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What's with all the white space when I go full screen?

I guess "responsive design" hasn't filtered up to the gurus at Google.
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Yeah same problem here. Other areas not so bad, but home page is wonky.
Google makes money when you scroll. They own mouse wheel factories in China.
What's worse is that when the window is shrunk in width the chat collapses, not this "you might like" and "trending on G+" junk.
Yeah, that's the main thing i noticed - lots of wasted real estate.
Hopefully it was just a design oversight that won't take too long to fix.
They say it is for upcoming features, but I can't imagine them adding a feature that would be better than a wider stream. I don't want it for hangouts, chatting, games, etc. I just want a wider stream.
And amazingly, still no tablet optimized view :)
I'm trying to figure out how to put my gmail into that empty space
Tons of whitespace. Hope that is something google fixes.
I think the space is for chat boxes, or maybe planned features?
haha! I just sent to +Google+ two screens about that. One with what I think they should review.
At least the chat windows use up some of that space (instead of covering up the news feed).
I'm hoping that when you have a Hangout, that it fills the space and lets you still view the stream.
I kind of like the white space, I have chats going in that area, while they don't extend up, it kind of draws my eyes to them.
The organization of the sections are good but that amount of white space is annoying. I think with a little tweak they can make it responsive
Looks like hangouts pop up in the space
I have 2 24 inch monitors, but that does not mean I have my windows maximized. Try reducing the size of your windows to a more reasonable width and use the rest of the screen for something else.
this guy has a good screenshot

bigger problem (i might be willing to get a new monitor some day to make more use of that, i am using a 4:3) but the speed has slowed down so drastically for me on firefox it is really bad.

Maybe because I have too many ppl in the circle but for me that is the biggest reason to check less with G+.
Not liking the whitespace :-\. annoying to be forced to read one two articles on a single page when the screen can clearly fit so much more
It would be nice if Hangouts or Reader can be plugged into that space. ;) Right now it's just for chat windows. hah
According to +Vic Gundotra, they have super-secret plans for using that space to make you squeal with delight.
Most of my friends hardly ever use hangouts. For chatting I use Pidgin because I am not only on gtalk. ffs Google, at least let me _choose) what I do with my profile layout!
I think the size of the monitor adds to the size of the space?
Wait, you still use desktop PC's?
It's what I don't like about the updated UI, well I also liked how my stream was more centered on the screen with the old UI since I do use a 16:9 monitor with Google Chrome full screen.
Hopefully they will tweak this just a bit more.
Twitter and Facebook have a bunch of empty space as well. They both just center the posts instead of pushing them all the way left.
just never use a full screen, split it in two parallel browser windows and multi consume :_)
"Send Feedback" now is in the tools menu in upper right corner (hint, hint).
You should see it on my 27" cinema display. I could light up the room if it were dark.
Per the comments, we're not "done" and have intentions around what people perceive today as "wasted" space. (And to be clear, this is going to be high-value usage that we expect users to love.)
At least it's working for you. It does not work at all in my Chrome browser.
That chat list gets condensed on smaller screens, so it is responsive. Also, chat WINDOWS now don't interrupt whatever you're looking at since there's white space.
hmm one thing i just noticed, no easy way to switch streams :-\...I have to scroll the page up or click on home to go changing streams....
You're "resizing" it wrong Leo.
Lol, I multitask so my G+ tab only gets half of one of my two screens... the new update is AWESOME for it.

