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1000 Words on the new TWiT Schedule from The Chief TWiT
This month brings some changes to the TWiT lineup: a new live schedule, a farewell to some old friends, and three new shows. First the bad news. I am canceling seven shows. I never like canceling a sh...
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Sorry to see some of those shows, but I think it's cool that you took a chance for some of them.  Good luck with the new schedule.
Leon K
Awwww, Dr. Kiki. 
Good luck with the new shows and keep up the great work!
Interesting. Kinda funny that you have MacBreak Weekly, iPad today, and iFive for the iPhone now... Seems a bit redundant?
Good luck! I'm not sure what content should be covered but I would love to see a podcast on the TWiT network dedicated to software development.
Sad to see TWiT Photo go.  :(  

Also Dr. Kiki has good chemistry with you (pun intended) Bring her back on TWiT often
It sucks when shows have to leave, but it's better to have the ability to take a chance on a show and have it not work out than to be on a cable network that would have never even tried. 
Twit Photo? Huh... didn't see that coming. I really enjoyed it. Also the reason for getting into photography. Shame :(
Tech News Today being on at 10:00(1:00pm EST) - MIND BLOWN!
Bummed about the loss of science coverage on TWiT. 
Know How & This Week In Enterprise Tech should be nice adds. 
No more TWIT Photo....too bad it was one of my favs.
I'm just glad to see that the Giz Wiz only moved and wasn't cancelled. I have the TWiT calendar linked to my Google calendar and was disappointed when I saw it vanish from Saturday. I didn't notice it tucked away there on Tuesday. Whew... crisis averted.
Kind of au ks to see twit photo gone she. There are around 4 shows that could be o e show. All well there is still twip. 
Too bad you have not canceled Windows,weekly since Mary Jo folly killed the subscribers she is the reason I no longer watch it.
Hi Leo, I will miss the TWIT Photo a lot :(. I watched this show every Wednesday (Switzerland) and it was my bellowed routine.... you and Catherine did great job, it is really surprise to me you terminated this show...
I hope you don't kill This Week in Computer Hardware its an invaluable resource for me.  It would make sense to move Mary Jo to the new Enterprise show.
Well crap! I talk about TWiT Photo to people all the time... VERY sad to see it leaving. Sniff sniff :-(
Going to miss Dr Kiki's Science Hour and TWiT Photo. I may check out Know How and TWiET some, but probably not as regularly as some of the other shows being removed. Gives me more time to catch up on my Audible list at least.
Consider me part of that angry mob that wants to force you to not kill Twit Photo. 
I'm looking forward to Know How. It sounds kinda like The Screensavers reborn.
+Leo Laporte  Well, I am really glad to see an enterprise show get started finally.  I know myself and a lot of other IT admins out there have been looking forward to that.  

I also wanted to put in my support for a gaming show at some point in the future.  I know that you tried it with 'Game On', but I respectuflly think that you missed the mark.  I watch your network because you have high quality, intellectual discussions about topics that are important to me.  Several of your recent shows (including 'Game On', I thought) have skewed more towards the 'top 5' lists and quick news segments that contain less hard fact/discussion and more stuff for quick consumption.  This seems like the opposite of where you started.  Frame Rate for example, does an amazing job of tackling an entertainment medium in a way that is hard hitting and intellectual, with high expectations for the industry.  Shows like Penny-Arcade TV's Extra Credits dive into intellectual discussion of the gaming industry, but are way too short.  I think there is a niche there that would be awesome if you guys could fill.  Similarly, This Week in Google has great high level discussion while All About Android feels more like quick morsels that are easily digestible, but just as easily forgotten.  I am not trying to be negative towards your shows with higher production value, I just want to express my concern that content does not get lost in the attempt to increase the production quality.  

I have been thrilled to see the TWiT network expand, and I wish you all the best, but as a long time listener/watcher, I hope that with your new set of shows (and yet to be determined future shows) you remember the type of content that won you your current audience. 

