getting ripped off by Big Telecom!
WTF?!?! This is jacked up to the max! It's my router, I should be allowed to modify it as I see fit, even if it has a SOC and even if that'd tweak the radio!

It's like telling me I can't beef up my computers specs or install a different OS on it [Microsoft tried that, people found ways around it and those ways were deemed totally LEGAL!] or like telling me I can't swap out an engine on my car ....
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If you agree to the terms in the EULA when installing the drivers for your router, then you must know what it says about modifying the firmware in any way. You really only purchaced a license to use the router and firmware privately, that's it. It's not yours. Make your own router and firmware. Its not too complicated, but you'd still need an ISP and the FCC could still come after you. Or maybe you can be an adult that pays for services.
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Leo McDevitt

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Forget pushing Hillary to the left, we need to push Liz

Progressives, if we are going to prevail we need to close ranks. Forget trying to push Hillary to the left, it's more important for us to build a united front.

We need Liz and the PCC to get behind Bernie. You can be sure they're under intense pressure to endorse Clinton. They need to hear from us.
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I think most everyone I know is doing the same +Robert Nugent It would be bomb to elect Bernie, but at the very least if we keep the GOP out of the White House, it's a victory
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Leo McDevitt

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It's a Feature, not a bug
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Cool 👍🏿
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Leo McDevitt

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1.2 Million reasons the Correct the Record PAC attack backfired

Hillary Clinton's Super PAC Correct the record was put on #bernnotice  48 hours after launching their attack when #sanders2016  received 1.2 million dollars in contributions from outraged supporters like me. The average donation size was $23.

Keep it up Clinton Super PACs, Bernie's campaign is laughing all the way to the bank.
Bernie Sanders supporters responded to an ugly smear campaign carried out by a pro-Clinton super PAC by donating $1.2 million to the Sanders campaign in less than 48 hours.
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I think Sanders' response is right on the money, given that he set a new record for pace of donations to Act Blue +Diane Garber Clinton's acolytes are going to find it hard to tarnish Bernie for working to ensure people have heating oil. As you showed, everything about the deal was on the up-and-up. If this is the best Clinton's acolytes can do, we're gonna crush them
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Leo McDevitt

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Do not donate to any "pro-Bernie" PACs

Bernie rejects PACs outright, their is no authorized PAC for Bernie. If you feel compelled to help, you can donate the $2,700 maximum to his campaign. After that, you've maxed out. 
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Good to know +Boyd Smith business has been good this year, so I'm looking forward to maxing out for Bernie
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Leo McDevitt

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It's about time

The APA has classified extremist religiosity as a mental health problem

Now we can deal with crazies like Kim Davis the way they should be dealt with. People like Davis need professional help because they are delusional

American Psychological Association Classifies Belief in “God” As Mental Illness
According to the AmericanPsychological Association (APA), a strong and passionate belief in a deity or higher power, to the point where it…
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Yes very good post Leo, thank you :)
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Leo McDevitt

Bernie in the Media  - 
Let Correct the Record know that you disapprove of their ad-hominem attack on Bernie

Tweet them at @CorrectRecord

Post it to their Facebook page

They should be rising above these kind of right-wing tactics 
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I was too +Beorn Borg but I was going to hold my nose and vote for her if she was the nominee. Not anymore Going negative is the straw that broke the camel's back. I'll vote for Deez Nuts before I'd vote for Clinton
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Leo McDevitt

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DNC If ya can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen*
Otherwise, you're gonna #feelthebern  Six debates is NOT enough
Outside groups say the DNC is rigging the primary by limiting smaller candidates' chances.
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DWS is no friend to liberals +George Heindel I'd love to see her replaced.
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