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Apple still doesn't invite me to their press events. Hey Apple, do you think you could stream Oct 4 for those of us stuck out on the curb?

(Oh, and by the way Apple, I recommend hardware to well over 1 million tech enthusiasts every week. That's more than 99% of the other people you do invite.)
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yeah... you'd think they'd want the publicity, huh Leo :-)
Show 'em who's boss Leo.... stream the live stream via a held up MBP....
They must think you might say bad things about them while you are there.... ;)
...What? That's like not inviting Gene Shalit to a movie premiere.
I could care less about apple as long as Google and Android are still available.
Is this because you streamed the audio of one of their events live? Or, weren't you invited to that event either?

(I hope all is well Leo, we need to chat soon!)
I'm sorry, you've mistaken Apple for a company that cares!
How can they NOT invite you??? You have netcasts based on their products!!! How rude!
It's only Apple, just watch press events of other companies from 1 year ago and you will know exactly what Apple's press event will cover.
Maybe it's because you're not a devoted Apple journalist. Brian Chen from Wired was invited, or so his Twitter states. I'm almost positive you have more notoriety than he does.
I don't understand why you wouldn't get a press pass. Did you do something to royally piss them off or what? :)
What, did you spike it on Steve at that volleyball game? :0)
maybe you should offer to stream it for them again!
You did a great job last time!..... oh wait that landed you in this situation....
They need to simulcast the event on big screen TVs outside the event for the plebes.
Seriously. You give them so much coverage as-is; I don't know why they would make it harder for you to give their products press, as if you're their competition or something.
They are worried you are going to point your laptop at the stream and stream that I bet.
You must have rubbed them the wrong way. :-)
IIRC, Leo got banned a while back because he was live streaming an Apple event using his smartphone.
Let's start a petition and have everybody sign it... Once we get more than 100k will pass it on to Apple.. :P
Isn't it time they got over that? I have apple products, i'd quite like you to be present, maybe they might listen to a customer...a good customer? Huh?!
Jason, I forgot about that. heh...
What can I say, it's like not allowing Seabiscuit in a horse race because he's not a 'member of the club'. He's still the best.
Maybe you multitouched them the wrong way.
+Jason Yeh His laptop, actually. With screen brightness all the way up. He could have gotten away with it so easily... :-)
His name is written in on a large monolith made from dwarf star alloy. It's him, Hitler and Madonna. None of them will ever go to an apple event.
Someday they will BEG you to be there, Leo.
October 4th will be a great day! (not b/c of Apple, but b/c Rage game is released!) Sorry for the hi jack :P
+Leo Laporte. What did you do to piss off the Apple powers that be?
I think that will change soon, Leo....
They DIDNT invite THEE Laporte?!?! Another reason why i hate apple... ಠ_ಠ
Apple's motto: Control the message at all costs.
Did you think now that Steve is gone they would forgive you for doing what they should have been doing in the first place? I don't understand the rationale for such a forward-thinking company to not be streaming these events. I can remember being able to watch these live 10 years ago or so, but not today, in a world where everyone has a video camera, a soapbox, and high-speed internet access. What are they thinking?
I think it's better to comment on info coming out of other liveblogs anyway. Everybody else will be too busy typing to add meaningful context. 
In related news, Apple just announced they hold the patent on "All stuff made of any stuff." There you have it.
WOW Leo, for someone that keeps saying that you don't care that Apple doesn't invite you, you seem to keep telling everyone you don't care. Really, you don't care. No no...seriously.

+Chris Porter IMO they never streamed live because they wanted to make sure that there were no 'slip ups' sent out. The official post-event videos are carefully edited.
Which is frigging Standard Procedure these days if you're on Engadget... Liveblogging vs/ live streaming? No real difference...
As previously mentioned, live streaming is certainly a lifetime ban
Only if you purchase iCurb: The Apple event streaming service for moguls who have been shunned.
What is with that? Why don't they invite you?
Ludicrous. That's ok, +Andy Ihnatko will fill us in later. I'm sure there will be plenty of sources to assist in your coverage.