Best of Luck!
I'm a fan of TWiT Photo, it was, along with TWIT and TNT, the only show I made sure not to miss, sad.
Not to be a crepehanger (doom and gloomer) but the recent TWIT changes since the cancellation of the gaming show seem pretty dramatic.  TWIS and TWIRT were pretty much staples regardless of the viewership numbers and they're gone from TWIT.  Dropping PCPER's live feed was another strange turn.  Seems like they're counting pennies.  I hope they can come up with a home run soon.
Leo you have kept me in the know for over 20 years, I look forward to all of your endeavors, they make me look like the hero, such you are mine!
Like others I'm sad to see TWiT Photo go but I understand why trimming needed to be done. I will continue to watch you through thick and thin.
Sorry to see TWiT Photo go.  
A little bemused that there is yet another Apple-centric show on the schedule.  Seriously, if you ever announce "This Week in Apple TV" or "iTunes Break", I'm sending some deprogrammers in a white van to undo the brainwashing.
I am really going to miss TwitPhoto. sad to see the show go but thank for keeping the fans in the know. I always respect the transparency of the TWIT network and Leo.  
Hi, Leo, I like the live, things but It's very late here, when there on, as I under stand it, almost all the shows, are going to continue, but not as shows and there is going to be, a break, it some before they start is there new or original, places, but at the moment, I'll just be watching, Twit, Geekandsundry & Fullycharged shows On-line. 
Only sad thing for me is the TNT move. I refuse to subscribe to news shows, I must watch them as they air or I feel like I don't get the latest and greatest info on them. (I know others don't agree)
+Leo Laporte  the one constant is Change! :-) I'm looking forward to TWiET - when you start down the path of dealing with IT vendors, give me a shout.... been negotiating IT Vendor Contracts for a few years (started at EarthLink - now in the Financial Industry).  <> 
When on earth has TWiG ever gone 1:30?  I enjoy the programming.

Also, think about doing an app show for the mobile platforms.  AAA has an app segment, but never has the ability to compare similar apps and make recommendations.  For example, GPS running programs (Strata, MapMyFitness, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc.).
I love the new show topics. I am planning to subscribe 
Leo, I love what you do with the TWiT network. I'll miss TWiT Photo but I do look forward to the new iFive program. Plus I'll be checking out iPad Today since I'm finally getting an iPad. Can't wait.

Been a fan for years. 
Sad to see the cancellations but I never watched any of them. So I think it's a move in the right direction.
I'll watch the first TWIET but I'm not holding my breath.  IT is pretty much a wasteland supported by slave labor these days and I know from whence I speak.  So if Leo manages to make it interesting it'll be quite a feat.  I don't see the point of another apple show aka ifive.  Too much crossover with IPAD today and coverage on other TWIT shows.
Sad to hear that TWiT Photo has been cancelled. I'm not really much of a photographer, but it was very interesting to watch and every episode had lots of helpful hints. The guests and demos were the best!
True.  IT workers are essentially plumbers.  Necessary, but also easily replaced or just laid-off.  The enthusiasm I had when entering this field has been successfully beaten out of me.
Have my list of can't miss shows but never sure which offer codes to use... does FLOSS or TWiCH need more of a bump? Is AAA doing ok or should I download from a more visible source? Very gun shy with the loss of Game On. Let me just say TWiT, TWiCH, FLOSS, AAA, NSFW, HN, TWiL, FR, DGW, and TNT.

Also directly related to this post I will miss the awkward transition from Ham to NSFW for the three of us in the center of that Venn diagram.
I wont miss any of the canceled shows. But adding a third show about a product from Apple? Really? MacBreak, iPad and now iPhone? You say that you are not an Apple fanboy, but it looks that way. Maybe you should add at least one more show for Android and Microsoft as well? You can split the AAA show into two parts, one show for the phones and one show for the tablets, just like you have one show for the iPad and one show for the iPhone. You have TWiG already, witch would be like MacBreak.
+Sten Isaksson Why does it bother you if they have another Apple related show? Don't listen to it. Problem solved. Move on.
I'm interested to see how Enterprise Tech will go. I hope its serious discussion and not just hobby pc guy talking about fixing pc's and joining domains. There's potential with this type of show, but I don't know how many in your audience are interested in strategic, enterprise tech discussion.
Thank you so much to all of the "Angry Mob" supporters.  I appreciate all of the kind words.  I really do hope you will convince +Leo Laporte  to reconsider. We are currently looking for new sponsors to keep the show on the air and we are hopeful!
TWiT Photo gone :-( When one of the new shows tanks bring back a Digital Photography Show. I liked TWiT Photo but there was no attempt to try new concepts that would attract more viewers. Now that you are showing previews of the different shows I think that would have helped bring more viewers to TWit Photo.
TWiT should have an easy way for supporters to donate to TWiT AND tag their donation for a specific show.  Put a meter (no need to show specific $s) on each show's page that indicates how the show is doing each month.  Individual shows could do something like if donations exceed a certain amount they do a "Viewer's Choice" extra episode per month or quarter.
I think you need more mobile tech shows.....
TWiT Photo was one of the few shows that put creativity ahead of gear. The Candid Frame is the only other one that springs to mind. I really enjoyed TWiT Photo and I'm busy searching Amazon for deals on pitch forks and torches.
I'm gutted that you've cut Dr Kiki's science hour. That was definitely one of my favorite shows that I listen to every week :(
I'm very sad about the end of all science broadcasting on TwiT. I remember a time when the plan  was to have a science Thursday, an entire day of science programming... It seem that Twit keeps on cutting all the shows I like. Apparently I'm not part of the target demographic anymore.

