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New in the Sonos labs: Songza. Loving it!! Free mood-based music stations. Very cool.
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Bah, like you +Leo Laporte I'm a big Sonos fan / user, but Songza is US only at the moment :(
Thinking about getting a Sonos system. Heard good things about it. Love the Songza play lists. 
oh goodie another music service that only works in the usa . 
unfortunately the "mood choice" kinda blows.  Friday afternoon> Pick me up > High Energy  gave me a much of slow mood music.. WTF?
Ive been using songza for a month or two, its great for music discovery
Went there. Listening to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". Good sound.
how can this company can afford free music with no commercial ? 
Boo, Songza, boo. I tried to sign up and I don't have or want Facebook.
you don't need a Facebook account. I signed up without one.
This is my new favorite service. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING IT!
I'm dubstepping it up right now. I have been dying for a service that offers a no lyric option for awhile (one that was smart at least lol).
I love Songza and like the UI. Where can i get it for Mac OS X?
Thanks for the tip, Leo! This is awesome.
I see it is in beta. I have been using the IOS app, but have not added it to Sonos yet. I will check it out.
Why do non-US users still insist on blaming music services for the geographic restrictions and licensing limitations imposed by the record labels?

I'm Australian and I frequently encounter geo-restrictions but I know who is actually to blame.
Agree with Jason. Here in Canada, it is not infrequently that Canadian artists aren't licensed. We are a smaller market with small labels. So, need to add CD's to my library to fill in the music. 
Oh, I'm probably going to regret asking but here goes...  Do you blame the artists?  the labels?? or the people stealing the music???

PS:  Please do not infer anything from the order in which I placed the choices.  While I have a clear opinion of the cause of many of the music woes, the first and last are not high in my list of people to blame.

PPS:  Oops, did I give something away?
Bahhhh Songza US Only! - But I sure am loving the New +Sonos  Android Tablet app.
Very nice Leo, many thanks ... bc
USA only !!!
"We are very sorry to say that due to licensing constraints we cannot allow access to Songza for listeners located outside of the United States.
Based on your IP address, we believe that you are located outside of the United States. Please accept our deepest apology for restricting your access to Songza; we share your disappointment and frustration."
Is the Nexus Q really a Sonos competitor?
Nothing else makes sense about that device.
Not working outside the US. How much longer will these stupid copyright laws divide the world ??? I'm willing to pay any artist for their art. Why can't we come up with a global system ?
Sorry it took so long getting back. Had power problems from the storm. I tried signing up and it took me right to a Facebook signup page. I didn't see any other option. Perhaps you have Facebook and this page did not show up.
I found songza about 2 months ago I love it. Even got my wife to switch from Pandora.
Been using it since I saw it your show, loving it....!
No thumbs up or down, but a nice addition
-using the Sonos amp
its a great application!!! love it!!! until today when the app literally forgot the definition and function of shuffle... I heard the whole Maroon 5 album!!!
Nice. I need a Songza plugin for XBMC now.

I love it. I'm actually listening now as I type this.

Playlist is "Retro Indie Rock"

Checking it out now.  Seems really great so far.  Maybe a way to get rid of my Pandora subscription???
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