Very little white space.
I don't have a scroll bar /argh...............................
BTW, +Leo Laporte I am sure this thread will seem like a "ghost town" to you. :0) Ever since you were taken off the recommended user list, you have been bagging on G+ at every opportunity. You did the same with Twitter and FB back in the day.
It leaves more room for chat windows. They seem to be placing a higher emphasis on the chats/hangouts.
Just wait until they fill it with ads that are relevant to the content on the left.
I use G+ on a secondary 1280*1024 monitor - and the new design fits perfectly. Actually a really useful use of the real estate on that resolution. On a wide-screen monitor there is no reason to go fullscreen with your browser

I dont really understand the anger surrounding this update. To me it seems to be a lot better - and really stress the importance of activity and sharing in the network.
Adjust the contrast on your monitor. It's not white space at all, but a hidden message.
I totally agree. I like the layout in general but the white space on the right is so distracting. The content area needs to be responsive and stretch to the size of its container.
It is of course the perfect space for advertisements and other inclusions like promoting content from other sites google wants us to look at / use to tie in better.
It is rumored that they are planning to fill the whitespace with new features in the near future.
+Leo Laporte Im with you on this leo. What is up with the empty space to the right? I got a feeling ads are going to be placed there. I hope im wrong.
Um +Leo Laporte, there's plenty of white spaces on Facebook & yet I don't hear people complaining about that. I still think G+ looks cleaner & retains a super simplistic interface than Facebook.
It looks great on my 17" 800x600 display.
because being like facebook makes it ok?
I hate it when websites are "dumbed down" to the smallest monitor, and stuck there so the rest of us with larger screens get a crappy user experience.
Rotate your screen 90 degrees. :)
Everyone at Google was so busy with April Fools projects they missed the memo on Responsive Design
Looks a lot more bloggy. I feel much more inclined to post comments. Good deal! :)
Instead of being in the middle, now it's on the left. Their design can't handle large real estate.
Facebook does not have as much white space, it has "sponsor" ads taking up the space. It will be interesting to see if ads are going to fill this up also.
You are right about the white space.... apparently they don't have widescreen monitors at Google....
I posted the same ugly photo earlier. The content should grow left, but instead the ugly white space grows to the right.
I don't like the white space, looks like an empty column with Trending and You might like on top. It get's wider in large screen , does not look pretty.
the new google+ is made to be used on a portrait display
On another post, someone alerted me that the Send Feedback button is still there. It's hidden under settings on the top right. Use it!
Yeah that was my first and basically only comment when I was talking about it with fellow PC Perspective coworkers... lots of white space.
Nobody knows the what the real purpose of the blank space is for. But facebook developers are coding blank spaces all over beta facebook as we speak #truestory
+Sebastian Mauer Nice job on the extension, but I find posts hard to read if they are too wide. I think there is a limit where they just start looking really ugly. There's gotta be a better solution for that whitespace.
The white space is really ugly. Seems very incomplete and wasteful. I'm not going to change the size of my browser just to accommodate G+.
Most websites either looks bad or have a lot of white space when used in full screen in wide-screen monitors.. I am really tired people just like to find things to complain about.
Awesome for my 15 inch laptop
Completely agree with Leo (as usual). What was Google thinking with half a screen wasted on what's trending and who I should follow? WTH?!
What's amusing is that, if you compare, the stream is just as wide in the "new" G+ as it was in the "old" G+. It's just jarring because all the whitespace is to one side now. (That being said, I'm not such a fan of the non-centered stream myself.)
+Leo Laporte Leo, leo, leo. Everything new that doesn't come from Apple, you bash it.
White space. Well. Simple design. It's like a background from Apple. White with a grey fruit logo on.
Greg M
+Leo Laporte If you have a smaller display like a 17" there try Google+ on it. I swear Google prototyped this design on that size of screen. There is almost no whitespace but the main purpose of G+ the posts are still shoved over to the left hand screen.

It seems Google is trying to shove Google Hangouts in people's faces even more by throwing up a non-collapseable element on the right hand side of the screen. In my case half the entries there are people from my address book which are not on G+ and have no desire to be.
+Sebastian Mauer Someone should make an extension that adds Bing to the white space.

Not because I want to use Bing, but because it would be kinda funny to do it
It was clearly not designed with large screens in mind.