So Timmy hates you too? Or are you legacy black-balled???
+Chris Porter It's about controlling the information flow. They can drive up media coverage by restricting live access. Also since any feeds are "illicit" it increases interest. You cannot pay for that kind of advertising.
Just get someone in there to hold up their MacBook and stream it...oh wait...
I am guessing Stevie J didn't buy a brick either...
It's shocking that they don't stream these things - though they did once not so long ago. maybe as a test of their HTTP streaming stuff.

Even if it was only accessible via an iOS app, for existing customers, I'd be happy.
Do you work for Gizmodo? ;)
There is no opposing Darth Jobs. In all seriousness, companies have their policies, however misguided. I'm sure Leo isn't the only blackballed pundit in tech. There is always the Gizmodo guy to keep him company :-)
Why is Dvorak not on G+....or is he?
+Joe Mastroianni don't be silly if someone did that they would be banned for life from all future events.
To paraphrase Lily Tomlin's Ernestine, "We don't care. We don't have to. We're Apple!" I dislike arrogant companies.
What? That's crazy. You're a legit journalist Leo.
Ya know, could be worse...Leo's just on a typical blacklist, but imagine what Apple thinks of Gizmodo / Gawker. ;)
Maybe the 90/10 policy? 90% invites / 10% ostracized
Well if it's any cancellation - I didn't get invited either . . .
Can't you appeal your suspension to Commissioner Cook now?
You have been blacklisted for life Leo. You should create a proxy name and get invited that way. I bet John D would love that.
Well that still sucks ... it was just a laptop:)
My invite must have gotten caught by Postini...
I get invited but never really go.
Eh, Leo, not for nothing, but you're not missing out on a lot if you ask me. They like all the pomp and circumstance surrounding every release they do, but in reality, it's all over the web in about a minute and a half anyway.
Trent, it's consolation, not cancellation... you are trying to console him. not trying to be grammar police, just explaining a misheard phrase. cheers!
I'm sure on Jobs' last bed, he'll still have that stick in his butt. 
+Drew Forsberg That's what I was going to say. Do you really want to get a look into the walled garden that desperately?
Apple should lighten up about this...
It's only thanks to you that they finally started live streaming their events.
Is the Apple blacklisting finally getting to you? As a +1 I was recently in Portland for PuppetConf and based on your Apple enthusiasm, I gave Apple another shot and picked up a 15" Macbook pro. Loving it so far!
Why is Apple so like a spiteful child at some things?
Leo, you realize that every time you mention publicly that you're not invited to Apple events that Apple adds another year to your bann. As it is, you'll be banned from their events until 2314.
Long live the Apple ///+ (thanks Lisa for killing her - you and that guy named Mac). Oh well, we all have our Apple stories... but they make a great product.
Oh yes. And I watch +Leo Laporte all the time while he recommends this hardware, so I should definitely be invited as well. Got that Mr. Apple CEO. Whatever your name is again...
No need to get too upset. It's going to be a phone that looks nice and they will give some fancy name to the internals that will make people think its new technology when in fact it will already be outdated. There will be some new, err, catch up features added and in return you will only need to sell your sole, and wallet, to the ecosystem.

By the way, I can remember for as long as I've been listening to you, you have always said Apple's PR dept. hates you which always baffled me. It's probably because you give Android and WP7 props for being good technology as well. You can't be objective and be liked by Apple. You have to be in their back pocket at all times and only praise them.

Couldn't help but get on that rant...
Leo, I thought you didn't care about not being invited.
But why? They are showing just their new Samsung/Android-knockoff.
Apple's just waiting for you to show up outside their headquarters late at night and hold up a boombox playing Peter Gabriel.
I think Apple should invite tonymacx86 as well as you Leo! 
They probably just forgot: too busy suing Facebook for stealing their confusing "look and feel" of Final Cut Pro X.
Oh Leo, Apple doesn't care. Apple is evil. The technical incarnation of the Nazi regime. You should spend your time recommending Open Source stuff. Linux is everywhere!
Seems kinda petty that they hold a grudge against you... You basically give them free publicity by covering the announcements on TWiT, seems dumb you don't get invited.