Maybe the problem is that the new studio has increased the base cost of a show and now shows that were making it in the old place are loosing money. Or the idea that the big shows would pay for the little ones so that there would be a full day of broadcasting has changed.

I don't know... Maybe those changes will be good for TwiT, but all I know is that they aren't good for me.
+Bryan Dobson Did I say I listen to them? No, I didn't, and I don't listen to them either. What's the next Apple show? iTV? Soon half of the TWiT shows will be about Apple products.
So if twirt got canceled why is no show poasted for last week
I'm sorry to see TWIS leave the TWIT umbrella. But the other shows, I don't really listen to. I like the idea of "Know How" but I listen to the shows, and I don't know how to fit a video show into my daily pattern. 
I think TWiT photo got slightly off course by becoming more about the photographers than about their techniques etc. However, I think it can be easily turned around. More guests like Bert Monroy would make it a great show again. Maybe combine photographers and Photoshop into one show.

Where do I sign up for the angry mob?
twit Photo was excelent. You will be able to bring that show back one day. Never get rid of security now and Dickie D!
Don't get rid of TWIT Photo. It's the best of the rest after your weekend shows on XM. 
+Catherine Hall I must say, TWiT Photo has the best darn jingle on the network. After an episode I can't get it out of my head. 
Leo---you really need to have a photoshow! If you're not getting audience then re-think the format (maybe a panel with more gear and software reports/demos as well as pro photographer features? There are a lot of enthusiastic photo people out there ...
+Catherine Hall  TWiT Photo wasn't the show I was intially looking for, I was after a beginners photography show. However, it quickly became a must-see, all the guests left me entertained and inspired (and a wee bit jealous that I didn't have their talent - grrr!). Here's hoping that by hook or by crook you can find a way to keep this show going. If not, thanks for a great show.

As mentioned on Dr Kiki's thread, I am sad to see the Science Hour go as well.

On a general note, broadcasting seems to be going in a direction that I am not looking forward to: for example, with the TWiT network focussing on technology where is the serendipity to stumble across something new and exciting? There was a documentary by Aleks Krotowski where this was likened to Amazon recommendations - the recommendations only give you more of the same - they make you become a better you. I understand the financial arguments and as a business TWiT needs to be profitable, and there is an advantage for end users as they only pay for what they (know they will) use. There is just a nagging feeling that a la carte/app-ification of TV may not be good for the soul.
Add me to the angry mob! I really like TWiT Photo - it's great information. I mean, the episode with the bug lady? Who else does that?
You made the show interesting with your insightful and thought provoking questions that you asked your guest photographers. I learned the most when their photos were shown and they explained the techniques used to take and process the image.
Seeing great images inspires us all to become better photographers. But it is the how to from the experts that gives us the tools.
Digital photography is one of the biggest topics in tech. I thought the show was really starting to find its feet. TWiT Photo or something like it is a must. Maybe a monthly show with regular segments. I need my photo fix. Catherine Hall is great! I'm sure with her creativity there can be something fantastic to replace TWiT Photo.
We need to save TWIT Photo. Maybe just a retool. We needed to incorporate some of the Dtown from Kelby and I have always thought a show that took a novice beginning photography and each week cover a new lesson. And while your at it some love for Sony shooters.
I'm one of the mob. I will hope TWIT Photo makes the cut. I really do love the show, and look forward to it each week. 
+Leo Laporte you're doing the right thing. Unfortunately even you know that you must do what the mainstream consumers want just like in television media. Niche shows only bring in limited listeners as well as income. I myself tried to listen to those shows but as a beginner to, for example, the photography arena I couldn't follow some of the things they were discussing in TWiT Photo and lost interest. Keep doing what you're doing...your obviously on the right track.
Really bummed to see Dr. Kiki & Marc leaving. Their guests and programs were always great. I hope they find homes elsewhere so they can continue.
On positive note, looking forward to hearing some of the new programming.
Love twit some times you have to make changes to make it interesting and up to date love it and keep up the great job
No more Dr Kiki's science hour? You have saddened my day.
Sorry to see TWiP go, watching you guys got me back into photography. The guests were top notch. All the best with the new line up.
Just browsed all the comments - you're willingness to share your decisions sure engages the audience! All the best to all involved.
+Leo Laporte Just watching This Week in TWiT - +Jeff Jarvis has spoken about information being public, and here is a great example of how it can help, this short chat is explaining a lot about what is happening at TWiT.
I must say that over the last few weeks its been obvious that Leo has had something on his mind, wearing your heart on your sleeve as the old saying goes.
Maybe cos I'm a Geek, but I'd like more of these little behind the scenes episodes, maybe do a series on the people who work at TWiT, a bit like Triangulation.
Another Apple-centric show? Given that Apple stuff seems to dominate Windows Weekly sometimes, I'm not sure another show is necessary. Nevertheless, market realities dictate. Good to see an Enterprise Tech show.
actually I really like +Vince Donald's suggestion... TWI-TWIT :) I like the montage of the previous week's shows in TWIT, but I think a little more behind the curtain stuff is one of the things that really draws us to the network +Leo Laporte. maybe another idea (and I don't know if you want to give away TOOO much secret sauce) would be to have the guys running cameras and doing a short on the creation of a series in general (maybe from concept meetings, to casting, to buildup and research, to live air and reaction - to me that sounds really really cool and interesting, but hey I love TV)... 

