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This is what I plan to do with the new G+ design!
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Wow - be careful there Leo!
I wish there were a media streaming URL published that I could latch onto. I don't always use computers that have Flash, and it would be nice to be able to connect with something like VLC on my GNU/Linux machine. Just sayin'.

EDIT: There is a stream. I'm silly.
You need to WAIT when the smores get that well done! :)
I will say, the extra white space is used in some cases. Like on profile pages. And it is nice for my chat windows :)
Is that supposed to be a negative reaction? +Leo Laporte swallowing fire is so badass it's hard to tell!
On my desk, I have two monitors. Google+ looks great on my 19" monitor, but too stretched on my 24" (higher resolution) monitor. Hopefully the engineers at Google come up with a good solution.
I actually like the new design. I think it makes facebook feel old and it's like if it's really made for my 13.3" monitor.
You might be able to peel paint with your breath, but I can roast marshmallows with mine - Leo Laporte
+Keith Achorn I never run my browser fullscreen on a wide screen monitor. Most sites don't utilize space anyhow.
The floating textbox ontop of pics and video are killing me more than the white space... is anyone else experiencing that?
Aww, give 'em a break. It's getting better and I'm rooting for them.
Sometimes people complain no matter how it looks. Other services also make changes to their layouts. I think you just need to give it a chance. It is just that it feels different. I feel it has a clean look. We should appreciate that the Google+ Team is working on this. Imaging if Google+ still looked like it did when it was launched.
+Kasey Cashion It's not a big burden, but Google has managed to resolve it with most of their other services (Gmail and Reader for example). I would be more concerned about even higher resolution monitors (like the newer 2560 X 1440 screens).
Leo, you need to reboot your mindset. Embrace Change, learn from it and share that knowledge to your audience and leave the complaining to the likes John C. Dvorak. People look for you to cut through the confusion and find the positive in this new and changing world we live in. I have been a Leo fan for so long and I just hope your success is not going to your head.
You're crazy Leo! CRAZY! Love the new look, it unifies everything into one clean simple interface. I think you're still bitter that they cancelled Google Buzz. :P
+Keith Achorn I agree it needs to be fixed, but the look is pretty nice. I just maximized to see what the fuss was about.. ewww.. yea.. have it scale Google!
+Leo Laporte I've just compared the new Google+ to Facebook on my large monitor, and they both have a lot of white space. The only difference is that Facebook splits this white space on both sides of the content, whereas Google put it all on the right. It looks great on all of my screens 20" or less, which covers all laptops, and most a large percentage of desktops.
Rumors are that the large whitespace is intentional. Something else is going to be put there when it's ready.
boring - TWIG --- google+ whine. Next step is block this person and kiss off twig. I'll shut the door myself.
I like the cleaned up interface. I don't like how it treats browser windows at full screen, especially on large monitors. There is a TON of white space on my screen right now. Not good from a design perspective.