You don't really want to be a part of the madness? Sit back, wine in hand and enjoy the fray !!!
+Sang Lam That's my point. With the screen brightness turned off (or way down), no one would have noticed. And +Leo Laporte would have avoided years of misery not being invited. :-)
Leo you should definitely get and invite and it would be really nice if they could give us a live feed
We need to petition someone at Apple, show them the power of the TWIT nation.
It's Apple, they are in control, they are simply showing the world their power to invite only those they deem worthy.
We need a petition... lets call it the 'Bring Leo in from the cold' petition!
Dear Apple: I trust Leo more than any other media/reviewer out there.
The sad likelihood is, Leo: you either pissed someone off at some time since dirt was in beta or Apple truly has no clue about the tech enthusiast market.
If you don't get invited you should have your own version of the press conference with puppets... you could do the voices. I'd watch that.
Can we start a petition to get Leo back in there? 
That's probably why, +Lil Banchik. They want to maintain that image of perfection, and can only make sure they do so by providing edited video after the fact. Feels a little old-fashioned, though, doesn't it?
Joey S
I think this is why Steve wanted to stay as Chairman of the Board, to make sure no one would repeal Leo's ban.
+Leo Laporte you are sooo lucky that when Steve saw you and your laptop streaming he didnt pull an Axle Rose and jump into to crowd after you. :)
Hate to break up the love fest but its not like +Leo Laporte was banned for one transgression. Leo has repeatedly made outright hostile, ad hominem attacks on Jobs and Apple. Some of the highlights include comparing Steve Jobs to Mummar Gaddafi during the revolts when Gaddafi was killing his own people. Calling Apple "dicks" when Amazon had to remove the link to their Store from the Kindle app. Comparing Jobs to Stalin, etc. etc.

While Apple would be the bigger man to put aside the ill will and invite Leo anyway, I know if it were me I wouldn't invite someone into my house that made a habit of telling 1 million+ people that I'm like a genocidal dictator.
If only MacBooks had rear-facing cameras, all this could have been avoided. It's just bad design.
this means that Steve will make an appearance and he does not want to see u there!!!
Just gatecrash the event. You can wear one of those hats you have "App Cap". What do you think?
+Martin Johnson Was Leo referring to Apples' "control" that is similar to those dictators you mentioned or was he referring to Apple as killing people like those dictators?
Sucks that you're locked out.... still the coverage you provide is the best.
Wow. never expected you to the be kind of person that gets all testy about that lol Maybe Steve just wasn't there to add you to the VIP
Everyone knows you there they will let you in :-)
Can't wait for a TWIT special from Apple events when you're finally forgiven
+Jeff Ferrell Its Godwin's law. Its an inappropriate and insulting comparison. Apple curating the App Store has zero relation to the violent repression of a people. It was made doubly worse when he's making the comparison while said dictator is actively killing people.
Leo, I defended you when Mike Arrington pulled his bullshit and questioned your integrity, but I can't support pandering to Apple for an invite like this! =/
come on leo - get real!
they don't want you showing up!
they just want all their minions they only want to have fans and pro apple reporters at the party so that they can get as many pats on the back to brag about & be sure the whole world we be told, by as many people and as fast as possible, what a mind blowing new phone they've presented.
Leo, you know that Apple is too arrogant to act like they care how many people you reach weekly. They're Apple. People want their stuff without anybody having to tell them they want it. They just invite people to their events so they can say "See how many people came to watch us talk about something that you're going to buy anyway?!?"
Somehow I think you'll be able to find out what Apple announces in near real-time anyway...
I've continued not to buy Apple products because of... well, inertia really. But their behaviour makes my aversion seem justified.
I tend to think that Apple doesn't stream so then every single gadget or tech blog around does live blogging on their site. Essentially making any and all other news get put to the wayside. If Apple did a stream how many of those sites would still do a live blogging event?