I will echo what several have said though and having a programming show over the course of a quarter taking someone from zero to competent in java, C++, HTML5, or one of the other programming languages would be really cool (I know at one point you've said that's something your thinking about).
OK OK I get it but not twit Photo!!!!! No  bring it back bring it back!!!! and I agree with Robert enough with the apple stuff it doesn't fit into mac break don't air it. I Don't see you doing an android tablet/device show and a separate phone show. Come on is there really that much content you need a whole IPhone show? Guess it's not as user friendly as everyone thinks if you need a whole show for it...JK. If you get rid of windows weekly or AAA I will boycott TWIT.
Thank you for having had dr Kiki's show and good luck with your new line up
Sad that both of the science shows got cancelled. Probably says something about mass tastes. What is important is not popular, and what is popular is not important.
Although I feel guilty about not watching the Science shows as much as I should have, part of the reason I stay so loyal to TWiT is that I know those shows are being supported. So please trim them away with care.

By the way, you need to hook some of these lesser watched shows into TNT and TWiT somehow. For instance have the host Skype in for five minutes to comment on a relevant news story.
I just found TWiT this last month because of TWiT Photo. Bummer that it will not continue.
TWIT Photo is the best. Very, very sorry to hear it is being cancelled. I watch every episode and pass it on to my Photo club members. I learn something from every guest and the show. TWIT does the best interview information shows on the Continent. OK! OK! Pleading, Please don't Cancel the show. Maybe every 2 weeks or something like that. Camera makers should be all over this, Panasonic to start??
Very BAD decision canceling TWIT Photo. Bring IT back! Bring IT back! Bring IT back! Bring IT back! Bring IT back! Bring IT back!
Hey Leo, I'm one of that angry mob, well not really, sad, not angry.  I understand and support your decisions but...  I'd love for TWiT Photo to make a return.
I'm writing this comment while watching TWIT Photo live and I'm very surprised and sad to hear that +Leo Laporte is forced to cancel the show. I've been a long time listener of first TWIT, MacBreak Weekly and TWIT Photo of which I like TWIT Photo the best - well, I'm a photographer after all.
If there is anything we, the community, can do to keep this great show alive, let me/us know.
I can't believe there aren't enough potential corporations out there who  believe in new media.
+Catherine Hall, you and Leo are doing a tremendous job with TWIT Photo and you had some absolutely awesome guests on the show and I know there are a ton more great photographers out there who would love to join your show.
So, again - don't go away - stick around and keep us entertained.

+Leo Laporte I propose you setup a special donation page to keep TWIT Photo alive, I've been a donator for many years.... 
TWiT Photo cancelled.  This is a sad day.  The best Tech Network with the best Photography show.  I've been a fan since the start, subscribing and watching live.  Its been my must watch TWiT show.  Even after beginning my enjoyment of photography 30 years ago, I still continued to learn from Catherine and the guests.

