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I'm excited to see the "sharing circles" feature that I worked on launch today. For your enjoyment, here is a circle containing some of my favorite technology journalists.

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This is going to be extremely helpful, especially for new G+ users.
Could not have not said it better myself. (Edit - This post is completely blank after Andy Hertzfeld shared this post: And someone else in my stream who shared the same post also has the same problem.)
I don't actually see anything in this post
hehe Leo just added this circle to my own techish circle and think I had half of the list already circled. Now they just need to add a "subscribe" to circle option for a more "groups" feel too. So when the main circle is updated everyone else's gets updated that is subscribed to it..
Thanks +Leo Laporte (& Google devs). A very useful feature. I've been searching for tech journalists, so you've just saved me some time :)
+Leo Laporte, you should setup a circle that includes all the guests TWiT has had over the years, and update it weekly for us.
Well, its not working. Must still wait for it to roll out.
That was extremely easy to import a Circle!
Well done, Google+ team!
I don't see it yet either but it's definitely a great idea. One that FB will most likely try to copy soon!
I saw it, and added the circle, Good people to follow. Thanks for sharing
Sounds like google must of read my post a while back about public circles. (but it's probably just overlapping ideas) :)
OK, this I like :)
Only thing I need now is a simpler way to control what Circles get added to my Android Phone's Contacts & what Circles Don't.
This is sort of a good idea. But what I want is to create a public circle that others can add themselves to. For instance if I have a video gamer circle and somebody I have already circled can manually insert themselves into my public 'video gamer' circle to receive whatever I post to that circle.
Not everyone is a developer. Something simple like 'Making an html page with hyperlinks' is outside the ability of someone like my wife, educated as she is. Looks like a great and helpful feature!
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