+Randall Tipton That's not at all what I said. What I'm saying is that while I do think Apple should, at the end of the day, invite Leo and every other Apple hater, I do understand why they wouldn't want to given the sometimes hyperbolic nature of the attacks. You want to be critical of Apple policies, and many are, that's fine. But you can do it in a civil manner and many do.
Yea, I think it's time to lift the ban Leo. Maybe Jobs took the black list with him so that Cook can start his own personal one.
Leo please remind us why.. do apple do this..
because I buy apple products... because of your show..
Apple are really smart not live streaming because it makes it just hard enough to find an informed live blog to give the reader some gratification when they find one. Plus of course the tech blogs compete to tell us about it for weeks in advance free publicity. 
I would love if they streamed the event. Maybe when the new mothership gets built.
IMO because of TWiG and having AAA on your team Apple would want you there to get the word out about their new products... unless the realize you might be a bit biased toward Android on those shows and that their products can't really keep up with the Android innovation haha.
Is any one from Apple on Google Plus? Or are they all on Ping? 
So, only fan boys are invited? I guess I can just ignore any coverage from those who do attend since they are just fan boys, not journalists.
I think your coverage is so much better than just a boring old stream +Leo Laporte and if that means you don't get an invite, so be it!
Leo: Email Tim Cook. (everybody else: don't swamp Tim's email)
It is not like people in the audience get to ask questions at these events. I do not see the point in having them at all. Just post the Press Release (with a link to a YouTube demo, if necessary)
Makes me want to kick someone in the liver.
Leo I really wouldn't care too much. Apple products are overrated, expensive and not a functional as other products. Lets be honest it's just going to be a bunch of drink our koolaid. They are going to release a new version of the same old hat with nothing special about it.
Bitter much. You do the crime you do the time. 
Why don't you e-mail Tim Cook? Although I can imagine the following response:

-Steve via Tim's iPad
The day you get invited to one of those is the day that we can confirm that Tim Cook is "really" in control.
Easy enough solution. Don't recommend Apple anymore.
You should just stop discussing and recommending their products. How can you stand behind a brand that blacklists people as bad as ol' Senator McCarthy?!
+Eric de Vries What crime? As Leo has mentioned many times, there was nothing written in the invitation that recording or broadcasting the keynote was prohibited. Leo saw many video cameras from CNN, etc. around the auditorium. And no one from Apple came up to him while he had his MacBook up to say, "You can't do that." So to Leo he did nothing wrong.
For someone who repeatedly says he doesn't care, you seem to care quite a lot... :-)
No he shouldn't, they still make some of the most reliable and well designed products. That's not fanboyism, it's the truth. Btw I'm Android and Macbook user.
I enjoy hearing your amusing comments along with the livestream and we would miss that if you were locked inside the room. ;)
That's what happens when Steve gives you the evil eye!
You like Apple products? No Way!
finally confirmed, have been waiting for months
ya know leo - you're promiting them for free as it is - why should they reward you for doing what you already do for free?
I want to know what Steve Jobs' last words are. Probably, "With my last breath, I curse Leo Laporte!" ;)
Leo you would have a lot more fun hanging out with Linus Torvalds. He actually has a sense of humor.
I dunno Leo, at least this way you can refute those who claim you're an Apple fanboy ...
That's a mistake on Apple's part. Go Leo !!!
We need a InviteLeoTo AppleEvents website and petition!
Apple hates looking stupid and making mistakes. Last time their was a live press conference, Isn't that the time Steve Jobs complained about all the WiFi hotspots.
But why recommend stolen goods? :p
They definitely need to include you Leo, i even emailed Steve Jobs about that some time ago, of course I never heard back from him, lol, but i did go to bat for you, for whats its worth 
You're better than those stuffed shirts man. Remember when Apple was anti-pinstripe? They have lost their focus. You don't need them. In fact...they need more people like you.
Leo, maybe it is more Steve than Apple. Maybe Tim Cook will reinstate your status.
...but you don't care, riiight? :p
hehe maybe everyone should e-mail steve and tell him to include TWiT in their events... :>
What...are they stupid? You should totally be invited to these venues...dorks.