Even at TWiT, art education is the first to be cut as it is at public schools.  I expected more from TWiT than just maximizing profits.
Get Paul on This week in Google too. He and you have done the best shows. We love windows weekly and love Paul's view on Google/Apple / MS.
Leo - How about a cooking technology show?  Food is very popular these days and so is tech.  We'd learn what food tech is really helpful (gadgets, tools, etc.)?  What stuff is just fluff?  Call it, TWIFT.  [not even charging for the idea.]
Seriously, Leo is the luckiest dude alive. TWiT for pay? I'd do it for free!
+Leo Laporte, I am so sad to lose TWIT Photo. I watched every episode and love you and Catherine. Plllllease reconsider!!!
Must have been some tough decisions, Leo. I guess it makes sense to make changes now, as the new iOS Podcast app is rolling out, to maximize the sampling for your potential new listeners. 

Good call, I think, to have an iPhone show limited to 30 minutes. With the flagship TWiT show now approaching an average run time of 2 hours, I think a little restraint in your timing is a smart move. Less intimidating for new listeners. Will probably encourage more video sampling as well. 

For Twit Photo - I listened a few times, but it wasn't quite for me. It seems to be more "Inside the Actor's Studio", with photographers, whereas I wanted more hands-on, semi-tutorials, or at least tips and tricks for both the shooting side and the photo editing side. 

Hope the changes work out for you. 
I am totally disappointed in the cancellation of Twit Photo!!! It was the best opportunity for newbies like myself to learn, appreciate and actually try some of what your guests had accomplished. It was a very unique show and I'll be hard pressed to find another like it. I hope the archives at least will be available. I thank you for taking such a risk and hope that others will make their displeasure known. Arriba, Twit.TV! ...and after reading all the comments, count me as one of the angry mob that wants Twit Photo back!!!!!!!  Here are my photos that I started shooting after watching! Have a Canon 60D  Couldn't link to my photo page...:-(
TWiT Photo had some good shows, but I really think that it failed to realize the full potential that a photography show can cover. It focuses a lot on studio and/or controlled lighting, with almost no discussion of anything that used natural light. I want more discussion of street photography, landscape, and just shooting photos of your friends or family. I do remember a few guests that had some amazing outdoor shots, but it then became apparent that Catherine and Leo just weren't sure what questions to ask. This says nothing about Catherine's skill.. every photographer has their preferred area of expertise, but it definitely made the show a little limited. A lot of people get into photography because they want their day-to-day shots looking better and they expand from there. I just think that you cut off a very large potential ad & viewer market by not expanding the show beyond what it was.
The show's format also seemed a little limiting to me. It's not that it wasn't good, but it rarely moved outside of the "sit down interview", with very little (deep) gear discussion, how-to, round-table discussions, etc. Interviewing one person each week just gets a little old when photography is sooo much more. The show needs more involved discussion, with less question-answer.

Also, it's a real shame that Dr Kiki is out. I get why.. but she's a great personality. I hope she can find a regular spot on the network in the future.
Another TWIT Photo follower here. 
As a long time TWiT watcher and fan of Leo, I'm trying to remain positive but none of these changes work for me. I enjoy watching live and TNT was my alternative to TV's nightly "news" drivel. I doubt I'll be downloading the podcast. The loss of Twit Photo really stings and I'm stunned that Ham Nation and Floss Weekly had better ratings than TWiRT. It appears that in the quest for popularity, Games & Gadgets trump Science and Art.
Good news Ray - it's really cheap and easy to do your own podcasts. No one needs to be at the mercy of media any more. If you want something, make it yourself!! That's what I did. 
Sorry to hear about TWIT Photo & the Biotech shows going. I'm sure it's been a little gloomy around the brick TWIT House this week.

Hopefully these shows will be able to make a come back.
For Leo to keep TWiT free, he has to have advertisers. And what do advertisers want? Lots of viewers/listeners. That's the reality folks - low rating shows will be cancelled.

