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50GB of storage free forever is giving away 50GB of storage, forever, if you sign up with the Android app in the next 30 days. It's starting to get pretty competitive in here...
Cloud storage powerhouse Box has updated its Android app with tons of new features. And to celebrate, the company is giving away 50GB of free storage to any Android user who logs in during the next 30...
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I'm wondering if they know something we don't and are trying to get as many people hooked before Google Drive comes out. Hmmmmm.
+Sharon McFalls it is on iOS too, they had a similar deal for those who signed up on iOS last year. Borrow someone else's android device to sign up, then you can access the 50GB from your iOS device or desktop.
Don't wish to repeat my Box-bashing here, but with no desktop-sync, secondary upload speeds, file size limits and more restrictions on the free accounts, the 50GB limit seems like a joke.

Yes, Box is giving 50gig in this promotion, but their restrictions make it a challenge for free users to use even a fraction of it. On the other hand, Dropbox make it easy as heck to use any and all space capacity that a user has, encouraging a space upgrade.

Why should a non-enterprise customer give them a chance when Dropbox gives a more complete experience without all the artificial limitations that Box puts up?
I do have to agree with +Aditya B—The desktop syncing is really what makes Dropbox shine over for me. Almost makes me want to upgrade my free Dropbox account. ;~)
Actually, +Trina Rigsby, I just remembered someone who has an Android device. He's not tech-savvy, but I'll help him out. And then we'll see if the 50 from Android stacks with the 50 from iOS. :~)
Pretty sure it only applies to new accounts.
+Steven Bock
I know, right? I got 7 gigs just for installing the beta...
for the record i think that deal is done, but stay tuned
Giving it a go now. But drop Dropbox? Nah.
ive just signed up with 'zipcloud'. Very affordable and great syncing.
Just signed up and shared the link to all of my classmates. This is pretty great.
File size limits are kind of silly... 100MB? It would take forever to use 50GB with those limits.
I just read somewhere recently that HTC was working with DropBox to give all Sense 4.0 users 50gb when that comes out.
Ben DU
will this be applied to iPhone?
I don't know why but takes forever to upload anything
unfortunately, the Box Sync only available for Business and Enterprise customers. I prefer Dropbox with small storage but I can sync my local folder with the cloud
Can you imagine if 2 million people stored 50g's of their personal pics as well as other info in da BOX..........just how much info they would have?
Thanks Leo. I'll check it out
Free storage App works on my Playbook. Hard to beat this deal. Wonder if their business model will allow them to remain in business.
FOREVER! (or until we go out of business, whichever comes first)
I think its for business accounts because the free personal one gives you 5g
nope its for personal got the 50g :)
The 50GB offer goes well with my 2TB NAS that I've got on the cloud :)
50gb is nothing when you sign up and you must fill the credit card number hahaha
Get off my circle with your unwanted spam.
yeah gee I only have a galaxy nexus with 32 gig so another 50 gig hmmm
wow how I wish I had Android
I went to the website and it's only 5GB.. I will be testing it through my Droid next.
nope I thought that to go through with it and they give it to you personal
androids are the only way to go man
really all the things it gives you are unbelievable like if your thinking of buying a gps just get an android and you get a gps plus way much more
I mean I wouldn't put personal stuff on it but you know like music movies or whatever
Was automatically upgraded to 50GB for my personal account, cool.
50GB is huge. But there are some problem. There is no sync app for windows/mac. No Dedicated Sync folder. Upload speed is very low. So when you compare with sugersync or dropbox you will not be happy. Try to upgrade like others, Box!!
I don't really know a dang thing about this app but 50gig's free I guess I'm signing up : )
Sorry but no integrated folder syncing + 2GB file-size limit = fail
+Mark Rooney Yes agree, dropbox is just so intuitive just wish they didn't require putting everything in the "dropbox" folder. Just let me choose which folders to sync. I know there are some services that allow that but the ones I've tried just don't seem to work as smoothly as dropbox.
I'm with Carl. I've had 50GB since they ran their LG Android Phone giveaway and haven't used it at all, and now that Dropbox has gotten rid of the file size limits there is no comparison. Sure I have a ton of space but its hard to get it there and I'm limited by what I can upload. FAIL
I've tried quite a few alternatives, like Wuala, Spideroak etc, but nothing seems to beat the convenience and smoothness of Dropbox.
I use Insync for my Google Doc's account. It's basically just a folder on your desktop that makes the Gig of storage you get from Google free into a Dropbox. And when you take into consideration that Google is 8x cheaper than Dropbox it makes you want consider this as an alternative. +Insync
I pay for 50gb on Dropbox. And, I'm keeping it. The Box sync software is only available to paying business customers. Sad its not part of a basic membership like Dropbox.
There IS a sync app. You need to upgrade to use it, though. You need to upgrade in order to have a bigger file size limit as well (which gets you to 2GB). I like that the webpage will display photos in a shadowbox, and also play back audio files, even offering to play the next file in the folder. I immediately tried a video and saw that, yet again, you need to upgrade to stream video. I see the appeal for businesses with the numerous sharepoint, googleapps, linkedin, and salesforce apps, etc. I would probably have never known any of this about if the "login with your android" deal didn't exist, so I'd say their campaign worked. Limited for the free version, but beats carrying around a usb flash drive.
100mb limit makes this "free" app practically useless for me.