But... I like the direction they went in. If they can solve the full screen issue on large monitors, I'd be very happy with this new look.
:/ Leo I think you need to take some time off of TWiG
It shouldn't be that hard for you to get over Leo. You barely use it anymore. :) But I feel ya.
When reviewing the new Google + Desktop design on an iOS device it crashes the browser :-(
Wow I heard the new install procedure for USB cameras was difficult but that is ridiculous! :)
First he puts his iPhone in a glass of water, now swallows fire, +Leo Laporte is doing Extreme things....
First he cancels a Brushwood show now he's trying to put him out of another job!!!
Site looks pretty good on a portrait monitor. I just wish the chat window was still in the left column. Without the width it turns into a pop up. I feel like the column with trends and a hangout button is just a waste of space. Put trends in the Explore window. Just get rid of the Hangout button since it's already in the left column.
/me is still peeved at the loss of keyboard focus in too many g+ processes in my Firefox browser..
i.e. use keyboard tabkey navigation to high light the '+Share' button.. press spacebar &/or enter key to drop share pane & author preferred share.. then press the final share button to post said share..
BAMB!?.. that particular browser window pane's session & any/all of its tabs etc just became a visual brick that is utterly non-accessible / un-focused to ANY keyboard operations UNTIL ONE slows down & is forced to INEFFICIENTLY take fingers off EFFICIENT & productive keyboard home & reach for tard mouse too manually click somewhere in browser to recover keyboard focus!? GRRRRR
Here is another thought. When clicking the notification counter icon next to your name, the previous or new response feeds will overlay the Chat area. This is also pretty useful to keep an eye on new incoming responses. You can then also respond in this area at the same time. Works for me.
I don't like this refresh at all!
I would definitely have preserved that moment with a photo as well. Mostly so that I could remember what my face looked like before it all went horribly wrong. ;-)
your going to set it on fire... and eat it?
I'm not sure if that means you like it or hate it.
Your vagueness confounds me sir.
Wow, the video show looks exciting now. I think I need to change from audio version to video now!
I love TWIG but in the first 15 minutes all I've heard is +Leo Laporte complaining that he's not on the suggested user's list and then whining about the new layout. Don't get me wrong, criticism and debate are good, but come on!
I'm increasingly of the opinion that +Leo Laporte has a personal issue with Google's promotion of its services. I'm not certain if it's because he sees it as some kind of challenge to TWiT, or if it's a carry-over from his (obvious) resentment about not being on the suggested users list. Whatever the genesis, it's definitely affecting his discussions, and not for the better.
You know lads & lasses.. admittedly a fan of sir Leo here yet quite gifted in seeing both sides of virtually any issue & open minded to degree I've never made the cut for court duty when summoned! [_Refuse to judge another sans 73 expert witnesses & 17 videos of alleged crimes;_ both prosecutors & advocates abhor my type! ;]]

That said.. I have never seen +Leo Laporte truly '''bitch''' or whine on any offensive levels the likes of fcktard hate monger-er +Bill O'reilly.. not even close! Thus I don't get all the people bitching about unnecessary bitching by Leo!? LOL..
It's nice seeing such an open minded person as +Hacim Llih speak so well about +Bill O'reilly. Are you truly open minded Sir? I happen to like Bill and Leo. I am conservative to the core yet still enjoy listenring to +Leo Laporte and +Jeff Jarvis and would never call either one of them what you just called +Bill O'reilly.
We don't suffer mean spirited, ethically questionable exploitation for profit well here +Rusty Bryant.. enough said re tard Bill O'Reilly lad..
"We don't suffer mean spirited, ethically questionable exploitation" "offensive levels the likes of fcktard hate monger-er"
sad that you don't even see it in yourself +Hacim Llih. I guess the old saying that what we don't like in others is often what is what we see in ourselves.
And about the court can't make a decision on something without a 100 people holding your hand? But obviously you make decisions about others as long as it is just verbal attacks and there is nothing on the line.
LOL.. assholes + opinions.. come join the frey lads & lasses! Hurry & get your share LOL.. +John Vasquez got his! Hilarious..
Simple resolve; change z'channel sheeple.. ;]
way back in the day leo laporte was a great tech host but yeah he has just lost his steam and doesnt seem informational or even relevant very often anymore.
I have a feeling that he had plenty of help back in the tech tv days
The white space isn't what annoys me. I'm used to seeing white space on web pages with a wide screen monitor. What bothers me is it just looks too boxy. Everything just looks like nests boxes.
Leo, I am watching this weeks TWIG, and playing with my browser width. they outsmarted us. the chat goes away as you narrow your browser, but if you continue to narrow, you get a collapsed chat column in the lower right. They actually let you make use of the space as you wish.
I like the new plus layout. Leo.. sorry bud but you're out to lunch on this one.
I agree that although android is a great idea in concept sometimes being open source and have alot of support and alot of apps, it just falls short and is very buggy/unstable.
I have to say that I prefer the WP7 and iOS dev tools over the Android ones.
Buggy? Seriously? Our Android phones haven't crashed at all and I now have 4 android devices in my house because it's that good. I rooted my phone about 4 months ago and installed CM7 on my old HTC Incredible and the phone works like new. My wife's HTC Incredible was upgraded to GB several months ago and she loves it. I now have a 7" and a 10" Honeycomb tablet here at home for the kids and they can't put them down. A neighbor kid came by with his iPad and put it down to play with our tablets instead.
Mike B
ios software on my iPhone 4 to me is more stable then my HP Windows 7 PC.
Apple to license IOS to Samsung, why not?
I think it's more or less a shock factor for the fact that there are probably 50 or more lawsuits going on right now between Samsung and Apple in regards to Copyright infringements...
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