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BuzzMachine is Dead! Long live BuzzMachine!
Well done Jeff! The design reminds me of Google+ The soft, pleasing greys...
Looks good! Did he use a Wordpress Theme creator, or was this all from the bare bones?
Too much #whitespace. (Crikey, I crack me up.)
Wonderful Jeff It looks great.
Leo! I have not seen you since ZDTV! Where can I catch all of your good tech buzz! no oun intended. I am still a computer geek.
Leo The Navajo Indian Reservations are not wired for internet.
I am trying to suggest to Sir Richard at Virgin Mobile to get up the first Tower with Assurance to supply the low cost connections.Perhaps Bill Gates and Dell can donate computers.I have built long range WI Fi Antennas using Old Direct Dishes at amazing 10 db line of sight.Its not a hard project.The cable the most exspensive part it goes into a PCI WI-Fi card with an antenna in. If we need a lot of these do you think we could farm it out to the Twit Army to supply the set-ups as a donation and maybe some others coming out to get the reservation hooked up? If I can convince Vorgin Mobile to get up the first tower? Between the Twit Army and your Ham Connections and being the Chief Twit maybe you could add Chief Navajo Twit? For the kids education ,for Navajo Jewlery and crafts. They would probably need a workshop on beginning internet and maintaining the dish connection.Which considering the tech expertise at Twit should be a breeze?
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