It would be interesting if Leo trialled a freemium model where dedicated TWiT followers could pay for shows, say $2 an episode on a subscription basis. The premium episodes would have ads removed. That would be a cool way of trying to keep TWiT sustainable. 
Killing TWIT Photo and posting this on Google Plus after watching you say it sucks makes me wonder what is going on at Leoville. 
I hope the content featured in all the canceled shows find an outlet.  But, I don't think its fair to throw other shows under the bus.  You know Leo had a struggle letting any of his babies go.  Wish the best for all those involved and move on.
Don't loose TWIT Photo. I've found so many new photographers and learned so much through it!
It's the money honey!  There will be no TWIT if there's no revenue stream so it's understandable that some shows get cancelled when they don't measure up.  After all, it's not PBS.
Mike A
Leo could you think about a Linux show and now you have fifth person asking and I have never asked before so I am not the same one or the same four. And is it nice to make fun of your listeners?  I will how ever continue to watch you even though I have not a single Apple or Micro Soft product in my world. Linux, Android, but I love all things Tech. Open your horizons to what could be the next big movement!  P.S. Will miss Dr. Kiki
I'm really excited about the new shows on Twit and will be subscribing to them. Have been waiting a long time for a Enterprise show!
Dear Leo, I and my 81 year old Mom enjoy Twit Photo Very Much and it is one of the things we really look forward to, and we are constantly referring people to the Twit Photo show and your site for other shows. Please do not stop making the shows, we learn so much and enjoy the guests and the hosts of the show, and it is unique and can not be replaced by just anyone covering the same topics. My Mom will do an Oil painting of you and Catherine if this helps to keep the show going. Please take care and reconsider and Thank You so Very Much for the Great shows!
I hope you have the opportunity to bring back TWIT Photo at some point in the future, it's been one of the best shows on the network.
I will miss TWiTPhoto. But, I have to put my 2 cents in and say that I never liked the change in hosts and it made watching less enjoyable for me. I would a format that included a noted photographer as well as a segment on how-to. I know just enough to be dangerous and would really benefit from good solid instruction.
Please reconsider removing this show.
A shame to lose some shows, but I've subscribed to the new ones.  I especially like the idea of 'Know How' primarily as it's based around common tech use cases and I think that'll be appealing to viewers/listeners.  Keep up the good work!
TWiET sounds interesting.  I'll give it a try.
Leo,  I really hope you reconsider stopping TWIPhoto.  As others have commented, I think it needs some tweeking. Add more than just interviews.  Please keep it.
If only science geeks did the angry mob thing! My Friday commutes to work won't be the same without TWIS.

Pitchforks for science!  
+Chris Howe TWIS is still in existence, and I am subscribed to it. It is Dr. Kiki's Science Hour that is going away.
Oh no, don't bump off Dr.KiKi TWIS! She has been with you for a long time!

Cathy H
When I first saw the article/info that the schedule was being redone and some shows dropped.  I thought to myself, well at least TWIT Photo wouldn't be dropped......imagine my SURPRISE to then see it  the list!! I couldn't believe it!!!.....was a show I looked forward to each Tuesday on TWIT. Couldn't watch it live but would get it soon after.   I liked learning from them all! one of the recent ones I particularily enjoyed was the nordic lights -part 1 interviews! nice!  Will explore the new shows.....but I vote to bring TWIT Photo back!
+Leo Laporte- TWIT Photo is a show that needs to be on the network. If there is one thing I can say with unwavering conviction, it's that your conversational, inquisitive and non intrusive yet instructional personality pervades every single show on the network. That being said, Photographers, from amateur to pro - could only benefit from TWIT Photo as it plods along the same "maturing" arc some of the other popular shows have gone through - as such, it definitely needs to be around - it just needs more promotion, really! I think in the the confusion between your show's title and Frederick's show (both of which I listen to) TwitPhoto perhaps just gets lost in the shuffle...but I can point to specific interviews that have made me go back and actually do more research on that show's topic! Take for example the Dave Cross show (I am using some of those techniques!) or the David Hobby show on lighting techniques! You gotta understand Leo - you have a pull in the tech world that allures photographers, being one yourself - and it's a huge loss to everyone not to have this show around as an avenue to connect the masses to your "networks" massive amounts of experience.
Great to have some of my favorites podcast for the weekend in the new schedule.+Leo Laporte 
+Leo Laporte I watch a lot. I've been thinking about the changes.

I think one of the positive things to come out of the whole thing is the ascent of Chad. Eileen was great but I think Chad might be a natural. You should have a Fred Norris, Leo. Let Chad bring in friends? Volunteers? Build a team? Everyone needs a Fred. And a Gary. I don't just mean wacky sound effects.
you know I think the new bit on twit where you talk about your other content is actually something you should have done before making all these cuts .....I confess I just have the audio podcast of twit on my iPod and had no clue there were awesome science shows and so much else .....too late for the photography show too, but I listen to twip anyway so I guess I'm good there. I did know about some of the apple content which doesnt really interest me and the twig show but had no clue just how wide the coverage really was. Leo make some noise about these things if you need some more listeners, I am now paying attention, sorry to be late to the party.
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