Leo you're a loose cannon. Apple doesn't know which way you'll fire. :-)
Ben Gaw
That is Apple for you . . . arrogant and so full of themselves
I kind of figured once Jobs left you would be invited again. Apparently their corporate rules runs deeper than common sense. I could half way understand why they kicked you out the one time. However while I can understand that I can't understand the continual lockout. I could see a nasty email to you saying don't do it again or it will be permanent. But really, still going on, seems a bit childish.

I don't support Apple in any way now, I have purchased one Apple product in my entire life and it was an iPod Nano 2GB a long time ago for the wife to have. Personally if I was you, and they didn't change their policy I would quite covering them, I know you have a large audience revolving around it, but why pat someone's back who just kicks you in the butt all the time?
That's because you can't be bought Leo (except with palm pre demo units)
That surprises me for as much as you have talked up Apple over the years.
Couldn't Apple just strike a deal with Current TV or something? Current TV is happy to spend money and would get their highest ratings of all time for an Apple keynote.
"And that is why you never hold your laptop up at an Apple event"
Much as I don't need to add to the sea of comments, feel I should at least add something objectively.
So he was penalised for basically doing his job as a journalist and trying to be get the news to his audience. It's not uncommon. That he would no longer be invited, when they could simply employ other methods to try and prevent a similar thing from happening again, is a bit ridiculous seeing as live-blogging offers the same insight, even if not strictly word for word, but again, no big deal. It's normal that he should feel a bit of frustration after a fairly menial incident in the grand scale of things, now exempts him from attending what he would otherwise be entitled to attend as a journalist, covering let's face it, a press event for one of the most marketed companies in the world, and like them or not, at least from a tech media perspective it is an event worth covering. This shouldn't turn into an anti apple or pro twit or whatever "thread", but maintain some sense of what's actually important...
I'll find out the day after. New fruit phones do not excite me. I don't know at what point Apple lost me, but I go out of my way to avoid their products. The Ipod is the only product I cannot find a decent alternative for. (This coming from one of the 10 people who actually own a Zune HD)
I'd like to stream it on my iPad so I know if I should sell it for an iPad 5 or an iPad 3D if that's coming soon....
I have a feeling the folks at Apple don't lose any sleep over this issue. They seem to be doing fine. Leo isn't a journalist. Andy Ihnatko is a journalist. Leo is a pundit. That's a fine thing to be, and he does it very well (I watch and listen, and enjoy many Twit shows). But he's not a journalist.
The great thing about +Leo Laporte is that it won't change how he views Apple products. He's a better man than I am.
Fine line between journalist and pundit. 
I guess Jobs left a note for the new guy after all :(
Hey Leo, move on! ;) Obviously Steve doesn't care about tech enthusiasts......he wants fan boys. Stop trying to be one. Take your Droid and forge ahead. Jim, WD9HBC
Alright Apple, you've made your point. Leo promises not to live stream your events without permission again. Wait... You don't promise this? Ah fugget then.
I think those who are journalists would say that the title of "journalist" does mean a lot. And might also say that a blogger is not necessarily a journalist (though can be). It doesn't delate either. But definitions are important; words are important. That's why I've always had a problem with Google's "do no evil" slogan. "Evil" is a charged word; it's an important word. I tend to reserve it for those people and actions that are truly reprehensible (e.g., Stalin was evil). But to use it as a corporate mission, where evil might be defined as keeping a cookie on a PC, or something like that... it cheapens the meaning.
Leo didn't kiss Steve's ass either. He's like the Chuck Norris of nerd.
Well, +Leo Laporte after all you did get on Steve Jobs' goat. ;) I'd love to have them stream the event.

Them not inviting you is rather petty and vindictive. Then again, the largest tech company in the world can afford to be petty and vindictive. :)

Any how, I'll be watching your coverage as usual next Tuesday.
How do we know Leo got on Jobs' goat? I didn't even know Jobs had a goat?
Their loss. Reminds me of Seinfeld: "No soup for you -- one month!"
Lets boycott Apple until they let Leo back in! Ridiculous.
Lets Boycott them until they go out of business.