my free 10G dropbox is far more useful and user friendly than this.
Absolutely useless to me without the Desktop sync'ing function being included as well!
You get the 50 GB as long as that company exists. It's not for ever :-)
You can mount box as a drive on your computer and use your favorite backup software. I find this works better than dropbox for me.
To mount the drive, you have to use their webdav address:
this will work on any OS out there.
Your Box account is temporarily down — but you shouldn't be — because we'll be up and running soon.
My backup software compresses and encrypts my files locally before dropping them in much higher encryption than what they offer for enterprise. This means that I can't view the files in their Online viewer. But that's ok with me as I use it strictly for backups.
I can not help but think they know something about what Google is said to be releasing soon, in the form of Google Drive.
in return, it wants to read you contact data, lovely. LBE Privacy can help block this.....defaulting to prompt after install.....
Thanks Leo. I don't have an Android, but I entered the contest.
I wonder if we can ever exhaust the 50GB space. It's like gmail giving an unlimited space to it's users. We never can use up that much. Plus, I hope it comes out with an android app.
I setup 4 of these hehehe
I am getting warning notices that I exceed my 150gb limit on AT&T DSL each month and they will start charging me $10 more for 50gb more.
Don't bother. It's a bait and switch. No sync program for PC/mac unless you pay.

Dropbox/Ubuntu One are where it's at for free users.
signed in with old account, and got 50G space for lifetime
Thx a lot Leo... a free 50gb f yeah
I just logged into my existing Box account after I upgraded my android App to the latest version and was notified that my account had been upgraded to 50GB. That is great. Also, it does not matter if other services also offer online space, it is nice to have extra space. Go for it and take advantage of this. Leo, thank you got bringing this to our attention.
(-) No PC app to sync
(-) files higher than 100mb are not allowed in free use
irish d
waiting for gdrive but won't hurt to upgrade my free storage as well
Got the 50GB, but everything useful is a payment away! Max file size is 100MB, and there isn't any native sync unless you upgrade (and non at all for Linux). 50GB is great, but I mainly use these services for moving images between systems and my phone / tablets. They are generally around 120MB, so, useless.