The worst thing is that the first two columns would probably look great on an iPad. Unfortunately the old mobile version is now locked-in with no opportunity to switch to the Desktop version.
Andy Chen... most websites? Have you looked at all the other major websites? Most do not have any waste of space like this. We are not trying to look for things to complain about. Even just the normal window size I use (that allows the buddy list to show up in G+ and Fb) results in huge amount of white space.
Maybe they're modeling it on their Google+ app when it runs on a tablet... lotsa white-space. Overall the interaction model is smoother - hopefully they have plans for that white-space.
I am afraid to see how much white space there is when I open on my 30" (2560x1600) monitor! I am sure we will find, or get, "things" to fill up that space eventually. Some customizable themes would also be nice. :)
They have explained that they have other plans for this white space but not ads
holy moly, just hit5 and had a WTF moment.......will get used to it though.....
I hope it's not being set aside for sponsors... that is one of the things that I like about Google+ is it's not Facebook and "selling" itself out to everything. I think the stream needs to be much larger than it is... can't really even read it.
I am only looking in on Google Plus now and again, waiting for them to fix things. The re-design means that Google Plus is almost un-usable to me. If they don't sort things soon I will be an ex Google Plus user.
It looks better than ever. I really like it.
At first glance, I like it - it's something different...
To be fair, there is indeed some responsive design incorporated in the right sidebars as you resize Chrome, and most people wouldn't like it if the main column were allowed to grow too wide because long lines of text are more difficult to read, with 55 to 75 characters per line considered optimal, eh?
and with Leo's cue--#whitespace is trending on the new G+
+Rob Huston Then since I think we can all agree that the Stream is the primary function of Google+ that even if it is fixed width that it belong tap dead center on the screen. My neck is starting to hurt.
I have the same concerns. I like the overall change but all the white space is ridiculous.
Indeed, seems like a lot of wasted/dead space
I think Google just copied the latest Microsoft phone experience with some dead space on the right. or maybe I'm just being sarcastic. (honestly I like those empty spaces. find them "resting")
Greg M
+Tim Witters why roll out a half baked product and piss off those of us using large screen displays. That is unless Google has a surplus of users that they do not mind loosing.
Apparently that's where the hangout windows will go...
Wow, I'm shocked that they wouldn't use responsiveness, even if they are planning to add things. You don't just leave a gnarly gutter there.
Everyone get GExtend for Chrome! Make G+ a lot better.
+Greg M Just stretching everything out wouldn't make it better. Overall interface is better and much cleaner but the whitespace needs to be filled indeed.
+Tony Ramos To bad I don't use hangouts enough to make this usefull. Hopefully they use it for more. Maybe a good iea would be to use it like the twitter app on the iPad. If you click a link in a post it will just open in a frame on the place of the whitespace.
I'm no expert but I like the new design...
Remember, not everyone is sitting at a giant screen. I'm on a laptop right now, and there isn't that much whitespace at all.
I don't maximize my browser, so I love the new redesign.
Matt S
Sorry love white space.
GExtend Chrome extension will fix it!
I have to say I kind of cringed at the new design, though it could be worse. ;) They'll get it right. Enough people will give them feedback to improve this new design.
It's not the huge monitor - +Kyle Bateman - it's the same even on an 11" macbook air.
The design scales very well for tablets.
Adam M
I like White Space... it feels open :p
How is this any different from the white space in a regular Google search?
far too much white space for me, feel like I am a minimalist
It still is cleaner than Facebook and has good content control. The sidebar should go though or at be collapsable.
leo pal buddy...who run's browsers @ 100%? once you open things up past 1000 pixels most websites suck
i hear ya. well, if you don't play with it, how else do you know what you can do with it. personally, i'd like to see google(or someone) provide a video of what you can do with google+ to show people how cool it is
As a designer, I think there are too many isolated boxes. It's starting to remind me of old Windows interfaces with too many divider lines and elements nested within each other
I noticed that scrolling seems a little slower as well.
I was just thinking the same when I saw the new G+ layout on a 1920x1080 monitor. An option to align-center the content would be helpful I think :)
What's with the white spaces if you run Facebook in a maximized windows (full screen)? Do people like those?
I like where they're going with this, but it still needs some tweaks.
I wish it was a 1 button as well, because that what I would give this post. ;)
they need to shove this feed into the middle :D
Look, they're like "Ernestine," they're "the phone company," they don't have to care. They're so big that they think they know everything. They do know a crapload, but UI's not their strong point. They think they know how big everybody's display is, its resolution, therefore the DPI...they make the epic fail mistake of a lot of Web designers, and lay things out to the pixel instead of taking advantage of the equally valid CSS "width: 25%;" (or whatever percent).
Someone over there just loves white. They did the same thing with the Analytics re-design... they actually put so much whitespace there that it bumps the right column data off my screen. In Chrome, of course.