Leo, the would stream it if they had a laptop with a front-facing camera to spare and a cameraman willing to sit in the audience.
What did u do to Steve and Tim? lol-with Apple its 100% in or already stated to move away from Steve's little island
Thankfully, you're not bias
Now how could that be? What's wrong with a show called 'This week in Google'?
Like your show! 
I say we teach Apple a lesson! From now on NO ONE should use their Ping music service...oh wait...thats already happening. Nevermind.
I plan to watch the liveblogs, as always with Apple events, and the video Apple releases later in the day. Unfortunately, I can't get a discounted phone until February, when I will have had my iPhone 4 for 20 months. So I'll have to be satisfied with just the new iOS until then.
BOYCOTT ! ....... nah
Ivan G
You tell'em Leo. I think you ban should be lifted.
You still haven't forgiven them for that, have you???
maybe the new ceo will reconsider
Leo, apple doesn't want to invite you because they don't want to make you suffer through what they have become. ;-)
Im shocked that you dont get an invite!
Thanks to my starting to listen to Mac Break Weekly back in 2006 my family now owns 2 ipads, 3 iphones and 3 ipod touches. Our next laptops will be MacBooks. Thanks Leo!
I'm actually surprised Apple isn't suing you for patent infringement. They did invent the word "twit", on-air hand gestures, the rectangle, and the color purple.
Leo... have you ever thought that maybe they like your objectivity on the issue? Or maybe they prefer that you cover it from your perch in the TWiT studio? I don't think you're blacklisted or whatnot, I think they just think you're doing a fine job there where you are. They expect you to be on top of it because you are doing a fantastic job from where you are.
Somebody has a bit of jealousy floating about!
I just spent $5000 on a Macbook Pro and a thunderbolt display because I listen to you, Leo. Haven't used a Mac before, but I switched after watching your shows and I love it. Your aren't a fan boy; you just tell the truth to us listeners, so we trust your recommendations.
Mr.Laporte, you're awesome. I hope you live a long and peaceful life.
Why Bother with Apple, never liked a mac and never will and for one good reason because once Apple goes belly up so does every single piece of software/hardware sold by them.
+Nat Caruso I'm sorry man, but Apple isn't going belly up anytime soon that one of their products would magically go belly up as well.
hey, + Nat Caruso .. its the same reason I wont fly SouthWest Airlines.. What if they go Belly up while we're in the sky. then so will we ...
Man you stream one apple event holding a laptop up high and they think you burned down the event. Silly apple tricks are for kids.
You might need a new show and call it , CEO 's of tech , and have Tim Cook as your first guest!
haha - someone's bitter;-) I'm on your team Leo - you should be getting invites!
Leo, Steve Jobs doesn't want you around since you beat him in that karate tournament in the 80's. Remember when you defeated Kobra Kai with a simple jump kick?
I believe in second chances. Leo is just as human as the rest of us. I like Apple as a company, but sometimes they make bad calls. This is one of them. Leo is as neutral as it gets.
I would rather watch the twit network during the event instead of being there.
Good criticism helps a company and makes it better. They should welcome that instead of childishly "banning" people from press events and forums. There's a reason they make the desks so small in 2nd grade - so Apple employees won't fit in them in their 30s, 40s and 50s.
You traded short term attention with the streaming of the iPad event for long term attention by being invited to all events. You made your choice.
You would think at this point they would at least give you a press pass. Being president and leader of the internet should have some pull with them.
I would give you my invitation....if only I got an invite ;)
Here is a dumb question. Have you tried to reach out to them? I'm sure you have.
Leo, you sound upset... did the press invite have a really juicy clue about something totally "mind bottling" on it to get you worked up? I thought you where annoyed, but you just brushed it off your shoulder
I wouldn't worry about them Uncle Leo. We value what you do even if Apple doesn't.

I actually think it's cooler that you DON'T get invited, to be honest.
Leo, don't reach out to them. We, at least I, understand the position you are in. But I would rather hear the news late from you then for you to go begging Apple for anything. This type of attitude from Apple is why I don't buy Apple products.
he who tells the truth never gets the scoop
Leo I would say your were trying to push Steve Jobs button but he has none! :-)
Leo, this seems unprofessional of you.