Back to Dropbox...
Just updated my box and
they gave 50 GB free
free account can only upload single file within 25MB... sucks
There seems to be a lot of strings attached here. 1) No PC access for free accounts. 2) This account type offers no encryption, so you're sending and receiving everything in the open. 3) In the new version they require access to your e-mail contacts. 4) 10 GB monthly upload limit. 5) Only can upload files < 100 MB.
50GB od #tysdick ? Sounds like a steal to me!
Marketing ploy? limits on size of file and no group file upload or update??
Yeah we already had that for a while on iOS. Cool that Android gets it too.
forever. or until the company runs out of business and all your data is lost
it is nice to be important but it is important to be nice
The generous hard-to-use 50GB? Already got it, never can figure out a convenient way to use it -- only reason Dropbox is still alive.
This could be a handy app.... thanks for the pointer : )
They need to explain why they want access to your contacts. Looks like another bunch of iPhone mobile devs who didn't realize you can't do that on Android without getting promotion from the user.
Also probably trying to glom onto as many new users as possible before GOOG rolls out their cloud storage app.
Has anyone pointed out yet that they did this for iOS MONTHS AGO?!
Yes many people pointed out iOS got this month ago. But since it's for Android this time, no one cares about iOS. Why does it always have to turn to iOS versus Android. Just enjoy the great technology that you use.
Leo, the app does not upload photos auto, you cannot select more than one at a time or a whole folder. Sugarsync seems to be a better app right now. unless you can tell me me how to auto upload photos or select whole photo folder. 
Unless the PC or Mac clients are FREE, what good it the 50GB, not at all. No way to sync with a computer, very sad and useless.
+Jason Frovich Not sure I understand. I got the 50gb free by registering on the Android app (thanks +Leo Laporte ), uploaded photos, and they are accessible via on my desktop. I uploaded a photo to via my desktop, and it was instantly available on my phone. What's this 'no way to sync with a computer' about? I must be missing something.

+Larry (Lars) Chaffin you can't apparently select more than one photo at a time, but you can choose one, hit ok, choose another, hit ok, etc, and then mass upload them. You can also choose the upload a file option rather than a photo, navigate to your photo folder, and then check mark all the photo files you want to upload quickly, hit choose once and it does them all at once. Agreed though, a folder option is definitely missing.
Just signed's so great..think about that, few years ago my HDD was only like 40GB.
Site is down now...too much demand
Back up....storm the gates!
Too bad its not a Square Space site...then it could scale to the demand!! ;-) Damn, the TWiT network advertising is working on me!! rofl
I will continue to use Dropbox then probably switch to Drive when it is released
skydrive gives 25GB, let you sync with desktop and mobile devices.. google picasa let you store unlimited videos/photos (video<1GB, photo<2048px) why bother this storage!
Sorry, everyone. Didn't mean to sound like a dbag. :-) My only point was it seemed like it was being announced as a 1st-time-ever thing. That's all. It's all good.
Forever or until their business model fails from too many freebies, whichever comes first. Anyone remember the dot-com days?

1) Build server farm
2) Give away storage
3) ???
4) Profit!
Nothing is forever on the Internet. Unless it's Google.
I just dl'ed it last night and it does automatically give the free 50GB. Win!
Thanks for this. I got mine and so have all my Android using coworkers
With that much space, I could digitize all my belongings from public storage and store them here and still have room for my music files
50GBs of storage forever ok how much is that in m2 ,cause ive got some shit i really need to store somewhere ,would there be enough room for a 1986 Ferrari348TS as well ,dad wont let me sell it till hes gone .
Got my free 50GBs yesterday... Awesome!!
Amazing! Just got mine! Boyeah
Leo - Thanks for posting. I just signed up and got my free 50GB cloud storage.
Future updates should hopefully lift some limitations & add features
Sounds a like a good deal, but why oh why does it need to read my contact data!!!
Box is super lame. How do they plan to compete if there is no FREE desktop version for Windows or Mac? Just having it work on mobile phone is a no go. What a terrible business model. They will sink once GDrive comes out.
+Spoken Word One thing I do not think will change is the pressure users will feel not to leverage cloud for the things we use storage for today: BLOGS (Binary Large Objects) are hard to upload on home cable systems, as uploads in general are allotted less bandwidth than downloads.

So what will clouds be replacing? Games? Too laggy in use for practical cloud storage. Photos? Several places make storing and managing these easy already. E-mail? Already on a cloud or in corporate silos. Purchased music? Much of this is cloud-based now as well. Movies? Ahhhhh. Cable cos. want you to stream these, but from their clouds. Thet have the copylords on their side as any personal storage of a movie has to be a pirated one, right?

