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Huge summer sale at Emotiva - highly recommended home theater stuff at a great price. I bought the 5.2 5.1 surround system and love it!
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Leo, do you have a suggestion for a coat effective 1080 home projector?
Cool. When I have a spare $900.00 laying around....
I'm still trying to get google Tv in Portugal....don't know why this things take so long to be on sale here. Thanks for the advice. 
+Kevin Millman  I've enjoyed the EPSON 8350 (last generation) one for great budget projector. I found it for $899USD around Black Friday but if you watch a few places you can get it around that price as well. It doesn't do 3D but on a budget that was something I was willing to sacrifice. Definitely like the picture quality and it is great for a room with some light. If you have a full dark room check our the 8700 for a higher contrast ratio and better blacks! Hope that helps! (not sponsored)
Sweet!! I was too impatient, and just spent too much money on some speakers. I've been itching to get the XPA-5, but can't right now. I have one of their subs for my point-1, and also a mini-X a-100 for a zone amp. LOVE both.

+David Morrison yes, same company.
+Craig Durkee Emotiva makes great stuff that rivals top-of-the line gear at a much better price. Just about everyone that tries Emotiva gear loves it. I firmly believe this is not a paid ad, but a good heads-up to everyone to be aware of their annual sale.
+Craig Durkee Saying you bought something and liked it doesn't sound like advertising. Leo has been sharing things he likes including things that are free since he was on Screensavers. being a public figure affects his perspective but Leo has always endeavored to be honest with his followers IMHO.
Thanks, Leo... will be checking this out for sure.
Looked at these in the past - maybe when the baby gets a little older I can replace my Denon equipment with this.
Man... when I sold my Hafler amp/pre-amp setup (which I kind of regret), I decided to only use multi-channel receivers to reduce the amount of equipment.... but now, it's like hmmmmm.
$809.10 for the 5 channel amplifier yes.... and fork over another $500-$1500 for the AV processor.  While this may be cheap for audiophile level equipment, still too expensive for most people :P
+Craig Durkee Any time someone with clout recommends anything, it's going to seem like an ad. I honestly don't think that Leo would resort to tactics like that since it would make him less trustworthy. I think that the trust factor is a big selling point for him as a personality and losing that would be bad for business in the long run. Maybe I'm just a sucker. (Also, he specifically said what he bought. The rest of it is the auto-blurb from the public +1.)
I spent more than that for each of my computer speakers, granted they are self powered but lets not talk about speakers and amps for actual sound systems...
Shucks... all I have is a TX-SR608 AVR, a Polk PSW10 sub, and 7 speakers from 2 models of Panasonic HTiB.
Oh and a set of Aiwa bookshelf speakers for front left and right.

BTW will someone please explain the need for a dedicated 2 channel setup? I listen to almost all music decoded to surround, some songs sound great that way, and some do sound wrong so for a very few I do put the AVR in stereo mode, but that is the exception not the rule.
+Daniel Armstrong It all basically comes down to personal preference. For me, surround audio can sound great when watching a movie in a home theater, but for audio only, I way prefer to listen in stereo (the same way it comes off the vinyl or CD).
Having a decent 2 channel set up should make good recordings sound as though there aren't any speakers anyway. You should hear the sound coming from different points of the soundstage 

So if you mostly listen to audio and like listening to it in stereo, then it makes sense to spend the bucks on the two channels that you will mostly listen to..

Hope that helps
Oh noes.
What you need is a rack of Electrocompaniet NEMO and 800 Series Diamond.
Music shoudl be played back in the format it wa mixed for: If it was mixed for 2 channel stereo, that is the best way to hear it. Splittig the Bass channel to a subwoofer does not hurt this in any way. For watching movies you eed to listen in at least 5.1, since that is the way DVDs and Blurays are mixed (Mono movies not withstanding). If you are watching a current release movie in STereo only you are quite literally missing half the sound.
Oh and Emotiva is excellent gear, often sounding better than teh so-called audiophile equipment. Just for laughs, you should ask an actual Aduio Engineer - you know like say Alan Parsons - what they think of 'audiophile' gear.
+Jim Ridings I agree... I used to set my audio on 'direct', but since I got my sub woofer, I use 'stereo mode' on my Onkyo. I have a pair of Maggies that requires a sub... but other than that... stereo is the way to go with music. The only thing I'm thinking now is maybe bi-amp with one of these puppies... but I have a wife to contend with. LOL
Bi Amped is the only way to fly, assuming you have an active crossover and decent mid high cabinets Phasing is a bitch with subs unless you can tweak the delay
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