Bojan K
Leo, you'll get their attention by dissing Apple and their products. Android ftw!
Leo you must be a member of the cult to get invited to their high holy days. Kneel before Jobs and pledge blind loyalty to all he does. forever forsake android and in 10 years they may allow you in their temple of enlightenment.
Leo I love you, but you keep saying you don't care about being invited but you turn around and always complain about it. Stay independent, what's why we love ya'.
The most valuable thing you provide is the after-anouncemnt anaysis. The live coverage is never that strong.
I will invite you to all of my major announcements, #Leo
With all the hours of good coverage you give Apple its the least they could do.One wonders what they do if you were say something really ugly.Woz likes you doesn't that go for something?
C'mon Apple. Do the right thing. Bring Leo back into the charmed circle!
President of the Internet and still snubbed by Apple?
Apple seems to have a vendetta going here. Logic won't change their minds. As they say, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're really not out to get you. I think you need to come up with some sort of workaround.
40% of people own Android! Why bother with apple?
its your fault Leo .. you always hated steve during university time
You should just be like Michaele and Tareq Salahi and see if you can crash / infiltrate the party :) Live-streaming the whole ordeal of course...
Thats OK Leo. They never invite me either ;-)
Apple's star is fading. Up with Android!
I know you are just venting Leo, Apple is the last company on earth to change her ways in response to a plea like this. ;-)
I agree, one of the BEST tech companies, if not thee most popular around the world, and not sharing live with their fans is VERY frustrating.
Joe Tee
your not bitter are you?
You are right on that one Leo. You give Apple a lot of recommendations. By the way Thank You for mentioning my favorite podcast every so often. "Weatherbrains" Of course I enjoy listening to you as well...
Hmmm, maybe you should spend October 4th recommending samsung products?
Leo, we fans are willing to write to apple an petition. Why not make a call to arms with the twit army?!
That's it. I am not buying another Apple product until Leo gets an invite to their press events. (Written on my brand new iMac)
Its kinda sad to see you beg like this Leo. Apple couldn't care less. Why try to appeal to their common sense? - they have zip/zero/zip/nil/no common sense or decency!! - To Apple--->..l.,
The reason for not getting invited is not just for streaming one event years ago. Listen to all the MacBreak Weekly and This Week in Google episodes throughout 2010 and you'll understand why.
Everyone knows its because of the stink eye Steve gave you at the last big announcement you were in the audience of.... Haha still makes me laugh!
Have you been saying mean things about turtlenecks?
+Leo Laporte Just try recommending Linux or Windows machines for a couple of weeks. I'll bet you'll get that invitation.
Don't feel so bad - Apple didn't invite me either.
well didn't leo kinda bring it the wrath of 'jobs' upon himself -- will LEO be screaming like Capt Kirk in the wrath of kahn movie __ JOBBBBBBBBBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Listening to your show I would say you work for apple.
Sneak in through the kitchen. (You really have to watch some James Bond movies.) You're Leo Laporte! Take a photo of someone's press pass with your iPhone, and get in there.
One of things I always appreciated from the TechTV days was the balanced reporting on Apple products that you presented. When you had to compare PCs and Apples, you didn't bias yourself to one manufacturer and you gave what I feel was a fair assessment of the pros and cons of each product. You really shone on Call for Help.
Steve's gone, maybe you can sneak in if Tim does not know what you look like!!
Wil San
Apple can go suck a lemon! Oh dear God, I hope Steve doesn't see that.
Operation Get Leo an Apple invite has commenced....
Leo, please don't beg! Apple is not worthy of that.
its ok leo. We will be watching with you on the kerb
Are they still mad about the whole streaming from you MacBook Pro thing a few years back?? Shame on them, I would love to watch you guys stream it live!!
Leo... Just return to love they are showing you and start covering the Google and Android events and not covering Apple events. Apple events are always the same thing anyways.. A rehashed version of their previous product that's just a little faster, a little thinner, and a little newer OS. Oh, and one more thing... it is usually "magical". LOL
Well Leo if you didn't dress as Steve Jobs' Pancreas last year for Halloween, you might get some consideration!