So promises of 50 Gb are fine! We'll never get to use it all, anyway.
I am worried about the privacy requirements of the app. It's asking for access to my contacts!
Leo I just shared your link on "Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents" on Facebook. Come join the discussion we are now at 3533 tech savvy agents that talk all about tech for the real estate industry.
Oh, +Mark Corbett - I have to let my real estate friend know about the group...he is a techie Realtor who can't get away from his laptop to ...sell...LOL. Thanks for the tip.
Take off the file size limit and you're awesome
I have it and love it
Yeah, but 100mb file size limit. I have to say, Dropbox has spoiled me. I've now got 6.5GB for free by participating in their latest beta. Box is ok for uploading a bunch of pics I wont look at ever again, but for the stuff I use everyday, Dropbox is the only thing that works for me.
I will wait for Google Drive or whatever they will call it. The good thing is I just have one account!
+Devin Ulibarri I agree - the 100mb file size limit makes Box much less attractive to me than Dropbox. I have a 2gb Truecrypt volume that I use for personal documents on my Dropbox folder, which makes it available at both work and home. Box's 100mb limit is too big of a restriction for me.
Wow..I just did this. Once i signed in on my Android phone, it popped a message up telling me I had lifetime 50GB storage. Very nice!
Drop Box is much better to view pictures on it though, so I'm sticking with it.
Not really impressed after 24 hours. I'll be deleting this from my phone. Nice try, but I prefer Dropbox. The limitations on this one are silly, and if I'm going to pay someone, I'll pay Dropbox.
K Mac
Thanks Leo!! I just set up mine today 50GB for free is great price!!
So many complains ur getting 50gb for free thas 40 dolars in a real hard drive
Free is free. Between DropBox, Mozy, Ubuntu One, Google Music, and now Box, I am amassing lots of free storage. If I learn that any of them have privacy/security issues I'll drop that service, but otherwise, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

I wonder how much paid for that domain name...
i've had mine for quite a few weeks now. i like this better than dropbox.
Well, I just tried it with my friend's Android phone (using my account, of course), but it seems that it doesn't stack with the iOS 50GB offer that I redeemed weeks ago. :~(
Why not just get a home network drive? I have the WD 3TB drive and the android app works well. No one but me has access to my files, or contacts!
Sweet! Thanks for the info. Consider it shared wif mah peeps.
Man, their agreement states that you cant upload porn :(
This is a long thread, so my apologies if someone has already said this. But's file size limit of 100mb is the only reason I'm not jumping at this chance of getting 50GB of online storage for free. And +david lopez, can't be that untrustworthy it their target is enterprise customers.
you don't have to use a credit card to get the free 50gb, and that storage is available on my iphone after I signed up on the android phone. the 100mb is an issue, but that's a LOT OF PICTURES I can backup and see anywhere I am....
Forever is pretty strong word. And btw what do you do with cloud storage if you have 50gb and get 100 bytes download speed from there. There's no free lunch in this world. It will be either ads or someone has to pay for it somehow.
NOT AUTOSYNC!!!!!! I guess I'm gonna keep using my Dropbox account for a long.
I have both Box and Drop box they both work fine for me...I have been able to upload everything that I have wanted or needed to upload with no problems...
ur not by urself my friend! as archie/edith once said, "those were the days"! lol
I found the "How big is 50 gigs" most interesting. They manage to explain it without using the universal unit "porn-hour".
Prefers waiting for Google Drive offer... Maybe one day...
What are the differences between box and GDocs?
This is such a scam. They give you 50gb, but then want you to pay $10 a month for the sync app. I'll keep my Dropbox account and the free 8gb I currently have.
Thanks Leo. I'll make use of this, but after megaupload I'll never trust cloud storage again.
longing for the days where every computer is it's own node and we're all connected to an anonymous darknet.
This 'cloud' concept is getting out of hand. I'll stick with my HDD, thank you very much.
Thanks for the tip Leo!
hi my name is phuong made in viet nam
I just wish the interface even remotely rivaled Dropbox. I'm sorry, but that's the standard now... anything less is a non-starter for me.
You should take advantage of this offer even is you have no need for it right now. Normally you only get 5GB free. 50GB is a nice capacity size. I have been using it and it works great. You have less than 30 days left to take advantage of this office. Also tell all your friends that have Android mobile devices. Thank you +Leo Laporte
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