I get the impression they got so large that the wheels have started to come off; all the important little details in various product lines that attracted users in the first place are being neglected or subsumed in some sort of desperate reactionary strategy.
I think I prefer the white space over all the ads and other rubbish other networks have
Ugh, I couldn't imagine trying to surf the web with my web browser taking up the full width of my screen. My eye doesn't track from the end of a line to the beginning of the next comfortably, and I haven't yet seen a webpage that designs itself to fill the space nicely. So my browser stays as a roughly 4:3 chunk of my 16:9 screen and I like it that way.
Content is King- and I see only 1/3rd content on my page here.
blarg... come on, didn't anyone else get the memo? more is coming.
+Philip Dobson my problem is simple: is the more actual content from my circles, or more menubars and distractions?
I just realized that leo is using safari so it opens another window when he tries to chat. I havn't tested on other browsers, but in chrome it opens up a tab within google plus. Which might explain why some people don't understand the whitespace.
I kind of like it
I can see more coming
I'll admit I have some tunnel vision and didn't notice it until now.
Yea... I'd love to see everything centered when you maximize. Tons of white space when I'm maximized at 1920x1200. I suppose you still have to appeal to people with tiny tiny monitors?

Then again, would that be too much like FB? I personally don't care.
And I'd love to see a bit of a margin around the in-post photos and videos.
great place for notes!... let's see if I can find that old grease pencil now......
In the "normal" Google search now that space is reserved for the Website images for the search hits (after the ads of course)
Sign says: "This space to be developed by Advertising."
Home I use a 27' at work it's a 15' big difference on G+... But they should have something detect the white spaces but would hate to think of ad replacements to fill the voids... But you never know...
Vic Gundotra has been quoted as saying they are planning to 'do something' with the #whitespace . How is that even going to work? The whitespace is dynamic and grows or shrinks depending on the width of the browser. Anything placed in there has to grow/shrink/move around too. It'll be a responsive web design nightmare.

Furthermore, what about all those people with small screens who don't currently have space for whitespace? They'll miss out on all the new content and will be crying out #wheresmycontent
D Canty
still trying to get used it.
That's where the ads will go. Like Facebook. sighs
In my opinion Google suffers from too much Left Brain group think.
Interesting... The white-space you show isn't on my view... When I look at I see in the white-space +Leo Laporte s Pic, a short summary of his "about" and below that I see who we have in common in our circles... as I scroll down I see a panel of white-space, but if I have a chat window open it hovers in that white-space. Overall I'd give Google a B+ or A- on the design. But then again, what do you expect from a company that only hires math-letes. Many of my design/art friends would never get through the Mckinsey Questions. Too many engineers, are like to many chefs in the kitchen... Brilliance strikes, but it's random and chaotic. Google's biggest concern is it's traveling on "success momentum" and endanger of suffering a fate like that of EarthLink circa 2006 -
It's a placeholder for the ads.. ;-) Love it So True !!!!
you got a big screen and a luxurious design problem.
I personally like white space. Makes things look very clean.
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