Hey Jobs is gone and lets face it, he was what drove that company. Apples success is not because of the mac but because of the ipod & the iphone. Android is gaining market share day by day , by 2014 Google will own Apple and make the iphone a android based phone. No kidding, IT WILL HAPPEN.
My company, although small, just gave the employee's the choice of phones...only 1 chose iPhone...the rest went Android.
What iFone? I have this brilliant mobile device called a Galaxy SII. Best in the market today
Well Leo did get busted for live streaming an Apple event. Other media outlets that were there played by the rules and continue to get invited to events. Simple.
It's more fun this way anyway. You get to complain about not getting invited (I agree that it's lame) and hear about the event second-hand almost immediately after it's done. No ring-kissing required!
Plus you have the #1 Mac show on the internet, Macbreak Weekly,
cant believe they still dont invite you. ):
Now thats a BAD apple, nice and sour!
Maybe you should recommend and HP touchpad (wink, wink).
That's Apple for you and the rest of the world outside the reality bubble of Job's ego!
It seems especially weird... A grudge held by a multi billion dollar company against one man for (essentially) advertising their wares.
Crazy thought; what if apple were to slash the price of the iPad 2 at the Oct 4th iPhone announcement, in response to Amazon's low price for the Kindle Fire?

Crazy, I know...
You should have turned the screen off in your MB pro ehile live streaming, eh live and learn. I would like to think they will let this go. But it is apple, expect the unexpected
honestly it is silly that they shun you Leo.. Why ignore the King of new media? (sorry Howard Stern, Leo is far more popular than you in new media)
I think Apple doesn't acknowledge you as a Media Mogul.
I could get us in Leo, though I need Tom Cruise and it going to be MI5 how to get in Apple Press Event and not get caught, this message will self distruct in 5 years
+Leo Laporte Why you keep telling people you don't care but keep pleading them to invite you there? Who are you trying to fool? You've been doing fine without them and even though you clearly and openly have a bias in favor of their products I don't think you should care that much or reduce yourself to begging. We like your shows and network just as it is. You already give them excessive attention.
@ michael hope that english is your fourth language. Spell check is your friend.
They don't invite me either but the world goes on.
it boils down that apple likes drones and Leo is not a drone. The way apple gets on sometimes reminds me of scientology
It seems there is usually a delayed stream on CNN or some such place. I wonder why they insist on having it "live" but a few minutes delayed?
I think that by this point, with all the flak you throw their way in regards to their lack of invites t, you're not gonna see a shiny Apple welcome any time soon. It's a shame, because despite the flak you sometimes get (Dvorak, Arrington, I'm looking at you...). you and your team are objective, yet passionate technology lovers, and excel at breaking products down, and explaining their pros and cons to the masses.
Hey wait! Didn't you used to get invited?
Forget the software patent petition. Someone needs to seed a "Let Leo In" petition for Apple.
Whaaaaaaat? You are still not invited? Damn. I remember back in the day with you guys on TechTV (before it turned into Brainless Gamer News, sorry, G4) - I got my Mac news from YOU. Come on Apple. Let him in.
yes apple let leo in COME ON APPLE
No wonder 5by5 is growing in popularity .
If they stopped making computers today - how many people would notice?... on the other hand if they stopped making phones... yeah...
Maybe, you are way too open source for their taste.
It is ridiculous you don't get invited...
Honestly, one of the best forums is TWIT, they need to get Leo on the invite list.
I love the whole site and everyone on it. I wish I could afford a tablet to watch the shows but money is hard to get now but I listen everyday. Thanks for the shows
You diss the iPhone and promote Samsung/Android devices every chance you get. Apple doesn't invite you to press releases -you're even. Get over it!
Its not disrespecting to criticize a company which tries to make mugs out of the public by locking them into proprietary eco-systems and over-charging them for well-designed but under-spec'd devices.

Shouldn't think Leo's really that bothered about not getting invited anyway.
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